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									Twitter Means Business
Author: Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Millions of Internet users have fallen in love with the Twitter "microblogging" service, which lets them swap
brief text "tweets." Now companies are embracing the service to engage customers, promote products
and monitor what is being said about their brands.

Given the passion and high profiles of "Twitterverse" denizens, the service has evolved into a vital early-
warning system for businesses seeking to stave off criticism, and as a way to build better relationships
with customers. That is why companies need to know Twitter. Embracing it can help a business thrive;
ignoring the service could well hurt it.

For companies unfamiliar with Twitter, this book serves as a field guide. They will get a Twitterverse tour,
and learn about the dozens of firms big and small that have harnessed Twitter as a powerful, flexible
business tool. The bottom line: Twitter means business.

"Julio's book on Twitter is the first business-minded book about the topic that I feel comfortable
recommending to companies wondering why they should consider the tool for their organization. I've found
a resource that I will share effusively."
Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), social-media authority at

"Julio brings us the first handbook for companies that want to properly understand, learn from and engage
with the uniquely powerful social-media phenomenon that is Twitter. His crisp, clear writing style and
thorough research make 'Twitter Means Business' an accessible point of entry for anyone looking to learn
more on the topic."
Laura Fitton (@Pistachio), Principal and Founder, Pistachio Consulting

"Think microblogging is all about announcing what you had for lunch? Think again. In 'Twitter Means
Business,' Julio Ojeda-Zapata offers compelling case studies that demonstrate the power of engaging
customers in this emerging social-networking platform -- 140 characters at a time."
Bryan Person (@BryanPerson), Social Media Breakfast founder and LiveWorld social-media evangelist

"Consider `Twitter Means Business' required reading for those who believe Twitter's sole purpose is to
give the self-absorbed an avenue to crack wise in 140 characters or less. Julio clearly spells out the
practical purposes of Twitter for individuals and industry."
Christopher Breen (@BodyofBreen and @HairofBreen ), MacworldSenior Editor and technology-book
Author Bio
              Julio Ojeda-Zapata
              Julio Ojeda-Zapata has been on the front lines of the Internet and computer revolutions as a
              technology reporter, editor and syndicated columnist for more than a decade. He’s an
              Internet addict with a bulging RSS newsreader and thousands of tweets (he is @jojeda). He
              works at the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, part of MediaNews Group. He lives in St.
Paul, Minn., with his wife, son and their guinea pig. Contact him at

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