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									How to Survive Your Teenager
Hundreds of Heads

Author: Hundreds of Heads
Author: Beth Reingold Gluck
Author: Joel Rosenfeld

How to Survive Your Teenager by Hundreds of Still-Sane Parents Who Did offers hundreds of pieces of
great advice and entertaining stories on teenagers from the real ‘pros’—everyday parents across the
country who have raised a teenager and survived to tell their story. This book — the sixth in the Hundreds
of Heads Survival Guide series—grew out of the simple idea that when you’re facing any of life’s major
challenges, it’s good to get advice from those who have gone before you. Unlike other parenting books
that give the opinion of one or two experts, How to Survive Your Teenager includes words of wisdom from
hundreds of parents — both moms and dads, nationwide — who have "been there, done that" (many of
them have raised as many as four or five teenagers!).

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