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									New Employee Checklist

New Employee Checklist
Part 1        (to be completed prior to commencement date)

                                                  Employee Details
 Full Name

 Home Address


 Reports to

 Home Phone Number

 Mobile Phone Number
 Commencement date
 Date checklist sent to Dept Manager

Part 2        (Employee’s Manager to complete)

                        Checklist                             Action          Date      Comments
 Notify staff of new employee
 Advise employee of commencement date and time

 IT Requirements
 If purchasing a computer, order placed
 Computer requirements to be supplied                      Desktop/laptop
 List Disk Drives to access on computer network
 Password allocated (if applicable)
 List Software for employee to access
 Connect to printer(s) (Name of printer(s))
 New employee’s company email address
 Add to Email groups e.g. Sales, Property Management      Groups:
 Is remote network access required?                            Yes/No
 Payroll Requirements
 Award employed under
 Department/cost centre
 Employment status e.g. Full-time, Casual, etc.
 Statutory Requirements
 Commission % rate (applies to Sales Agents only)
 Is a Certificate of Registration required?                    Yes/No
 Is an Employment Agreement required?                          Yes/No
 Communication Requirements
 Telephone extension number allocated (if applicable)     Ext No:
 Telephone grouping (if necessary)                        Group:
 Added to company phone list                                   Yes/No
 Is Company mobile phone to be provided?                       Yes/No
 Operational Requirements
 Stationery required?                                          Yes/No
 Business cards to be ordered?                                 Yes/No
 Order Name Badge?                                             Yes/No
 Photo and Profile required?                                   Yes/No

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