Manual for the Hiring of a Youth Minister

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					Manual for the Hiring
 of a Youth Minister

      A Guide for Rectors
     and Search Committees

     Office for Faith Formation
    Episcopal Diocese of Colorado
Table of Contents

Laying the groundwork
     Create a prayer team                            3
     Ask pertinent questions                         4
     Contact other churches                          5

Before you hire
     Create a search committee                       7
     Create a parish profile                         7
     Create a position description                   7

Get ready to hire
     Determine a compensation package                9
     Develop support and accountability structures   11

The process
     Advertise                                       12
     What to expect from each applicant              12
     Screen applicants                               12
     Interview                                       13
     Make an offer                                   14

    Sample position descriptions                     15
    Sample interview questions                       19
    Sample reference call questions                  20
    Sample letters to potential candidates           21
    Sample Letter of Agreement                       22

Laying the groundwork

Create a prayer team.

             For years it has been my practice in traveling among the nations to
           make a study of the sources of spiritual movements which are doing most
                  to revitalize and transform individuals and communities.

                  At times it has been difficult to discover the hidden spring,
                but invariably, where I have had the time and patience to do so,
                 I have found it in an intercessory prayer life of great reality.

                     John R. Mott, missionary pioneer, early 20th Century.

Gather a group of determined, committed adults and youth to pray. Agree to begin meeting once
a week to pray for

   •   young people by name who are active in your congregation

   •   inactive young people by name

   •   unknown young people whom God wants you to reach

   •   current adult lay youth leaders by name

   •   God’s future direction for youth ministry in your church

   •   God to raise up additional lay youth leaders

   •   God to lead you to the youth minister who will be able to most effectively minister within
       the context of your parish

Enlist other parish groups such as Daughters of the King, men’s groups, women’s groups, and
participants in your parish’s prayer chain, to include youth ministry in their prayers.

Let us not be found guilty of expecting less than God is willing to do. Remember James’
admonition to the Church: “You do not have, because you do not ask God” (James 4:2b).
Commit to making prayer the starting point and the foundation of your search for a youth

Ask pertinent questions

It is important that your church be clear as to its vision for youth ministry and its need for it, as
well as its ability to financially support, a professional youth minister. Before beginning the
search process, devote a significant amount of time in one or more meetings of congregational
leaders and parents to answer the following questions. The Canon for Faith Formation for the
diocese can be contacted to help with this.

We have organized the following questions into six general categories.
 I. Young people today
    • What are the needs of young people today?
    • How do they look at the world?
    • How does their worldview differ from that of past generations?
II. Young people and the wider community
    • What is available for young people to do in our community, both good and bad?
    • What needs of young people are being met through activities and organizations
       in our community?
    • What needs are going unmet?
III. Current involvement of young people in our parish
     • Where/when do we see young people in our parish?
     • In what ways are they involved?
     • What does our parish provide for young people that they cannot or will not get
        anywhere else?
IV. Young people and the Gospel
   • What is the relationship of young people to the Church today?
   • How do they respond to the Gospel?
   • How are we currently providing for their spiritual nurture?
 V. Youth ministry in our parish
   • What are our goals in providing a ministry specifically targeting young people?
   • Where/when do we want to see young people in our parish?
   • If we were to paint the perfect picture of youth ministry in our parish,
      what would it look like?
   • What could our parish provide for young people that they cannot or will not get
      anywhere else?
VI. Life with a youth minister
   • What could a youth minister do that we are unable to do now?
   • How would the role of other adult youth leaders change once a youth minister is hired?
   • How would we provide for a youth minister’s financial, spiritual and emotional needs?
   • What would be the youth minister’s responsibilities as a member of the staff?
   • How would having a youth minister impact our community? The diocese?

Contact other churches

If your church has never had a youth minister, call congregations with professional youth
ministers in place. Talk with the supervising priests about the pros and cons of hiring a
professional. Ask to talk with the youth ministers and perhaps visit a youth group meeting.

Churches in our diocese with professional youth ministers, full- or part-time, are

Boulder                                              Centennial
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church                         St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Peter Munson                                    Rev. Garry Horle
7520 S. Boulder Rd.                                  1401 E. Dry Creek Rd.
Boulder, CO 80303                                    Centennial, CO, 80122
303-499-3041                                         303-794-1565

Boulder                                              Colorado Springs
St. John’s Episcopal Church                          Grace Episcopal Church
Rev. Rol Hoverstock                                  Rev. Don Armstrong
1419 Pine St.                                        7115 Ashley Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80302-4812                         Colorado Springs, CO 80922
303-442-5246                                         719-633-5529

Boulder                                              Denver
St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church                  Christ Episcopal Church
Rev. Michael Houlik                                  Rev. Andrew Cline
4775 Cambridge                                       2950 S. University Blvd.
Boulder, CO 80301-4140                               Denver, CO 80210-6029
Broomfield                                           St. John’s Cathedral
Church of the Holy Comforter                         Rev. Canon Stephen Carlson
Rev. Dr. Chuck Reeder                                1350 Washington St.
1700 W. 10th Ave.                                    Denver, CO 80203
PO Box 412
Broomfield, CO 80038-0412

Centennial                                           Denver
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church                       St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Craig MacColl                                   Rev. Douglas Dunn
8545 E Dry Creek Rd.                                 1270 Poplar St.
Centennial, CO 80112                                 Denver, CO 80220
303-740-2688                                         303-355-2331

Fort Collins                     All Saints’ Episcopal Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church      Rev. Sathi Bunyan
Rev. Dr. Harold Warren           3448 Taft Ave.
2000 Stover St.                  Loveland, CO, 80538
Fort Collins, CO, 80525-1545     970-667-0303
                                 Steamboat Springs
Grand Junction                   St. Paul Episcopal Church
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church   Rev. David Henderson
Rev. Dr. Edward Konieczny        PO Box 770722
3888 27 1\2 Rd.                  Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477-0722
Grand Junction, CO 80506         970-879-0925
Lakewood                         Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
St. Joseph Episcopal Church      Rev. S. Brooks Keith III
Rev. Frank Huber                 PO Box 1000
11202 W. Jewell Ave.             Vail, CO, 81658
Lakewood, CO, 80232              970-476-0618

Before you hire

Create a search committee
A search committee will prove helpful in creating a position description and a parish profile,
advertising for and screening applicants, and conducting initial interviews. The search committee
can recommend a short list of candidates to the rector for consideration.

Sample position descriptions and interview questions can be found in the appendix. Suggestions
for ways/places to advertise can be found on page twelve.

If possible the search committee should include lay youth leaders, vestry members, parents and
youth. Keep in mind that a group larger than six to eight may slow down the process.

Create a parish profile
The parish profile should include demographics of the church and community, highlighting the
potential for youth ministry. It should describe the parish’s theology, worship style and overall
mission. Be honest but upbeat. You want to not only educate candidates about your parish, but
make them excited about serving with you. This does not need to be too extensive or too large.
Create a profile that would be what you would tell someone about your church in a conversation.

Create a position description
The purpose of a position description is to attract qualified and quality people to the position. Be
clear about your expectations. Define the qualifications sought and the responsibilities inherent
in the position. The position description should reflect your vision for youth ministry without
being too program-specific. Possible candidates will be looking for the freedom to create a
program that fits their gifts as well as information about past activities and cherished traditions.

Consider the following six emphases. Use them to help clarify your vision for youth ministry.
Rework them as necessary to fit the mission of your parish.

   •   Mission emphasis: Reflects a ministry that actively reaches out to youth in and out of the
       local parish, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, and calling young people to a life-
       long commitment to Christ and his Church. Reflects a ministry that is set in a context of
       confirmation, helping young people to live into and accept for themselves the vows taken
       on their behalf at their baptisms.

   •   Spiritual emphasis: Reflects a ministry that includes Bible study and prayer as an integral
       part of its expectations for adult leaders and its programming for youth. Reflects a
       ministry that seeks to disciple youth rather than merely entertain them.
   •   Relational emphasis: Reflects a ministry that puts a high premium on building
       relationships with youth and among youth, with parents, and with the congregation.
       Reflects a ministry that develops a team of adults who work together to accomplish the
       goals of youth ministry.
   •   Worship emphasis: Reflects a ministry that makes the participation of youth in worship a
       priority, understanding worship both as participation in liturgical celebration and
       commitment to a faithful lifestyle.
   •   Mission/service emphasis: Reflects a ministry that takes seriously Scriptural admonitions
       to care for the poor and needy. Provides opportunities for young people to practice their
       faith by caring for the less fortunate within their parish, in their community, and beyond,
       through mission and ministry opportunities.
   •   Pastoral care emphasis: Reflects a ministry that reaches out to every young person with
       love, and encourages and trains young people to care for one another.

Consider the following six areas of responsibility. Use them to help you clarify your expectations
for a youth minister. Rework them as necessary to fit the mission of your parish.

   •   Develop a vision for youth ministry together with the rector, adult staff and youth, setting
       specific and measurable short and long-term goals.
   •   Develop, train, and support a staff of adults to assist in every aspect of the ministry.
   •   Plan and implement a ministry to young people within the parish while also reaching out
       to young people in the wider community.
   •   Oversee the faith formation of young people, choosing and/or developing curriculum for
       youth grades 6-12, teaching or providing for the teaching of Sunday morning classes,
       Bible studies, etc., in cooperation with other parish faith formation efforts.
   •   Function as a professional and responsible member of the staff, answering to the rector
       on issues such as time off, sick leave and specific office hours.

   •   Build relationships with other youth ministers in the community and in the diocese in
       order to benefit from others’ experience, ideas, and prayer support.

The Canon for Faith Formation for the diocese is available to help your group develop a job
description. Call the diocesan office at 303-837-1173 to arrange a time to get together.

Get ready to hire

Determine a compensation package
Compensation packages for youth ministers vary from denomination to denomination and parish
to parish. Variations within the Episcopal Church are based on ordination, education, experience,
size and location of the parish and the importance the parish places on youth ministry.

According to the November/December 2003 issue of Group Magazine, salary packages vary by
geographical region and size of church.

West                  $37,249               0-100 attendees               $15,999
North Central         $35,555               101-200                       $32,332
South Central         $34,582               210-300                       $33,484
South                 $37,845               301-500                       $36,229
Northeast             $37,500               501-1,000                     $39,284
                                            1001+                         $42,749

Salary packages also vary according to years of paid youth ministry experience and education.

1-2 years             $29,786               High School                   $25,000
3-5 years             $36,760               Some college                  $36,609
6-9 years             $37,363               College grad                  $36,743
10-15 years           $45,185               Some graduate school          $36,985
16+ years             $47,726               Masters                       $36,750
                                            Ph.D.                         $45,000

Overall, the average base salary is $30,949. The average salary package is $36,696.

Robert Oglesby at Abilene Christian University’s Center for Youth and Family Ministry
surveyed 204 full-time youth ministers in 21 states in 2004. The National Salary Survey
published the following findings.

Church Size           Average Salary                Years Experience      Average Salary
  < 300               $32,500-35,000                       1-2            $32,501-35,000
  301-500             $40,000-42,000                       3-4            $37,501-40,000
  501-800             $47,501-50,000                       5-6            $40,001-42,500
  801-1,200           $50,000-55,000                       7-8            $50,001-55,000
  > 1,200             $47,501-50,000                       9-10           $47,501-50,000
                                                          11-15           $50,001-55,000
                                                           >15            $55,001-60,000

In addition, Dr. Oglesby found that the youth budget differed considerably with church size.

Church Size           Youth Budget
  < 150               $2,500-5,000
 152-300              $10,000-12,500
 301-500              $12,501-15,000
 501-800              $20,000-22,500
 801-1,200            $25,000-30,000
 > 1,200              $45,000-50,000

**NOTE: A two-fold rule of thumb in determining an overall youth ministry budget: (1)
plan to spend $1,000 per each young person to whom you hope to minister. If you envision
having fifty young people in your program, plan to spend $50,000 to cover compensation
for your Youth Minister and programming costs. Plan not only according to how many
young people you have now, but how many you envision having by the end of the Youth
Minister’s first year; and (2) Check with the local school system to see what a Middle
School or High School teacher earns with comparable education and experience (this works
well for full or part time youth workers and takes into consideration living expenses in the
location of your parish)

There are three levels of youth ministry professionals as defined in terms of education and
experience. Which one you seek will depend upon availability of candidates, vision, and budget.

        The Rookie -- These people have no professional youth ministry experience. They may
have served as volunteers or have relevant background/skills. They have potential, but pose
something of a risk since they are untried. In addition to salary, we recommend that you include
significant continuing education benefits to cover conferences and training events.

         The Intermediate -- These people have some professional youth ministry experience but
are still growing in their ministry. They may have a youth ministry degree. We recommend that
you include the cost of at least one youth ministry conference a year in your budget.

        The Veteran -- These people have served a full season of youth ministry (minimum of
five years in one place). They have built a full and successful program ministering to different
stages of growth in young people. The veteran is hard to find. Compensation should reflect their
experience and long-term commitment to youth ministry.

Salaries in our diocese as of 2005 ranged from a base salary of $28,600 to $60,000.

Compensation typically includes

       Salary                                Reimbursed travel
       Health insurance                      Pension (usually begins after the first year)
       FICA                                  Vacation (a minimum of two weeks)
       Continuing education                  Sick leave

Develop support and accountability structures

Decide who will supervise the youth minister (usually the rector). Plan for regular, scheduled
times for the supervisor and youth minister to meet.

If your youth minister is a rookie, consider establishing a mentor relationship with a more
experienced youth minister in the diocese. Encourage the youth minister to participate actively in
the diocesan events and trainings where he/she will receive encouragement, fresh ideas for
ministry, and prayer support.

Plan now for a long and happy relationship with your new youth minister. Salary increases are a
way of communicating satisfaction with the work being done. Consider building into your
program an annual salary review. Youth ministry salaries should always rise at least at the rate of
inflation. Factors such as growth and development in programming, changes in responsibilities,
and personal factors such as the birth of children or the need to purchase a home should be taken
into consideration as salaries are set each year.

Youth Ministry Councils can prove a wonderful help and support to the youth minister. But they
must not be seen as supervisory. Work now to develop in parents and other adults in your parish
an eagerness to partner with the youth minister in nurturing your young people.

The Process


Contact the Canon for Faith Formation
Phone: 303-837-1173
Look at the job placement page. You can list your opening free of charge. This is widely used
by those seeking employment in youth ministry and Christian education.

The Living Church
414-276-7483 (fax)

What to expect from each candidate
   1. Resume with cover letter

   2. List of references (call the references before requesting an interview with candidate)

   3. Perhaps a video of candidate teaching and/or conducting youth group meeting

   4. Interview by speaker phone with Search Committee

   5. Live, on-site interview, including visits with youth, parents, and attendance at worship

Screen applicants

Time should be taken to carefully research the references of likely candidates. There is no point
in pursuing someone who has a questionable background. This should include speaking with the
rector of each church in which the candidate has worked as a paid employee or a volunteer.
Note: if the candidate is interviewing without the knowledge of his/her rector, offering the
position must be contingent upon a positive reference from that rector.
Questions relating to leadership style, interpersonal relationships and handling conflict are
particularly appropriate when talking with references. See the appendix for specific questions to
ask a candidate’s references.


The search committee should respond promptly by letter to each person who sends a resume to
the church. The letter should give details about how the process will work and when, if at all, the
person will next hear from the church. See the appendix for sample letters.

Set up the interviews quickly, first by phone, and then in person. Make it clear to the candidates
that your parish will cover the expenses related to the interview visit.

During the interviews, the search committee should be listening for theological convictions,
leadership experience, team building motivation and ability, understanding of youth culture, and
a passion to serve Jesus Christ by ministering to young people. Prior reference checks will
suggest some questions to ask. Church Deployment for the Episcopal Church suggests that every
question you ask be evaluated three ways: What does it have to do with the position? Why do we
need to know? Would I be willing to answer the same question about myself? Questions should
be chosen carefully in advance so that all important areas can be covered in the time you have set
apart for the interview. See the appendix for sample interview questions.

Make sure that several or all members of the committee ask questions. This will allow you to see
how the candidate relates to different personalities. It will also lessen the impression that the
interview is really an interrogation. Church Deployment for the Episcopal Church defines the
interview as a mutual interchange, a process of mutual exploration to help an individual and a
group get to know each other. It may help to assign specific questions to each person on the

The interview might last for one or two hours or be broken up into shorter meetings. Make sure
you invite, and leave time for, the candidate to ask questions of the committee. Church
Deployment for the Episcopal Church stresses, “Their questions can profitably shape as much as
half of the interview. How they go about learning about you helps you understand how they

It is best to bring the candidate and his/her spouse to the parish for an entire weekend. This will
allow time for interviews, visits with youth, families and church leaders, as well as allow the
candidate the opportunity to experience the congregation at worship. Choose someone on the
committee to drive the candidate around the community to get a sense of where they might live,
where the schools and shopping areas are, etc.

Church Deployment of the Episcopal Church urges search committees to “avoid disqualifying
candidates. Rather, look for evidence of gifts which qualify a candidate. It is easy to build a case
against anyone, but far more useful to gather evidence of strengths.”

Make an offer

Your rector may accept the committee’s recommendation or may prefer that the committee come
up with a short list of qualified candidates from which the rector can choose.

It is important that the search committee act quickly following an interview. Candidates should
be told when to expect a decision and how much time they will have to respond with their own

A candidate may want to negotiate compensation depending on his/her particular needs. It is
important to be somewhat flexible at this point. If a candidate is moving from an area where the
cost of living is considerably higher or lower, he/she may want to research the differences to find
out if the compensation you are offering will be practical for his/her family. (A useful website
for calculating differences in cost of living is )

When all parties have agreed to the terms of employment, you may want to draw up a Letter of
Agreement, a document modeled after clergy letters of agreement. As Richard L. Ullman writes
in Called to Work Together: A Handbook on Letters of Agreement for Clergy and
Congregations, “A Letter of Agreement is a tool for mutual ministry.” It helps the youth minister
and congregation clarify the direction for their mutual ministry and spells out ways in which they
can support one another as Christ’s servants See the appendix for a sample Letter of Agreement.

Once a candidate is chosen by the committee and/or the rector, a background check must be
done. Diocesan policies requires running a background check on anyone who works with youth.
It is recommended that an “Executive Staff” check be done (these run around $100). Therefore,
any offer made to a candidate must be contingent upon a clear background check. You will
not want to request a background check until you have decided upon a candidate.

If your church is not already set up to do background checks you can request information on
background checks by contacting the Office for Faith Formation at 303-837-1173.

Note: To maintain confidentiality, you must keep all copies of candidates’ files secure
during the search process. In addition, all files must be destroyed at the close of the

Sample position descriptions

Church of the Good Shepherd
Position description: Youth Minister

The Vision of the Church of the Good Shepherd is to build a community where Christ is
worshipped and served; where people are welcomed and encouraged to use their gifts of ministry
for each other and to the community at large; where people are valued as children of God and
where friendliness is valued and practiced.

The objective of this position of Youth Minister is to manage and coordinate the activities of
the youth groups, to demonstrate Christian attitudes toward worship, prayer and service, to create
an environment where youth can experience fellowship and develop spirituality, to build trusting
relationships and the sense that the church is home.

The Youth Minister will primarily work with high school and middle school groups and
eventually develop an elementary school group. He/she will work with the Rector, the Program
Team and the Youth Ministry Team to help us grow by developing an exciting youth program
within the framework of other church activities.

       Adult Christian, with an active church involvement who enjoys working with children
       and youth. This should be demonstrated through concern for the spiritual life of the
       young people in the program
       Ability to be a team player who engages other adults and young people in developing the
       Organizational skills to plan events with youth and coordinate the details with other
       youth leaders
       Educational requirements-undergraduate degree preferred, experience in youth ministry

The Youth Minister is directly accountable to the Rector and will work with the Director of
Christian Education and the Youth Ministry Team.

      Plan, organize, develop, implement and supervise youth programs with directions from
      the Youth Ministry Team
      Publicize youth programs, as appropriate, to the youth, general congregation, and the
      Develop regular communication with youth group members through mailings, email and
      phone calls, personal visits at home and school
      Oversee the planning and supervision of the activities of youth participation in the
      diocese and other youth camps, conferences and retreats. He/she will coordinate these

       activities with other groups in the church and the broader community. Advocate for
       Youth interests in the church

      Provide ministry of evangelism and outreach to the youth in the broader community
      Provide ministry of evangelism and outreach to the youth in local area
      St. Luke’s Christmas families
      Room in the Inn
      Project Backpack-school supplies for area children

      Develop congregational awareness of youth ministry programs to identify, recruit and
      develop potential adult and youth leaders for the various programs of the youth ministry
      Guide and coordinate efforts of volunteers in all facets of church youth ministry
      Adhere to parish policy concerning training for all leaders in the prevention of sexual

Congregational life and worship
      Attend worship services regularly to promote congregational awareness of presence
      Oversee planning of youth programs for special services such as Youth Sunday,
      Christmas, Easter and annual picnic
      Support the development of youth to participate in the life of the congregation to include
      the acolyte program, usher and greeter program, lay reader program and other
      Encourage intergenerational programs

     Attend or receive update of the monthly church staff meeting and submit Youth Ministry
     Attend regular meeting with the Youth Committee monthly
     Develop recommendations and assist in planning Youth Ministry budget
     Purchase supplies and materials, and make other expenditures as included in the
     approved Youth Ministry budget and as authorized by the Rector
     Develop a long range plan for youth ministry in consultation with the Youth Ministry
     Team and the Rector

                                  Position Description
                                    Youth Minister
                                   St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
                                          P. O. Box 777
                                       Mudsville, CO 80000
                                       FAX: 303/555-1112

St. Paul’s is a spiritually vibrant parish in a growing city forty minutes southeast of Denver.
Average Sunday morning worship attendance has grown from 165 to 347 in ten years and the
congregation is committed to growth and outreach. Mudsville hosts a state university and the
parish actively ministers there through a staff campus minister.

The Position
St. Paul’s is seeking a three-quarters-time or full-time youth minister to work with junior high
and high school youth groups.

We are looking for someone trained in youth ministry. We are open to someone with less formal
experience with the understanding that he or she enroll in the diocesan-sponsored youth ministry
training school.

The youth minister will evidence a passionate Christian faith, leadership strengths, a passion for
young people, ability to relate well to both youth and parents of youth, and team building skills.

He or she will carry responsibility for planning, facilitating, programming, implementing a youth
ministry program that primarily targets the youth of this church, yet also reaches in to the local

The youth program should be:

•   Spiritual--ensuring that Bible study, prayer, and worship, continue as integral parts of this
•   Relational--building relationships with the youth as well as among the youth. The youth
    have expressed a strong desire for a group that provides a strong sense of belonging.
•   Team Led--forming a group of individuals who work together to accomplish the goals of the
    ministry. This means ability to build strong relationships among both youth leaders and
    parent volunteers. A number of parents are interested in volunteering and will be willingly
•   Evangelical--articulating clearly the good news of Jesus Christ and wanting to share that
    with young people outside the church or outside the faith.

Other Duties Include:
• Developing, training, supporting and nurturing a youth ministry staff of volunteers to assist
   in every aspect of the youth ministry.
• Developing a vision for the youth ministry in conjunction with the rector, assistants to the
   rector, and young people.
• Consulting with the Director of Christian Education in the parish’s choice of and
   development of curriculum for youth (grades 6-12).
• Reporting to the Assistant to the Rector for work related issues; such as time off, sick leave,
   daily schedule. Three-quarters position means at least thirty hours a week. Full-time means
• Occasional other duties as assigned by the Assistant to the Rector.

For more information contact the Rev. Jimmy Jones at the above Post Office or e-mail address.

Youth and Young Adult Minister

Purpose: To lead a growing, collaborative Christian ministry to middle, high school, and college
age people and their families.

The primary responsibility of this full time ministry will be 6th – 12th graders and their families.
The current set of responsibilities includes: weekly Sunday School (a junior high class and a
senior high class) and regular group meetings, oversight of the games and activities, retreats,
mission trips, service projects, and other special offerings and events. This person will also be
responsible for coordinating the Young Adult/College Programs.

General Requirements:

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter. St Paul’s seeks to raise our young people in an
inclusive, active, fun, Christ-centered church environment. The Youth/Young Adults Ministries
Director will spend a good deal of time reaching out to as many young parishioners as possible,
regardless of the degree of their current involvement; and time as well reaching deeper with as
many as present themselves for closer discipleship and maturity in Christ.

The Youth/Young Adults Ministries Director is expected to model Christian teaching and
morality in public and personal life. We seek someone with the gifts of teaching and
administration, who can lead and inspire young people, and recruit and organize advisors and
adult volunteers to work with our youth programs. We seek someone who knows the Scriptures
and respects their authority alongside the Canons of the church. We seek a responsible guide
and a shepherd for our young people. Our local parish traditions are important to us, and we
want our new staff member to learn these and respect them with us, while sharing with us new
vision for what the Holy Spirit calls us to year by year.

Above all, this program staff member must have a passion for the Gospel and for Jesus Christ,
and a willingness to know and to love God’s people here at St. Paul’s. She or he must always
be willing and ready to work with other members of the rector’s staff and with the parish vestry
as a team player.

Description of Duties:

The Youth/Young Adults Ministries Director will develop and maintain a program that includes
the following:

A. Program Leadership

1. In coordination with the Rector, plan and implement Sunday morning education programming
and experiences that are in keeping with the stated purpose of the Episcopal tradition.

2. Plan and implement spiritual growth, fellowship and worship programs and experiences,
including retreats, service projects and missions for middle school, high school and young

3. Recruit, train and oversee volunteers for the Youth Ministries and college age programs.

4. Creatively and consistently incorporate music, arts and sports into the ministry.

5. Lead discussion and studies of an open nature with quality content (including Bible studies,
Spirituality, Christian Life & ethics.)

B. Relationship Building and Mentoring

1. Encourage and empower youth and young adults to initiate and lead their own mission,
worship and other ministry programs.

2. Recruit and train youth, families, other Church staff and groups within the parish to provide a
coordinated and sustained program for St. Paul’s youth and young adults.

3. Establish and encourage connections between college students through campus programs
and off-campus programs.

C. Broader Church Involvement

1. Plan, coordinate, implement and oversee meaningful opportunities for youth and young adults
to serve Christ through their own personal ministries.

2. Foster the establishment and growth of relational ties between youth and young adults and
members of St. Paul’s Parish community.

D. Miscellaneous

1. Attend staff meetings and other meetings as directed by the Rector.

2. Coordinate with the Sunday School Director to ensure program continuity and cooperation.

3. Develop appropriate Center/Activity Space to support and sustain youth ministries.

4. Pursue professional growth activities appropriate to the position.

Essential Functions:

Job Qualifications/Requirements:

The Youth/Young Adults Ministry Director shall be someone with a bachelor’s degree in a
relevant field or equivalent experience, proven ability as a spiritual leader with youth, good
organizational and communication skills, and a passion for ministry with youth.
Working Environment/Physical Activities
Must be in excellent health in order to participate in physical activities necessitated by working
with students.
The position requires extensive interaction with various publics either in person or on the
telephone. Appropriate professional demeanor, appearance, and conduct are essential.

Sample Interview Questions

    What does it mean to you to be a follower of Christ?

    What is your background in the Church?

    What is your philosophy of youth ministry?

    Why are you seeking a position in youth ministry?

    Why do you want to minister in this church?

    What would be your first priority as you begin this position? Your second priority?

    What are your strengths?

    In what areas do you need to grow?

    What would you do if . . ? (make up a possible situation in youth ministry to see how the
    candidate would respond)

    If you could paint a picture of the perfect youth ministry, what would it look like?

    What is your current salary package?

    What experience, if any, have you had with mission trips (retreats, camps)?

    Have you been involved in any other children’s or youth programs or organizations?

    Why do you want to leave your current position?

Sample reference call questions

  •   What are this candidate’s strengths and weaknesses?

  •   How well does he/she respond to criticism or suggestions?

  •   How would you describe his/her marriage relationship?

  •   How would you describe this person’s leadership style?

  •   How would you describe this person’s teaching style?

  •   What three words would you use to describe this person?

  •   Describe the person’s style of interacting with parents and other adults in the community.

  •   Give an example of an occasion when the person effectively shared the Gospel.

  •   Give an example of a time when this person acted with integrity.

  •   Did the person obey the rules and policies of the church?

  •   Is this person involved in any other youth or children’s organization?

  •   Do you know anything else about this candidate that would be of value to the committee?

  •   Is there anyone else I should call before we hire this person?

Sample letters to potential candidates

The first letter can be sent to those whose candidacy you may not choose to pursue. The second
is for a candidate that you feel some excitement about.

(Church letterhead)

Dear (person who submitted resume):

Thank you for submitting your resume regarding our opening for a (position title). We are in the
process of reviewing resumes at this time and may be in contact with you regarding possible
interviews for this position. Our selection team will be meeting (approximate week) and we will
contact you immediately after that if we decide to pursue your candidacy further. We appreciate
your interest in our church and the youth ministry possibilities here.


Dear (potential candidate):

Thank you for sending us your resume in regards to our need for a youth minister. This is an
exciting time for us at (church name) as we look to develop our ministry to youth. Our selection
team will be meeting on (date) to review resumes and determine a schedule for interviews.
We will be in contact with you following that meeting. Our hope is to have interviews during
(month or particular weeks) and we would like to complete the process by (date).

Enclosed is information about our church and the community as well as more details concerning
the position. This will allow you to learn more about us and the opportunity for ministry that
exists here. We suggest that you visit our own web site (address) to learn more about ministry in
the diocese and in our parish.

We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you in the near future.


(enclose info about the church and include a job description)

Sample Letter of Agreement

                                A LETTER OF AGREEMENT


                                          The Rector of

                               ______________________ Church

                        and ___________________________________

who has been chosen to serve as Minister to Youth with the understanding that this tenure is to

continue until dissolved by mutual consent or by the decision of the Rector.


The Youth Minister, together with the Rector and congregation of ______________Church, shall
work to fulfill our commitment to nurture young people within and beyond our congregation in
the Christian faith. By word and action we shall articulate clearly the good news of Jesus Christ
and challenge young people to do the same. In addition, we shall provide opportunities for young
people to practice their faith through mission and ministry opportunities. We receive this Youth
Minister as a partner in ministry, and are ready to work with him (her) to accomplish the goals of
this ministry.


1. The Minister to Youth shall
   •   Develop a vision for youth ministry together with the rector, adult staff and youth, setting
       specific and measurable short and long-term goals.

   •   Develop, train, and support a staff of adults to assist in every aspect of the ministry.

   •   Plan and implement a ministry to young people within the parish while also reaching out
       to young people in the wider community.
   •   Oversee the Christian formation of young people, choosing and/or developing curriculum
       for youth grades 6-12, teaching or providing for the teaching of Sunday morning classes,
       Bible studies, etc., in cooperation with other parish Christian formation efforts.

   •   Function as a professional and responsible member of the staff, answering to the rector
       on issues such as time off, sick leave and specific office hours; and completing
       occasional other duties as assigned by the rector.

   •   Build relationships with other youth ministers in the community and in the diocese in
       order to benefit from others’ experience, ideas, and prayer support.

2. The Rector shall

   •   Schedule regular weekly times to meet with the Youth Minister in order to provide
       accountability, support and encouragement.

   •   Arrange regular yearly reviews of ministry goals and accomplishments.

3. The congregation shall

   •   Support and cooperate with the Youth Minister in fulfilling our mutual goals, giving
       sufficiently of their time, energy and resources to do so.

   •   Provide for the spiritual and emotional support of the Youth Minister and his family.

   •   Pray for the Youth Minister and his family.


1. Salary.

The Youth Minister’s annual cash salary will be $__________, paid on or before the ______ day
of the month, to be reviewed annually.

2. Benefits.

The church shall pay the following benefits
   •   Health insurance

   •   Pension/retirement contribution
   •   Car/travel allowance
   •   Continuing education


1. The Youth Minister shall begin work in the Parish no later than _____________.

2. This Agreement shall be conditional on receipt of a satisfactory report from the background
   check required by diocesan policy.

3. This Agreement may be changed by mutual agreement of the undersigned parties.

___________________________________________________                       __________________
                   Youth Minister                                                Date

___________________________________________________                       __________________
                      Rector                                                      Date

                               Regular Church Worker Application – Sample 1
This form is to be completed by all applicants for any position that will regularly (as defined by the Policies for Ministry with
Children or Youth) be responsible for the supervision of children or youth, and will herein be referred to as an “applicant”.
This screening form is being used to help ___(Church name) ___ provide a safe and secure environment for those
children and youth who participate in our programs and use our facilities. At the same time, we feel a need to protect
our workers as well as the church itself.

Please complete all of the questions accurately and fully. Please write legibly. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

Personal Data

Today’s Date:__________________
Mailing address:_______________________________________________________________
Physical address:_______________________________________________________________
How long at current address: ________________
Home phone:____________________________                           Work Phone:________________________
Cell phone:______________________________                         email:______________________________
Best time to contact you: ________________________________________________________
Name on Driver’s License_______________________________________________________
Driver’s License #:________________________                       State of Issue:_______

Please list other addresses in the past five years:

For what position are you applying: __________________________________________________

What interests you about the position you are applying for?

What has prepared you for the position you are applying for?

Employment History
Please complete for your prior and current employers, covering the past seven (7) years

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________ Dates of employment: _____________________
Position held: __________________________________________________________________
Immediate supervisors name: ______________________________________________________
Reason for leaving:

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________ Dates of employment: _____________________
Position held: __________________________________________________________________
Immediate supervisors name: ______________________________________________________
Reason for leaving:

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________ Dates of employment: _____________________
Position held: __________________________________________________________________
Immediate supervisors name: ______________________________________________________
Reason for leaving:

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________ Dates of employment: _____________________
Position held: __________________________________________________________________
Immediate supervisors name: ______________________________________________________
Reason for leaving:

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________ Dates of employment: _____________________
Position held: __________________________________________________________________
Immediate supervisors name: ______________________________________________________
Reason for leaving:

                                   Volunteer Experience

Organization: _________________________________  Dates: __________________________
Contact person: _______________________________  Phone number: __________________
Duties: ________________________________________________________________________

Organization: _________________________________  Dates: __________________________
Contact person: _______________________________  Phone number: __________________
Duties: ________________________________________________________________________

Organization: _________________________________  Dates: __________________________
Contact person: _______________________________  Phone number: __________________
Duties: ________________________________________________________________________

Organization: _________________________________  Dates: __________________________
Contact person: _______________________________  Phone number: __________________
Duties: ________________________________________________________________________

Organization: _________________________________  Dates: __________________________
Contact person: _______________________________  Phone number: __________________
Duties: ________________________________________________________________________

Educational History

Name of School: _______________________________________ Dates: ___________________
City: _______________________________ State: ___________ Program completed? ________
Name of program or degree: _______________________________________________________

Name of School: _______________________________________ Dates: ___________________
City: _______________________________ State: ___________ Program completed? ________
Name of program or degree: _______________________________________________________

Name of School: _______________________________________ Dates: ___________________
City: _______________________________ State: ___________ Program completed? ________
Name of program or degree: _______________________________________________________

Please provide at least three (3) references, two of which are not members of ____(Church name)____. Please include at least
one each of the following: professional/civic reference, personal reference, church/non-profit reference. It is preferable that you
include reference(s) that have observed you working with children or youth.

Name: ______________________________________ Relationship to you: _________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Daytime phone: ___________________________ Evening phone: ________________________
How long have you known this person: ______________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________ Relationship to you: _________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Daytime phone: ___________________________ Evening phone: ________________________
How long have you known this person: ______________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________ Relationship to you: _________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Daytime phone: ___________________________ Evening phone: ________________________
How long have you known this person: ______________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________ Relationship to you: _________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Daytime phone: ___________________________ Evening phone: ________________________
How long have you known this person: ______________________________________________

**Have you ever been accused of physically, sexually or emotionally abusing a child, youth, or adult?
_____ Yes ______No

Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Youth

          Please initial each item to signify your compliance with the statement.

     _____ I agree to observe all church policies regarding working with children and youth
     _____ I have read and agree to abide by the Guidelines for Appropriate Affection in Ministry With
                 Children or Youth (see attached).
     _____ I have not been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse
     _____ I agree to do my best to prevent abuse and neglect among children and youth involved in church
                 sponsored activities and in the event that I observe any inappropriate behaviors or possible policy
                 violations with children or youth I agree to immediately report my observations.
     _____ I agree not to physically, sexually, or emotionally abuse or neglect a child or youth.
     _____ I understand that the church will not tolerate abuse or children or youth and I agree to comply in spirit
                 and in action with this position.

Acknowledgment, Release, and Signature

To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application is complete and accurate. I
understand that providing false information is grounds for not hiring me or choosing me for a volunteer
position or for my discharge if I have already been hired or chosen.

I authorize any person or organization, whether or not identified in this application, to provide any
information concerning my previous employment, education, credit history, driving record, criminal
conviction record, sexual offender registry or other qualifications for my employment or volunteering. I also
authorize _____(Church name) ____ to request and receive such information.

If hired or chosen, I agree to be bound by ____(Church name) ____ policies and procedures, including but not
limited to its Policies for Ministries with Children or Youth and Guidelines for Appropriate Affection in
Ministry With Children or Youth. I understand that these may be changed, withdrawn, added to or
interpreted at any time at the ____(Church name) ____ sole discretion and without prior notice to me.

I also understand that my employment or volunteering may be terminated, or any offer or acceptance of my
employment or volunteering withdrawn, at any time, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice
at the option of ____(Church name) ____ or myself.

Nothing contained in this application or in any pre-employment or pre-volunteering communication is
intended to or creates a contract between ____(Church name) ____ and me for either employment,
volunteering or the providing of any benefit.

I have read and understand the above provisions.

Signature: _______________________________________________ Date:_______________

Name (please print) __________________________________ Phone number: _________________

Youth Worker Search Committee

Job Description Work Sheet

  1. What is the general vision for the position? What is the person expected to do
     (in broad terms)?

  2. What are some of the specific responsibilities for the position? What is the
     person expected to do? Categorize if you can.

  3. What qualities are you looking for in the person? What gifts and strengths are
     important (and reasonable) to expect?

   4. What qualifications do you require? What qualifications are desirable, but not

   5. What accountability structure will be established? How will the person be
      supervised, supported, and evaluated?

   6. What will the churches offer the youth worker?

Other things to consider:

Application Process
  • What will you need from the applicants?
  • What will the committee supply the applicants? (Application form?)
  • Deadlines

  • To say what?
  • To be placed where?
  • To be looked after by whom?
  • How much money (if any) is willing to be spent on advertising?


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