O'briens pale ale $8 by lindayy


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									Celiac Menu
                               300g Grain fed porterhouse 28
                Char-grilled porterhouse steak served with your choice of 2:-
                   Kipfler potatoes, seasonal vegetables or garden salad.
                      (wild mushroom jus, pepper jus or garlic butter)

                           Middle Eastern crusted kangaroo 25
            Oven baked kangaroo fillet marinated with middle eastern flavours,
            served on a spring vegetable salad, finished with coriander yoghurt.

                                    Fish & kipfler potatoes 23
 Grilled fresh fish fillets with kipfler potatoes, green salad, tartare sauce and tomato salsa.

                                  Crispy Atlantic Salmon 26
  Pan-fried Atlantic salmon fillet on a bed of mashed avocado, red onion, cherry tomato,
                  cucumber, rocket, drizzled with lemon infused olive oil.

                                 Roast lamb rump 25
       Roast lamb rump marinated in rosemary, thyme and garlic, served on a warm
        Mediterranean chorizo and potato salad, finished with a warm pepper jus.

                                        Gnocchi 22
             Potato gnocchi, semi-dried tomato gnocchi or pumpkin gnocchi
 With your choice of sauce:- Napoli, Bolognaise, Alfredo or Classic gorgonzola cream sauce

                                         Pizzas 24
                                (anchovies available on request)

                 Oven roasted roma tomatoes, mixed herbs and mozzarella.
                                        Old Faithful
                              Ham, pineapple and mozzarella.
                                     Potato & pumpkin
Roast kipfler potatoes, roasted capsicum, onion, fetta cheese and fresh basil pumpkin mash.
                                        Chilli Prawn
                       Prawns, red onion, chilli, garlic and mozzarella.
                                           Big Boy
                 Ham, salami, mushroom, capsicum, olives and mozzarella.
                                   Mediterranean chicken
       Chicken, chorizo, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomato pesto and mozzarella.
                           Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - OIH OIH OIH!!!
                              Ham, bacon, mozzarella and egg.

                                O’briens pale ale $8

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