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Mysteries of Wrestling
Author: Adam Kleinberg
Author: Adam Nudelman
Table of Contents

Introduction: Get in the Ring
1 Was there really a cannibal in wrestling?
2 Who's the toughest guy in wrestling?
3 Did the Kliq control wrestling?
4 Is wrestling genetic?
5 Why does Steve Austin hate Jeff Jarrett?
6 Was ECW the best promotion ever?
7 Has the Internet ruined wrestling?
8 Is Paul Orndorff dead?
9 Are referees blind?
10 Is Hulk Hogan the best friend a wrestler can have?
11 Is wrestling fake?
12 Is there life after wrestling?

This hysterical and informative look at the sports entertainment industry, written by the hosts of the
longest-running professional wrestling radio show in history, reveals the answers to wrestling's deepest,
darkest mysteries. Enlisting the help of some of the sport's biggest stars, including Steve Austin,
Kamala, Chyna, and Sid Vicious, this wealth of insider information leaves no turnbuckle unsearched and
no foreign object left behind. Who was the toughest wrestler outside of the ring? Just how much influence
has Hulk Hogan exerted in getting jobs for his buddies? Did the Kliq really run wrestling? The answers to
these and other important questions are revealed in this no-holds-barred tell-all.

Was There Really a Cannibal in Wrestling?Kevin Sullivan: The original Sheik was a dear friend of mine
and he was the Sheik twenty-four hours a day. I mean his credit card said â€œA. Sheik.†He
didn’t speak and that’s why I think he was successful for so long.A professional wrestling match 
comes down to two, three or four athletes, all competing to win. And athletes, like others from all walks of
life, come in different shapes and sizes. However, wrestling throws an interesting factor into the mix,
something no other â€œsport† can offer â€” the gimmick. While you’ve never seen a baseball 
player wearing a cape or a hockey player dressed up like a member of kiss, over the years there have
been wrestlers who impersonated everything from clowns to Elvis. And some of the characters that these
wrestlers portrayed have been so out there that most people are left walking away wondering what these
are really like outside of the ring.Bobby â€œthe Brain†Heenan: Hmmm. Well, let me put it this way. I
wouldn’t want none of them to do my taxes, or to give me a vasectomy or circumcision. Would you?
“The Brain† has a point. But what we’ve discovered is that the further off the beaten path a 
wrestler appears on tv, the more interested wrestling fans become in learning what they’re like 
outside of the ring. And the most intriguing of the gimmick wrestlers are the group who portrayed
savages, lunatics and cannibals. In researching this book, we spoke with everyone from Kamala to the
Missing Link, and the one thing they all agreed upon is that not speaking all of those years was tough on
them. They are a unique group, and to understand their mindset, you have to speak with the most
legendary gimmick wrestler of all time, George â€œthe Animal† Steele.George â€œthe Animalâ€
Steele: There’s a lot of history behind George â€œthe Animal† Steele that people don’t 
understand â€” because they’re young and George was around a long time. When I first went to New 
York in the WWWF, in about 1967, I had no manager. I did all my own talking. And I was pretty
articulate, believe it or not.Being a full-time Phys Ed. teacher in his home state of Michigan, George only
wrestled part time for most of his career. Basically, wrestling was his summer job. Nonetheless, his
legacy of being a green-tongued animal that couldn’t speak started, oddly enough, while he was 
doing a promo.George â€œthe Animal† Steele: I’m talking, the Grand Wizard’s talking, and 
he looked at me. He shut the mic off; he said, â€œLet’s do that again, you’re making too much 
sense for an animal.† Well, it kind of pissed me off. So I figured I’ll show them. So the cameras 
come back on, we’re doing the interview, and the mic comes to me and I went, â€œUhhh, uhhh.â€
And he said, â€œThat’s it. That’s what I want.† I went, â€œOh crap.†I liked doing
Maybe if I start calling Phantom an animal he’ll finally stop talking
so much.PHANTOM
So what do I have to call you to shut your fancy transplanted British face? You know, I can’t imagine 
not being able to talk. Actually, I can’t even imagine having a gimmick. Thank God...
Author Bio
Adam Kleinberg
Adam Kleinberg is cohost of the "Get in the Ring" radio show. He lives in Dix Hills, New York

Adam Nudelman
Adam Nudelman is a television producer, and writer, host, and producer of "Get in the Ring" radio. He
lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

It's breezy, easy reading and besides being humorous, it has the most important thing: 100 photos.

Even when you think you've got the inside story on a particular issue, Mysteries of Wrestling gives you
important perspectives.

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