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					                          Planter Box Package

                                           Gripset Waterproofing – paint on waterproofing membrane for
                                           retaining walls and planter boxes.

                                           Terrafirma Fabric – Geotextile fabric used as a liner to filter out fines,
                                           preventing blockage of drainage products. Available in various size
                                           rolls up to 50m.

                                           Protection Board – Used to protect waterproofing membrane from
                                           damage. In sheets size – 1830mm x 1220mm.

                                           Drainage Cell – Interlocking sections used to direct excess water
                                           away from growing media.
                                           Versidrain – Flexible drainage material used to protect waterproofing
                                           membrane. For vertical attachment. Roll size 2m x 12.5m

                                           Ag flow – Slotted flexible pipe covered in fabric to prevent blockage
                                           from fines. Drains away excess water. Available in 65mm and
                                           100mm – 10m and 20m rolls.

                                           Blue Metal 14mm or Recycled Aggregate 20mm.
                                           Used as drainage material at base of pots or retaining walls.

                                           Planter box mix – Bulk material for large tubs and retaining walls.
                                           Premium open draining material.

                   1.   Coat sides and bottom of retaining wall/planter
                        box with Gripset waterproofing in accordance                                      Terrafirma Lining

                        with manufacturers instructions.
                   2.   Line base (and sides) with protection board.
                   3.   Wrap drainage cell in terrafirma fabric and
                        attach to base. Attach Versidrain to sides
                                                                                                          Planter Box Mix
                        if desired.
                   4.   Lay drainage aggregate and agflow if required.                              Drainage               Drainage

                   5.   Place layer of terrafirma over aggregate and fill                            Material     Ag

                        with planter box mix.
                                                                                     Protection Board                                Drain Cell

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