MEM30398 Metal Fabrication - Boilermaking by lindayy


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    (For apprentices only)
     Certificate III in Engineering –                                           Location:
    Fabrication Trade (Boilermaking)                                            Bundamba Campus
               MEM30398                                                         Fees:
Qualification Description:                                                      Fee details are available from the Faculty of Applied
                                                                                Technology - 3817 3040 / 3817 3043
Off-the-Job skills for apprentices employed under a
contract of training in the metal fabrication field of work                     Application / Enrolment:
within the engineering industry.
                                                                                Please contact the Faculty direct – 3817 3040 /
Career Opportunities:                                                           3817 3043

Employment may be sought in the following area:                                 Extra Learning Support:
                                                                                Extra Learning Support assists students who are at risk
•   Engineering and Metals Manufacturing Industries                             of not achieving success in their chosen course of
                                                                                study. It can assist in developing course related
Further Studies:
                                                                                language, literacy, numeracy, study and technology
On successful completion of this qualification students                         skills. For further information on how to access this
may articulate into Post Trade Diploma and Advanced                             support, please call 3817 3070.
Diploma courses.                                                                Assessment / Award:
Duration:                                                                       Assessments may be conducted through oral, written
                                                                                and practical methods.
Competency based
                                                                                On successful completion of this qualification students
Entry Requirements:                                                             will be eligible for a Certificate III in Engineering –
                                                                                Fabrication Trade (Boilermaking).
• Contracted or indentured as an apprentice in the
    Engineering or Manufacturing Industry

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Please refer to our RPL Brochure or Student                                                       For further details,
Handbook to check for eligibility details.
                                                                                                  please contact the
                                                                                                Information Centre on
                                                                                                            3817 3011

                                           Whilst every endeavour will be made to conduct all advertised courses, the Institute reserves the right to change or cancel timetables, class
                                           locations, course offerings, teachers and other such details or circumstances beyond our control that affect enrolments. Every effort will be
                                           made to advise students of any changes. Information in this document is correct at time of printing – 5/11/2003
                                         (Boilermaking) – MEM30398

       Prerequisites apply. For further information contact the Faculty of Applied Technology on 3817 3040 / 3043.

CODE                 COMPETENCY TITLE                                                                                POINTS
Foundation           Compulsory
MEM1.1FA             Undertake interactive workplace communication                                                     -
MEM1.2FA             Apply principles of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) in work environment                       -
MEM1.3FA             Apply quantity procedures                                                                         -
MEM1.4FA             Plan to undertake a routine task                                                                  -

Core                 Compulsory
MEM2.1C12A           Apply quality systems                                                                             2
MEM2.2C11A           Organise and analyse information                                                                  2
MEM2.3C11B           Operate in a work based team environment                                                          2
MEM2.4C11A           Assist in the provision of on the job training                                                    2
MEM2.5C11A           Measure with graduated devices                                                                    2
MEM2.6C10A           Plan a complete activity                                                                          4
MEM2.7C10A           Perform computations – basic                                                                      2
MEM2.8C10A           Perform computations                                                                              2
MEM2.9C10A           Perform computer operations                                                                       2

Trade Specific       Compulsory
MEM5.5AA             Carry out mechanical cutting                                                                       2
MEM5.7AB             Manual heating, thermal cutting                                                                    2
MEM5.11AB            Assemble fabricated components                                                                     8
MEM5.15AB            Weld using manual arc welding process (MMAW)                                                       4
MEM5.17AB            Weld using gas metal arc welding process (GMAW)                                                    4
MEM9.1AA             Draw and interpret sketch                                                                          2
MEM9.2AA             Interpret technical drawing                                                                        4
MEM11.11AA           Manual Handling                                                                                    2
MEM12.7AA            Mark off\out structural fabrications and shapes                                                    4
MEM18.1AB            Use hand tools                                                                                     2
MEM18.2AA            Use power tools                                                                                    2
MEM5.50AA            Perform routine gas metal arc welding                                                              2
MEM5.12AB            Perform routine manual metal arc welding                                                           2
                                                                                                        TOTAL          60

MEM2.13C5            Perform mathematical computations                                                                 4
MEM3.3AA             Sheet and plate assembly                                                                          4
MEM5.4AB             Perform routine oxy acetylene welding                                                             2
MEM5.10AA            Undertake fabrication forming, bending and shaping                                                8
MEM5.16AB            Perform advised welding using manual arc welding process (MMAW)                                   4
MEM5.18AB            Perform advanced welding using manual arc welding process (GMAW)                                  4
MEM5.36AB            Repair\replace\modify fabrications                                                                4
MEM5.37AA            Geometric development                                                                             6
MEM5.49AA            Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding                                                          2
MEM5.19AB            Weld using gas tungsten arc welding process                                                       4
MEM5.20AB            Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process                                   4
MEM5.47AA            Weld using flux core arc welding process                                                          4
MEM5.48AA            Perform advanced welding using flux core arc welding process                                      4
MEM7.3AA             Setting machines (routine)                                                                        4
MEM7.24AA            Operate and monitor machine/process                                                               4
MEM7.32AA            Use workshop machines for basic operations                                                        2
MEM10.1AB            Erect structures                                                                                  4

  36 Points of Electives Required
  96 Points required to gain a Qualification

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