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Term1, Week 10                      Educate today for a changing tomorrow                 31st March 2009

              Calendar:                                  victory in the last over. The Small Schools
                                                         were bowled out in the 24th over for 109,
                                                         and King Street were bowled out in the
  31/3/09: Rugby League Clinic involving                 25th (last) over for 107.
           all students K-6
  1/4/09: Teen Talk at Singleton Library                 The team is to play Scone at Scone in their
           for Year 6 students                           next game.
  2/4/09: Small Schools’ soccer trials at
           Alroy Oval                                    The boys involved were Trent Walker,
  3/4/09: Upper Hunter Winter Sports                     Travis Batch, Jared Lawrence, Will Cupitt
           Trials at Muswellbrook                        and Ryan Andrews.
  8/4/09: School ANZAC Assembly
  9/4/09: Eggstravaganza activities                      A big thank you has to be extended to
  9/4/09: Last day of term 1                             Pauline Lawrence who has become the
  10/4/09: Good Friday                                   team’s scorer. The game being as close as
                     ~~~                                 it was did put a lot of pressure on the
                   Term 2                                scorers. I am hoping Pauline will have
  28/4/09: First day back for staff – Staff              recovered by the next game.
           Development Day
  29/4/09: First day back for students
  1/5/09: School Cross Country                                       Winter Sports Trials
  4/5/09: Alpha Shows Musical
           Production “Hunchback of                      The following children have been selected
           Notre Dame” at Singleton                      to participate in the Upper Hunter Winter
           Heights Public School                         Sports being held in Muswellbrook on
  6/5/09: School Photographs                             Friday, 3 April. Teagan Lawrence and
  8/5/09: Singleton Land and Beef Cattle                 Michelle Hastings for netball, and Trent
           Judging Competition                           Walker, Wesley Keeley and Chelsea
  12-14/5/09: NAPLAN Testing days for                    Walker for soccer.
           Year 3 and Year 5 students
  15/5/09: Zone Cross Country
  28/5/09: Singleton Horse Sports Day                        Anzac Day Assembly
           hosted by Mt Pleasant PS P&C
                                                         We will be holding our
                                                         special commemorative
                     Cricket News                        Anzac Day Assembly next Wednesday, 8
                                                         April beginning at 10.30 am. Some
  The Small Schools’ cricket team surged                 gentlemen from the Singleton Returned
  into the third round of the State Knockout             Servicemen’s League and a representative
  Competition by defeating King Street                   from the Singleton Army Base will be in
  Public School. The game was a real                     attendance. All children are encouraged to
  thriller with the Small Schools clinching              bring a gold coin donation for Legacy.

Mt Pleasant Public School                                                                           Page 1
  This money will be presented to the
  returned servicemen during the assembly        We intend sending only strong runners to
  and they will forward it on, on our behalf.    the Zone Cross Country being held at
  At the conclusion of the assembly a            Muswellbrook on Friday, 15 May 2009.
  morning tea has been planned for the
  attending parents and our special guests.
  All parents and grandparents are welcome        Student Respresentative Council News
  to attend.
                                                 On 9 April the school is having an Easter
                                                 Raffle. Anybody who wishes to win one
                  Anzac Day March                of the prizes must bring in a chocolate egg
                                                 donation. You must have brought in the
  The Anzac Day Service and March will be        egg by 6 April and the teachers will put
  held on Saturday, 25th April 2009. All         your name in the raffle. You can only
  Mount Pleasant students are encouraged to      enter once!
  participate if their schedule allows. All
  school children assemble at Bailey Park,
  Singleton at 10.15 am. The March begins           Eggstravaganza Day
  at 10.30 am. The more children
  representing our school the better. All        Our Annual Eggstravaganza
  participating children are to be               Day will be held on Thursday, 9 April.
  appropriately attired in school uniform,       Children are requested to bring a HARD
  including a school hat. The March              BOILED egg to participate in a few fun
  concludes at Burdekin Park where the           activities. More than one egg may be
  Anzac Day Service will be held.                brought if Mum and Dad feel it may be
                                                 necessary; eggs may be individually
                                                 decorated for identification.
               School Cross Country
                                                 Eggs may be packed in containers to carry
  The school Cross Country will be held on       to school unscathed before the event! The
  Friday, 1 May next term on Noel and Vicki      eggstravaganza is just a short time for
  Andrews’ property across from the school.      children to experience some traditional
  All children from Year 3 to Year 6 will be     Easter games played in countries around
  expected to participate. Children who turn     the world.
  eight this year in Year 2 can participate if
  their parents wish them to. The children
  will walk from school to the Andrews’               The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  property at 9.10 am. Eight, nine and ten
  year olds are to run 2,000 metres; 11 and      The whole school along with the other
  12 year olds will run 3,000 metres.            Singleton Small Schools will attend the
  It is important for the children to be         Alphashows production, “The Hunchback
  dressed in appropriate school sports           of Notre Dame” at Singleton Heights
  clothes, have comfortable shoes, wear a hat    Public School on Monday, 4 May
  and have a drink bottle.                       beginning at 1.30 pm and concluding at
                                                 3.15 pm.
  If your child suffers from asthma please
  ensure they bring their puffer to school.      “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is a full,
  To assist with the safe running of the cross   energetic and entertaining musical
  country, parent assistance will be needed.     melodrama. The underlying theme of the
  If you can assist please indicate and return   show is bullying. There’s sword fights, a
  to school with your child’s permission         lot of audience interaction and fantastic
  note. The permission note is attached to       music. It is extremely funny and appealing
  the newsletter.                                to children and adults alike. Alphashows
Mt Pleasant Public School                                                                   Page 2
  specialises in bringing real, quality theatre   Registration begins at 8.45 am, with the
  to people who don’t normally have a             day concluding by 3.00 pm.
  chance to see a full musical production.
                                                  Entry fee is $6.00 per child which is to be
  We plan to use private transport to and         paid at the school office.
  from Singleton Heights leaving school at
  1.00 pm. The children are to be dropped         The uniform is the Cattle Elective Shirts,
  off and picked up at the eastern section of     blue jeans and polished boots (or joggers if
  Alroy Oval. We will be walking in and out       no boots are available), tie/scarf and a wide
  of Singleton Heights Public School as a         brimmed hat.
  whole orderly group.
                                                  Lunch, drinks and snacks should be taken
  The cost of the production is $7.00.            for the day.

  If you agree with your child’s                  Please complete the Permission Note
  participation, please compete the               attached and return it before the end of
  permission note attached and return it          Term 1.
  along with payment.

                                                  Maths and Handwriting Textbooks Fees
       Cattle Elective News
                                                  Children in Kindergarten and Year 1 have
  Our Cattle Judges looked                        received both maths and handwriting
  superb when representing Mt                     textbooks for their use throughout the year.
  Pleasant Public School last                     The payment of $27.50 for these textbooks
  Friday at the Newcastle                         is now due at the school office.
  Show. Their new shirts with ties and
  scarves had them standing out beautifully       Children in Year 2 and 3 have received
  from the crowd. A HUGE THANK YOU                handwriting textbooks for their use. The
  to Liz Palmer for organizing the re-            payment of $12.00 is now due at the school
  uniforming.                                     office.

  Not only did the children look good, but           Singleton Netball Association Inc.
  they behaved well also. Then Henry
  Osborne and Ella Palmer were asked to               Net-Set-Go is coming to Singleton
  give oral presentations to the crowd using               Start Date 2nd May 2009
  the microphone. Their speeches were clear                    11am to 11.45am
  and made confidently. Henry and Ella,                           Ages 5 to 8
  along with Amelia Edmonds, took out third                  Recognised Program
  place in the teams event. Congratulations                  Age appropriate skills
  to them for their win, and also to the group     Personal achievement for all participants
  as a whole for a splendid day out.                          Accredited Coaches
                                                   Register at Singleton Netball on Saturday
   Singleton Beef and Land Management                    For more information email
     Junior Cattle Judging Competition
  This competition is to be held on Friday,
  8th May (second week back in Term 2!).

Mt Pleasant Public School                                                                       Page 3
                                    Mt Pleasant Public School
                  Alpha Shows’ “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” - Permission Note

  I give permission for my child/ren _____________________________________ on 4 May
  2009 to:-

  •     Travel by private car to and from Alroy Oval, Singleton Heights, leaving school at 1.00 pm;
  •     Walk to Singleton Heights Public School from Alroy Oval and watch the Alphashows
        musical production, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”;
  •     Walk back to Alroy Oval from Singleton Heights Public School at the conclusion of the

  The cost of the excursion is $7.00 per student.

  Signed:             ______________________________

  Dated:              ______________________________

            I can transport my child.

            I can assist with the transport of _____ others.

            I cannot provide transport for my child.

Mt Pleasant Public School                                                                      Page 4
                                    Mt Pleasant Public School
                               School Cross Country Permission Note

  I give permission for my child/children ……………………………………………………….
  to walk to the Andrews’ property in order to participate in the School Cross Country on
  Friday, 1 May 2009 at 9.10 am.



  I can / cannot assist in the running of the cross country.


                                      Mt Pleasant Public School
                     Singleton Junior Cattle Judging Competition Permission Note

  Yes, I give my child/children …………………………………………………………………..
  permission to attend the Junior Cattle Judging Competition at Singleton Showground on
  Friday, 8th May 2009. I understand transport is by private vehicle.

  $6 entry fee is attached with the permission note.

            Yes, I can transport ……….. children including my own.

            Yes, I can transport my own child.

            No, I cannot help with transport.


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