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									Sheikh Surgeon
Author: Meredith Webber

Fourteen years ago, Dr. Nell Warren fell madly in love with Sheikh Khalil al Kalada--although he could
never be hers, for a brief time their passion was intense.Now Nell is faced with an emergency and is
forced to seek him out. She journeys to the cosmopolitan oasis city where Kal is now a successful
surgeon. He is the only man who can save her son's life. Not because of his skill, but because Kal is
Patrick's father....
Author Bio
Meredith Webber
Previously a teacher, shopkeeper, travel agent, pig farmer, builder, worker in the disability field, and
coordinator of a respite care service (among other things), Meredith turned to writing medical romances in
1992 when she decided she needed a new challenge. She gave herself two years to see if she could
make it, and was accepted in October of the first year. Doesn’t it sound easy?Nothing is that easy! Once
committed to giving it a "real" go, she joined writers’ groups, attended conferences, and read
every book on writing she could find. She still rereads most of her "How-to" books or delves
into them while she’s "resting" or needs a particular focus for her writing.Teaching a romance
writing course at Technical and Further Education College (TAFE) helped her to analyze what she does,
and she believes it has made her a better writer in that she learned to structure her books more
carefully.Meredith’s books are character driven, although setting plays almost as important a part 
perhaps because where people live, or where they are sent to live, makes them act and react in certain
ways. Once she has determined the people and the place, Meredith focuses on the conflict  what is
going to keep them apart for close to 200 pages? And the attraction  which is going to draw them closer
and closer through those same pages.If you would like to contact Meredith her email address is

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