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					Wudinna District Council

Policy                     Customer Service Policy
First Adopted
Last Adopted               17 April 2007
Next Review Date           17 April 2008
Responsible Officer        Chief Executive Officer
Relevant Legislation

Within the Wudinna District Council, all staff either serve the customer or support someone who does. In order
to provide a high level of Customer Service, staff agree to:

    •   treat customers as we would like to be treated ourselves;
    •   make dealing with us a pleasure for the customers and ourselves;
    •   always do what we say we will do as quickly as possible;
    •   understand the customers real needs: listen and hear what customers say and don’t say (if in any
        doubt, provide a summary/feedback of what your interpretation of the customers’ needs are).

This policy is to be reviewed on an annual basis. The following actions are undertaken to improve Council’s
operational efficiency and relationships with its customers:

Counter Enquiries
As far as possible, discussions with members of the public that involve more than a simple response to a
question shall not occur at the Reception Counter. The enquiry shall be directed to the appropriate Officer’s
office, and in the event that it is inconvenient or unnecessary to conduct the discussion in an office, or
reasonable privacy is required, the Council Chambers may be used.

All administration staff are encouraged to wear approved Corporate Uniform during all normal hours of work.
Name tags are also encouraged to be worn to further enhance the corporate identity.

Community Information
All general information and pamphlets are located in the Council front office area, and will be kept in a neat,
inviting and accessible manner on display or behind the front counter. The customer area of the office shall be
maintained to a standard that will ensure the safety and welfare of visitors at all times.

Complaints in Confidence
As a general policy, the details of complainants will not be revealed. However, the complainant be informed
that any records the Council makes in relation to the complaint may be subject to an FOI request.

Customer Action Requests
   • All customer action requests (CARs) will be handled with courtesy and tact.
   • All CARs will be registered in a folder to be kept in the reception area, whether the request has been
      received via phone or face-to-face contact.
   • All complainants will be contacted within three clear working days, if requested by them.

Customer Service Policy, Adopted 17/4/2007                                                        Page 1 of 3
Wudinna District Council
   • CARs reported at Council meetings via verbal advice from a Councillor shall also be registered.
   • CARs will be referred to the responsible officer on a daily basis.
   • All CARs will be investigated as per the following priorities:
           o Urgent – within 24 hours
           o Requires attention soon – within 3 clear working days
           o Minor – within 7 clear days
   • The officer allocated to handle the CAR will be responsible for ensuring it is followed through to a
      successful conclusion.
   • Outstanding CARs will be discussed at weekly admin team meetings.
   • A summary of CARs received shall be presented to Council on a monthly basis.
   • No action is to be taken in response to anonymous complaints unless the complaint involves public
      health and welfare, in which case anonymous complaints will be followed up by the appropriate

Incoming Correspondence – Agenda Items After Close of Agenda
Any correspondence that is received after 12.00pm on the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting is not to be
included in the agenda. Late items are at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Le Hunte Emergency Services Complex Hire Agreement
The diary for Complex hire is kept at the Council Office, where bookings and arrangements are made.
Payments/collection of fees is the responsibility of the Le Hunte CFS personnel.

New Residents Information Package
A new residents information package is prepared for distribution to all new residents as soon as possible after
their arrival in the Council area, via the local post offices. The package includes relevant community
information, promotional material, bush fire prevention and electoral information. Cover letters from the
Chairman should be included with the package introducing themselves to new residents.

Reservation/Booking of Council Chambers
All bookings which are made for the use of the Council Chambers are to be recorded by the Chief Executive

Requests from Councillors
Every effort will be made to attend to Councillors’ requests quickly and efficiently. Major requests and/or
requests other than for general information and minor works must be directed through the Chief Executive
Officer or in the absence, the Corporate Manager

Use of Council Flag
The flag will be raised at the commencement of each work day and taken down at the completion of work in
the afternoon. Upon death of a local resident, or a past resident who has left the district for a maximum of 10
years, the flag will be lowered to half (1/2) mast and shall remain at that level until after the funeral.

In circumstances where a past resident has passed away and they have left the district for longer than 10
years, the flag will be lowered to half mast upon the request of a community member.

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Wudinna District Council

All notification of deaths must be confirmed by the Works Manager, Funeral Director or a family member, prior
to the flag being lowered to half mast.

The flag will be lowered to half mast upon notification of a National Day of Mourning.

Wudinna Hall
The diary for the Wudinna Hall hire is kept at the Council Office, where bookings and arrangements are made
and all monies received.

Applications for alternative fee arrangements may be submitted to the Economic Development Officer for
consideration. A record of these arrangements shall be maintained by the Economic Development Officer and
shall be accessible to administration staff.

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