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					                                                                                                                 ~ We each shape our own destiny ~

                                  FAMILY LIFE SA
Family Life SA has a new website for parents/caregivers looking for help in discussing              Serving the communities of Appila, Crystal Brook, Georgetown, Glad-
Sexuality issues with your children. Check out the site:                         stone, Gulnare, Laura, Stone Hut, Wirrabara & Yacka.
or e-mail:, phone: 8177 0468, fax: 8177 0486.
                                                                                           No. 19                                                   Thursday, 19th June 2003

                             LAURA FOLK FAIR AGM
The Laura Folk Fair Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 7th July 2003 at
                                                                                                                   PLEASANT COINCIDENCE
8pm in the Emergency Services Room, Herbert Street, Laura. All welcome.                    Last Friday I rang our State Office wishing to speak to Peter
                                                                                           Scott, who is a former principal of Gladstone High School. Peter
                         SCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES                                         was unavailable, but in his absence I spoke with Bridgett
Musical Theatre Workshops return to Laura Civic Centre on July 9th and 10th; hosted by     Leopold who is doing some part-time work for DECS whilst
the talented Port Augusta Musical Theatre Group. One-hour sessions are available for all   studying for her Honours Degree in Politics at UniSA.
primary and secondary students. Cost: $5 per session with family concessions. Special
one-hour class for 3 ½ – 5 yr olds. Program to be announced soon. Come along with          Bridgett’s thesis is dealing with women’s rights in Islam. This
a friend, experience something different. Try the sword fighting routine, rap, theatre     follows her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in
sports, group/solo singing or even modern dance. Learn from young people with a            International Studies. Bridgett has spent a year in Germany
Passion for fun. Enquiries and bookings, telephone Meredith on 8636 2382.                  since completing Year 12 at Gladstone High School in 1998.
                                                                                           Recently she returned after 4 months in Malaysia as part of the
                   MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS INFO EVENING                                        peace agreement following the Bali bombings.
For girls 11 years and older and their mothers or guardians from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on
Tuesday 8th July (during school holidays) at Gladstone RSL. An evening facilitated by      It was a pleasant coincidence that provided me with the
Lorraine Masters, Women’s Health Worker, speaking on self image, emotions and related      opportunity of speaking with a young person who received her
issues. Supper is provided. Free giveaways/vouchers. For more information, contact         secondary education at Gladstone High School. I was highly
8662 2158.                                                                                 impressed with Bridgett’s range of accomplishments since
                                                                                           graduating from Gladstone. Bridgett is a prime example of how
                             ROBI COMBS FOR SALE                                           application to study enables an individual to experience a wider
If any parents are interested in purchasing an electronic Robi Comb to rid head lice       range of opportunities.
problems, Gladstone Primary School is offering a chance to purchase one at the
bargain price of $35.00. Please contact the School on 8662 2235.                                                                              - Ian Schedlich, Principal

The Gladstone Senior Citizens’ Club is holding its next meeting on Friday 27th June
2003 starting at 11.30am in the club rooms. The meeting will take the form of a                                           LEFT: Bridgett Leopold in her
pooled luncheon where both members and the community are welcome to attend. For                                           Senior Year at Gladstone High
further details, please phone 8662 2297.                                                                                  School in 1998.
                                                                                                   STUDENT WELL BEING TEAM
                                                                                            (formerly Whole School Drug Strategy Team)

RIGHT: Some of our award
                                                                      At our WSDS meeting last Friday, the team decided that a name change for our group
winners at the recent assembly                                        would mean we could develop strategies relating to drugs and alcohol, as well as other
with Mr Kim Bennett.                                                  student/community issues. The group felt that there are many related issues such as
                                                                      relationships, health and nutrition and sexual health, which have always been part of this
                                                                      team - hence the name change.
                                                                      Update training for members who have joined the team will be held this Friday, 20th
                                                                      June from 9.30am to 2.30pm in Room 22. Anyone who was not part of the initial
                                                                      training in 2000 is invited to attend. We are especially keen to have one or two parent
                                                                      representatives.                                                        - Kerrilyn Elmer
                                     LEFT: Mrs Kerrilyn Elmer
                                     and Mr Phil Harvie also at
                                     the assembly.
                                                                                YEAR 9 SKI TRIP MEETING
                                                                        There will be an information session for parents               NEEDED
                                                                        and students on Tuesday 1st July at 7.30pm.
                                                                        This informal short meeting will provide            Parents to join the “Student Well
                                                                        information about the trip and the opportunity      Being Team” (formerly WSDS).
  BELOW: Year 12 student                                                for parents and students to ask questions.          Training available this Friday, 20th
  Stephen Hanley preparing
  some food for our second
                                                                        Please put this meeting in your diary.                         June 2003.
  Senior Citizens’ Luncheon                                                                            - Kerrilyn Elmer
  held last Friday.

                                 ABOVE: Our senior citizen visitors                              MNSEC Social tickets are
                                 enjoy some entertainment in the                                now available from the Front
                                 Hall.                                                         Office.The MNSEC Social will
                                                                                                be held on Thursday 3rd July
                                                                                               2003 from 7pm to 11pm at the
                                                                                                    Laura Civic Centre.
    RIGHT: Year 9 student                                                                           60’s/70’s/80’s theme
    Stacey Size conducting a                                                                   applies! Cost per ticket is $5.
    tour for some of our
                                                                                                                                     News from the

                        This week: 10RD with Mr de Jonge
Our Home Group has decided on writing a couple of funny stories for you to read. We first decided        One hundred extra books and quizzes have now been added to the
on starting a story with “once upon a time”, where every person in the class would have one word to      Accelerated Reading library to give students a little more choice.
say and we would make a short story. This is what we came up with!!!
                                                                                                         New books added this week:
“Once upon a time, I had a cigarette that was wedged between my luscious lips. Now, it stings
because it burnt my big fat, hairy, smelly hand.”                                                        Fiction
                                                                                                         One Night                              – Margaret Wild
The process was long and laborious but we had fun and shared a few laughs - the exact purpose of         Black Taxi                             – James Moloney
the exercise. We decided that if everyone in the class wrote down a sentence, then we would get          Watermark                              – Penelope Todd
much more tangible results. Here are our stories - one story is about football and the other is about    Across the Nightingale Floor           – Lian Hearn
local robberies.                                                                                         Boys of Blood & Bone                   – David Metzenthen
On Saturday, I played football and we won by 100,000 points. I play for Crystal Brook and they are
good at football and they lost to Broughton and Corey was a major ball-getter, racking up
possessions with ease. Everyone at the big game received a lollypop for their efforts. I like to lick    Non-Fiction
lollypops. While the game was happening, we found out that during the second quarter, the cat fell       Paper Art                             – Diane Maurer-Mathison
down the toilet after another cat had chased it.                                                         The Book of Music                     – ed by Gill Rowley
                                                                                                         The Art and Craft of Paper            – Faith Shannon
                                                                                                         Great Guitarists                      – Nick Freeth and Cliff Douse
                 WHY DID YOU STEAL MY GRANNY’S KNICKERS OFF HER LINE?                                    Three Houses                          – Glenn Murcutt & EM Farrelly
This story is all about some fake robberies in Gladstone recently. There are mysterious circumstances    Pop Art: A Continuous History         – Margo Livingstone
following a spate of minor robberies occurring in the district. One happened at the bank. I ripped off   Contemporary Japanese Jewellery       – Simon Fraser
the money from the bank. And then I went and stole some lamb chops from the local butcher. Then,         The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp  – ed Arturo Schwarz
all of a sudden, a chook landed on my head. To get the chook off my head I had to go to school and       Art from the Land                     – ed Howard Murphy & Margo
learn. While I was at school, I had a fantastic time learning. I lived very happily with my wife and                                              Smith Boles
three daughters in Birdville.                                                                            Burne Hogarth: Dynamic Figure Drawing – ed Margit Malmstrom
So I sincerely hoped that you had a laugh. Our Home Group is the best and most positive in the           Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera
school.                                                                                                   & Mexican Modernism                  – ed Anthony White

                                                                                                         Career News:
                                                                                                         Fact sheets for 2004 courses at Flinders University are available from
                                                                                                         the Resource Centre, Careers Corner, in a blue folder.
                                              Our Year 10’s
                                           busily concentrating
                                             on some tough
                                             questions in the
                                                                                                                              Parents needed to help
                                                 English                                                                    umpire the Knockout Netball
                                            Competition held                                                                   on Thursday, Week 1,
                                                yesterday.                                                                     Term 3. Please contact
                                                                                                                              Leanne Opperman at the
                                                                                                                                   School ASAP.
           Snippets from the Principal’s Diary EXTRA
                                                                                                                                                        COMING EVENTS
I would invite passers-by to notice that we now have the Australian                 ~ Snippets from the Principal’s Diary ~
flag flying on school days. This practice has elapsed, but when we were                                                                                 Week 9
having the first of our Senior Citizens’ Luncheons, Jessica Tielen            Senior Citizens’ Luncheon - It was an absolute honour to host             Monday 23rd June
suggested that our visitors would be disappointed if the flag wasn’t aloft.   our Senior Citizens’ visit to Gladstone High School. We were              • Staff / Junior Meeting
Subsequently, Leanne Opperman’s Year 8 class have “volunteered”               fortunate enough to have 30 people attend last Friday and I               • Semester 2 begins
to fly the flag.                                                              believe they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Sam             Tuesday 24th June
---                                                                           Smith for his role in facilitating this event and I must acknowledge      •
Last Friday’s assembly was fantastic. Many students were                      the role of our school Chaplain - Phil Harvie - for his part in forging   Wednesday 25th June
acknowledged for their achievements and the atmosphere was warmly             the idea. Marg Johanson and her students again excelled in                • LM / CA Meetings
supportive. I thought the highlight was the audience skills in the            preparation of the meal and congratulations to Stacey Size, Adam          Thursday 26th June
appreciation of the musical items and applause for award winners. Well        McRae, Melanie Ware and Megan Woolford for their role as                  •
done to Herr (Marius) Venz for organising the assembly.                       guides.                                                                   Friday 27th June
---                                                                           ---
We are getting a new digital photocopier for the Front Office. This                                                                                     •
                                                                              Mobile phones and individual music player policies - After some
was announced at the AGM way back in February. A lot of market                time of indecision, there are direct proposals being forwarded to
research has been carried out and hopefully you will know the difference      Governing Council and SRC regarding the protocols surrounding
when we produce our first newsletter on the new machine. We have              the use of mobiles and music players. The aim of generating               INFO SENT HOME
installed a new fax machine and have been provided with three new             guidelines is to ensure that families, students and staff all have a
admin computers.                                                              uniform understanding of what is acceptable.                              Week 8
---                                                                           ---                                                                       • Letter of cancellation
Kerrilyn Elmer and Rob de Jonge have recently submitted for                   Our Year 11 and Year 12 students are currently involved in                  of Year 9 Camp
funding to drive our Whole School Drug Strategy forward. Training             mid-year exams. From my own observations and from the                     • Year 12 PE Bush-
is occurring this Friday for staff and students new to the strategy and       feedback I am receiving, I can report that the attendance and
                                                                                                                                                          walking Camp Letter
this is in line with a departmental directive released recently that          diligence levels are high.
instructs all schools to have a Whole School Drug Strategy in place by        ---                                                                       • MNSEC Yr 8/9 KO
2005. Kerrilyn was also interviewed recently by The Advertiser about          Next week marks the beginning of Semester 2 - new timetables                Football Letter
initiatives developed as part of our WSDS.                                    and some subject changes. For Year 11’s it commences with an
                                                                              exciting week in the workplace. Work Experience weeks are
                                                                              invaluable for young people trying to establish their career
                                      It has been great to see so             pathways. I would encourage all parents to involve themselves in          CANTEEN ROSTER
                                        many students in school               their child’s week in the workplace. This may only take the form of
                                      uniform. Thanks to parents              an enquiry over the evening meal about “what happened at work             Week 9
                                       for your part in ensuring              today”, but it is important that we, as adults, place value on the        Monday 23rd June
                                       your child sticks to school            experience. Now is also the time for parents to be looking in the         Rosalie Ballantyne
                                         dress code. Keep it up!              weekend papers for adverts about apprenticeships and
                                                                              traineeships. If students are in their final year of studies, now is      Wednesday 25th June
                                                                              the time to start looking for the “next step”.                            Sue Hennessy
                                                                                                                                                        *Canteen duty begins at
                                                                              Last Friday we had 8 students compete in MNSEC table tennis at
                                                                                                                                                        11.30am and finishes at
                                               FOR SALE                       Jamestown. Our number 1 side won the day and our second side
 “ Today is the tomorrow you                                                                                                                            1.45pm
                                            Point of Lay Hens                 were runners-up. Quite an achievement and a credit to Mr Rob de
 were dreaming of yesterday.”
                                            $8.80 each. Order                 Jonge who provided transport and supervision. Thanks also to Mr
                     - Anthea Paul        through Front Office.               John Birrell who drove a vehicle as well. As a result of last Friday’s
                                                                              success, Cody Turner, Simon Whan, Rohan Higgins and Jamie                 Box 70, Gladstone SA 5473
                                                                              Davidson have been chosen to represent MNSEC in Adelaide this               Phone: (08) 8662 2171
                                                                              Friday. Jason Cleggett has been named as a reserve for the side.              Fax: (08) 8662 2050
                                                                              I take this opportunity to wish the team well.                                       E-mail:

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