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                               MARCH 19, 2009

Mr. Robert Allen called the meeting of the Hobart Sanitary District to order at 6:22 p.m.
Members in attendance: Mr. Robert Allen, Mr. Glenn Johnson, and Mr. Stephan Truchan, Jr.,
City Engineer. Absent: Attorney Joseph Allegretti, Mr. Guido Borgnini, and Mr. John
Clemmons. Also in attendance: Clerk-Treasurer Longer, Ms. Kay Chiabai, Ms. Linda Null,
Mr. Ty Lawson, Mr. Phil Schoon, Councilman David Vinzant, Mr. Tom Ehrhardt and Ms. Joy
Respecke, Recording Secretary.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Mr. Truchan made a motion to approve the minutes of February
19, 2009 as presented, seconded by Mr. Johnson. All ayes, motion carried. (3-0)

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Mr. Truchan requested to discuss stormwater out fall monitoring
and Mr. Johnson requested to discuss the revised billing statements after the approval of the
agenda. Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Mr.
Truchan. All ayes, motion carried. (3-0)

REVISED BILLING STATEMENTS: An 8 ½” x 11” draft of the proposed billing statement
was presented for review. Mr. Allen requested to replace Hobart Wastewater Works on the
billing statements with Hobart Sanitary District/City of Hobart. Mr. Truchan questioned the
collection of the additional charges on the statement. Ms. Longer explained money is collected
daily and deposited into the Wastewater Fund. At the end of the month and once postage for
billing is divided equally between the Wastewater Fund and Corporate Fund, the garbage fees
are paid from Wastewater into the Corp. Fund and that the State Board of Accounts approves
this process. Discussion ensued regarding changes and additions to the billing statements. Ms.
Longer mentioned that once corrections were complete, Boyce Forms will draft the billing
statement, and then final approval will be given by the State Board of Accounts. She mentioned
the revised statements may be ready for mailing as early as June.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Mr. Johnson reported February 2009 began the month with a balance
of $6,994,593.34, revenues of $521,153.17 and expenditures of $305,243.17 ending the month
with a balance of $7,310,504.08, including the temporary loan of $100,000.00. Mr. Johnson
made a motion to approve the Financial Report as presented, seconded by Mr. Allen. All ayes,
motion carried. (3-0)

Invoice dated: 2-17-09 Invoice #465193
OFFICE MAX: Ink for storm water printer                           $    52.74

Invoices dated: Feb. 2, 5,12,16,17, 2009 Invoice #s180428,180494,180661,
HOBART LUMBER COMPANY: Misc. supplies                           $    65.93

Invoice dated: 3-13-09 Invoice #9IPTS0119
GASVODA & ASSOCIATES, INC.: Transducer Sub Assy.                  $ 1,380.00

Invoice dated: 2-13-09 Invoice #B03689
JACK DOHENY SUPPLIES: Bearings, idler sprocket, tire assy. $          399.01

Invoice dated: 2-17-09 Invoice #760810
USA BLUEBOOK: N-Dex gloves                                        $   201.72
Invoice dated: 2-18-09 Invoice #319616837
CINTAS: Mat cleaning                                      $    46.95

Invoice dated: 2-19-09 Invoice #29132
                                                 $ 1,891.00

Invoice dated: 2-25-09 Invoice #38155
XPRESS PRINTING: Letterhead stationary                    $   389.00

Invoice dated: 3-2-09 Invoice #790725
EXPRESS AUTO SUPPLY, INC.: Grease fittings                $     8.17

Invoice dated: 2-27-09 Invoice #13509
UTILITY SERVICES CORP.: February 2009 lab fee for Main Lift Station
                                                        $ 1,152.20

Invoice dated: 2-27-09 Invoice #002732544
GAS CITY, LTD: Chevron SRI grease                         $    46.00

Invoice dated: 2-27-09 Invoice #1016539790
IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS: Ricoh copier                       $   800.00

Invoice dated: 3-2-09 Account #11-41000-00
GARY SANITARY DISTRICT: Monthly service charge for 1/1/09 thru 1/31/09

Invoice dated: 3-4-09 Invoice #319622622
CENTAS CORP.: Mat cleaning service                        $    46.95

Invoice dated: 3-5-09 Invoice #35936
PRES-DEL ELECTRIC, INC.: Repair bearings in electric cool blower
                                                           $   91.00

Invoice dated: 3-5-09 Invoice #15079
E.J. BENNETT ENTERPRISES, INC.: Renew emergency/first aid station
                                                         $ 210.85
Invoice dated: 3-4-09 Invoice #236
EDWIN L. POTTS: February computer programming & full page programming
                                                         $ 945.00

Invoices dated: 2/27/09 & 3/2/09 Invoice #s13719 & 13717
PRO-PUMP, INC.: ABS pump repair – rebuild & repair ABS pump
                                                         $ 6,138.00

Invoices dated: March 5 & 6, 2009 Invoice #s790900 & 790962
EXPRESS AUTO SUPPLY, INC.: Touch up paint, oil & filters $     98.76

Invoices dated: 10-29-08 Invoice #89487
FORNEY’S SUPPLY: Piping                                   $   136.09

2 HSDmin 3/19/09
Invoice dated: 3-6-09 Invoice #0675142218
AUTO ZONE: Fram auto filters                                 $      7.98

Invoice dated: 3-11-09 Invoice #93755
MENARDS: Breeze bagless vacuum                               $     49.96

Invoice dated: 3-4-09 Invoice #12406
PIS: Xerox maintenance kit                                   $    272.26

Invoice dated: 3-6-09 Invoice #46 – 44575-CN-003
HNTB CORP.: CE Services – Nob Hill/Colonial Dr.              $ 1,983.53

Invoice dated: 3-6-09 Invoice #47 – 44575-CN-004
HNTB CORP.: RR Services – Nob Hill/Colonial Dr.              $ 1,134.26

Invoice dated: 3-6-09 Invoice #247 – 23844-PL-001
HNTB CORP.: “On Call” Environmental Eng. Services from
January 24, 2009 thru February 20, 2009                      $ 3,963.99

Invoice dated: 2-9-09 Invoice #none
BRITE JANITORIAL: 8 floor cleanings                          $    600.00

Invoice dated: 2-28-09 Account #0710014-0000M
ATTORNEY ALLEGRETTI: Statement #16 – Counsel from 2/2/09 to 2/26/09
                                                     $ 2,568.00

Invoice dated: 3-10-09 Invoice #MS00001344
METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIES, INC.: 2 carrier assembly “SH” series
                                                    $ 1,013.00

Invoice dated: 3-12-09 Invoice #791227
EXPRESS AUTO SUPPLY, INC.: U-joints                          $     45.06

Invoice dated: 3-6-09 Invoice #8165343
CSX TRANSPORTATION: Annual fee for 2 pipeline-sewer-crossings
Contract #CR169454 Billing period 5/1/09 thru 4/30/10  $ 229.32

Invoices dated: 3-13-09 Invoice #0100278-IN
AJAX SANITARY SUPPLY: Cleaning supplies                      $    146.27

Invoices dated March 2 & 6, 2009 Invoice #s 784041 & 929023
OFFICE MAX: Misc. office supplies                             $    50.70
                                                       Credit $   (60.37)
                                                              $   266.85
                                                              $   257.18 Total

Invoice dated: 3-5-09 Invoice #35936
PRES-DEL ELECTRIC, INC.: Repair electric kool blower         $     91.00 (Duplicate)

Invoices dated: 3-12-09 Invoice #s9857769997 & 9857447990
GRAINGER: Cableties, start capacitors, & valve assembly      $    201.51
3 HSDmin 3/19/09
Invoice dated: 3-13-09 Invoice #1161
DOROTHEA RODGERS: Replacement of lateral line @849 State Street
(1/2 of total bill is eligible for refund)             $ 3,900.00 Total

Invoice dated: 3-16-09 Invoice #35957
PRES-DEL ELECTRIC, INC.: Chemstar packing                            $    427.00

Invoice dated: 3-18-09 Invoice #35960
PRES-DEL ELECTRIC, INC.: Disassemble/rewind hydromatic pump
                                                       $  400.00

Invoice dated: 3-18-09 Invoice #20090461-1
LINDCO EQUIPMENT SALES, INC.: Install hand held work light on rear of
Unit #42                                               $    140.55

Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the invoices for consideration with the correction of a
duplicate statement from Pres-Del Electric, Inc. in the amount of $91.00 and Dorothea Rodgers
lateral replacement line of $1,950.00, seconded by Mr. Truchan. All ayes, motion carried. (3-

FLOW REPORT: In Mr. Clemmon’s absence, Mr. Schoon presented the flow report stating
that for the month of February 2009 the Main Lift Station recorded 166,946,000 gallons of
sewage was pumped to the Gary Sanitary District indicating an increase of 37,569,000 gallons
from January 2009. The average flow for the month of February 2009 measured 5.96mgd. The
average daily flow from January 1, 2009 through February 28, 2009 measured 4.60mgd. White
Oak Conservancy District flowed 4,206,300 gallons through our lines representing an increase
from the prior month of 85,000 gallons with an average daily flow of 141.0tgd and 150.2tgd for
the average daily flow for the year. Precipitation measured at the Main Lift Station totaled 4.16
inches of rain/melted snow for the month which was above the 10 year average of 1.61 inches.

COLLECTION SYSTEM REPORT: Mr. Lawson reported that the Sewer Department has been
cleaning storm sewers from the winter. He stated a sanitary sewer collapse occurred in Lake
George Plateau in which they will need to install approximately 100’ of road to the lift station to
allow the vactor truck to drive over the soft ground to clean and bring all the debris with the
flow. He stated there was a possibility it may be a lateral. He mentioned during the last rain,
there were no flooding problems reported on Joliet Street. He stated last fall repairs were made
to a storm sewer and now a resident in the 1200 block of Cleveland Avenue is having issues
with the sanitary sewer which ties in at a road cut. He stated they videoed the main line and
found it to be intact but was not able to see up the lateral. After pouring water into their clean
out it was found to flow very slowly. Mr. Lawson informed the resident of the 50/50 program.
Other repairs included a residential sanitary sewer on Michigan Avenue and the sanitary sewer
for Cagney’s on Main Street. Though brakes were found in both of the lateral lines, the
problems existed at the factory connections to the main line. It was discussed and decided that
the HSD would contribute partial payment for these projects.

UNMETERED CUSTOMER SEWER CHARGES: Councilman Vinzant received information
from H. J. Umbaugh & Associates explaining the calculation of fees assessed to residents that
are on well water which is based on ½ of 11,200 bi-monthly gallons of water.

4 HSDmin 3/19/09
HOBART WASTEWATER PROJECT: Mr. Allen reported that he along with Attorney
Allegretti, Mayor Snedecor and Mr. Borgnini attended the Environmental Adjudication Hearing
in Indianapolis regarding the proposed wastewater treatment plant. Chief Environmental Law
Judge Mary Davidsen ordered parties in the lawsuit to file their final briefs by March 27 and
would issue a ruling within a few weeks after that deadline. The cities of Gary and Lake Station
argued the new plant would violate state law by introducing additional mercury into the
waterway and would constitute a hardship for city residents who live along the river and utilize
riverside parks. IDEM Attorney Sierra Cutts told the judge the new plant would be cleaner and
more efficient than the existing Gary Sanitary District facility. Judge Davidsen ordered the
hearing after attempts of an out-of-court settlement failed. Clerk-Treasurer Longer requested
copies of the briefs so they would be available in her office for the public to view.

NOB HILL LIFT STATION PROJECT: Mr. Truchan mentioned he was still investigating the
$67,000 bill for rental equipment. He also mentioned that a meeting was scheduled with
Attorney Allegretti, Mr. Borgnini, Mr. Porter, Attorney Kramer (Porter’s attorney) and himself
to discuss the Nob Hill/Colonial Drive project, but the morning of the meeting, Mr. Kramer
cancelled informing Mr. Truchan that Mr. Porter would not attend unless Mr. Boyd (Boyd
Construction) was also present. It was asked to Mr. Porter if he still had subcontractors which
were still unpaid and also if he intended to complete the project. He did not respond to either of
the questions. There was communication to Mr. Porter’s bonding company and they too have
not responded.

Mr. Truchan mentioned that the impellers were repaired and are now working properly. He
stated Colonial Drive, Colonial Drive Lift Station and the sewer connection line on the north
side of 37th Avenue to the lift station is still incomplete. It was decided to instruct Attorney
Allegretti to call in Mr. Porter’s bond. Mr. Johnson made a motion for Mr. Truchan to authorize
Attorney Allegretti to call in Mr. Porter’s bond, seconded by Mr. Allen. All ayes, motion
carried. (3-0)

REVIEW OF SANITARY SEWER BACK UP HANDBOOK: The final draft for the sanitary
sewer back up handbook has been completed.

STANTEC OUT FALL CONTRACT: Mr. Truchan mentioned that the City has hired Stantec
Consulting Services, Inc. for the monitoring of outfall from the storm sewers as they flow into a
natural waterway. He stated that this is the responsibility of the Stormwater Board to contract,
but there are no funds in the storm water budget since a Stormwater Ordinance Fee has not yet
been established. The Board of Works has agreed to pay the contract in the amount of
$9,063.00 from the City’s General Fund upon the recommendation of the Stormwater Board.
Mr. Allen made a motion to recommend the Board of Public Works proceed with the contract
and make payment to Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. in the amount of $9,063.00, seconded by
Mr. Johnson. All ayes, motion carried. (3-0)

     Collection system/storm water coordinator
Mr. Allen reported he and Ms. Longer have compiled an organization diagram to determine
which city employees that are paid from the Wastewater Funds and which city employees are
paid from the Municipal Funds. He stated a proposed new position “Hobart Sanitary District
Superintendent” will be responsible for the employees paid from the Wastewater Fund who
currently work under Mr. Clemmons and Mr. Snider. He continued saying this will be a
substantial change to the way the organization is currently operating and that the intent is,
except in severe emergencies, for employees that are paid from the Waste Water Fund will only
5 HSDmin 3/19/09
work on sewers related issues. This individual will also act as the Stormwater Coordinator. A
secretary is also proposed. The intent is to attempt to comply with Mr. Saylor’s conclusions in
his survey that more man hours are needed on the collection system.


GENERAL DISCUSSION: Mr. Vinzant mentioned he has been contacted by a resident on
South Ash Street inquiring why sewers are not installed on his street. He stated he felt at some
point, Ash Street qualified for CDBG money in order for the water line to be installed and that
given additional HUD money is available from the stimulus perhaps there is still the ability to
install the sanitary sewers. Mr. Truchan mentioned that in the last two years, there have been
some differences in the way areas qualify and he felt this would not qualify for the CDBG
funding. It was mentioned a survey needed to be conducted to determine if all the Ash Street
residents were in favor of city sewers.

Mr. Allen mentioned that Mr. Snider requested the Sanitary Board consider contributing to the
purchase of 2 trucks which will be used by the Sewer Department. Three estimates were
received from Isakson Motors, Heuring Ford and a Chevy dealership for a 4’x4’ truck w/snow
plow package and a standard 2 wheel drive truck. Mr. Truchan recommended both trucks have
the 4’x4’ option. Discussion ensued regarding protocol for approving purchasing the trucks. It
was also decided the 3 dealer 3quotes contain identical equipment. It was decided that Mr.
Truchan will obtain the necessary quotes needed for the approval for the purchase of the trucks.
He also will obtain information on used vehicles with less than 30,000 miles.

There being no further discussion or comments, Mr. Johnson made a motion to adjourn,
seconded by Mr. Allen. All ayes, motion carried. (3-0)

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

__________________________________                   _______________________________
Robert Allen, President                              Joy Respecke, Recording Secretary

6 HSDmin 3/19/09

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