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                          AUSTMIG ES6                                                             FABSHIELD
                          MIG Wire                                                                Gasless MIG Wire
                          • For mild & medium steels                                              • General purpose MIG welding
                          • Copper coated                                                           of mild steels
                          • Use with CO2 & Argon/CO2                                              • Excellent appearance & easy
                            mixed gases                                                             slag removal
                          • Full pallet = 1,080kg                                                 • Save on gas bottle rental
                                                                                                  • Ideal for windy outdoor conditions
 Model Number         Size                     Quantity                                           • Suitable for galvanised steel
       ES606M         0.6mm                    5kg spool
       ES606S         0.6mm                   15kg spool
       ES608M         0.8mm                    5kg spool            Model Number               Size                  Quantity
       ES608S         0.8mm                   15kg spool             S222306-022             0.8mm                  4.5kg spool
       ES609M         0.9mm                    5kg spool             S222308-022             0.9mm                  4.5kg spool
       ES609S         0.9mm                   15kg spool             S222308-029             0.9mm                   15kg spool
       ES610S         1.0mm                   15kg spool             S222112-022             1.2mm                  4.5kg spool
       ES612S         1.2mm                   15kg spool             S222112-029             1.2mm                   15kg spool
       ES616S         1.6mm                   15kg spool             S222119-029             1.6mm                   15kg spool

                          AUSTMIG 5356                                                            AUSTMIG 5183
                          Aluminium MIG Wire                                                      Aluminium MIG Wire
                          • High quality Safra brand                                              • High quality Safra brand
                          • Precision layer wound                                                 • Precision layer wound MIG wire
                          • For 5083, 5086, 5454 & 5456                                           • For 5083 alloy & boat building
                            alloys                                                                • Full pallet = 504kg
                          • Full pallet = 504kg

 Model Number         Size                     Quantity             Model Number               Size                  Quantity
      M535612S        1.2mm                    6kg spool              M518312S               1.2mm                   6kg spool

                          AUSTMIG ESD2                                                            AUSTFIL 70C-6M
                          Low Alloy MIG Wire                                                      Metal Cored Wire
                          • For medium to high strength steels                                    • For high speed down-hand
                          • Copper coated, all positional                                           welding
                          • Pressure vessels, boilers                                             • Use with Argon/CO2 mixed gases
                          • Service temperatures up to 500°C                                      • Minimal clean up – almost slag
                          • Ask for data sheet ECD 6404                                             free
                          • AWS A5/28:ER80S-D2                                                    • Single & multi-pass welding

 Model Number         Size                     Quantity             Model Number               Size                  Quantity
       ESD209S        0.9mm                   15kg spool              70C6M12S               1.2mm                   15kg spool
       ESD212S        1.2mm                   15kg spool              70C6M16S               1.6mm                   15kg spool

                          AUSTFIL 71T                                                             AUSTFIL 71T-1M
                          Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire                                              Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire
                          • General purpose applications                                          • General purpose applications
                          • Use with CO2 shielding gas                                            • Use with Argon/CO2 shielding
                          • All positional                                                          gas
                          • Excellent weld profile &                                              • Exceptionally smooth arc
                            penetration                                                           • Low spatter losses
                          • Storage tanks, structural fabrication                                 • Good operator appeal

 Model Number         Size                     Quantity             Model Number               Size                  Quantity
       71T112S        1.2mm                   15kg spool              71T1M12S               1.2mm                   15kg spool
       71T116S        1.6mm                   15kg spool              71T1M16S               1.6mm                   15kg spool

704                                                                                        WE03

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