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					Mail Utilities
Disclaim, Brand & Sign
Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an extremely effective rules based Emailware™ tool that enables you to manage how
your email system deals with email sent and received by your organization. It combines many features that are
beneficial to the management of email communication within your organization including disclaimers, branding,
signatures, auto-responding, forwarding and mail blocking.

Disclaim                                               Brand                                               Sign
Exclaimer Mail Utilities can distinguish between       Exclaimer Mail Utilities can add branding           Exclaimer Mail Utilities can add signatures
internal and external email, so it can add a           to   email   that   is   sent   both   internally   to email sent internally and externally. If you
different disclaimer depending on whether              and externally. This can help you maintain          use OWA and smart devices for email, signing
the emails are sent internally or externally. You      a consistent email brand image that falls in        can be a headache. We can ensure that ALL
can add disclaimers to internal mail even if the       line with your organization’s corporate/brand       email goes out signed with an appropriate
recipient is on the same Exchange server.              strategy allowing you to maximize your              signature, no matter what the source.
                                                       brand impression.
Why disclaim? Disclaimers help to mitigate                                                                 Signatures allow you to personalize the email
liability for: breach of confidentiality, accidental   Why brand email? In order to understand the         your employees send, providing details like
breach of confidentiality,        transmission of      importance of email branding you should ask         direct dial telephone numbers, name and
viruses, entering into contracts, negligent            yourself these three questions: How often           position held within your organization and
misstatement and employer’s liability.                 do you email clients’ or business prospects?        photograph of the sender.
                                                       Is your email memorable? Does it say
Exclaimer     Mail    Utilities   helps     ensure     something about you or your business?               All this information is inserted dynamically,
regulation compliance including HIPPA and                                                                  taking data stored in the Active Directory. You
Circular 230. For example, Circular 230                The look of your correspondence greatly             can set Exclaimer Mail Utilities up so that it
requires that the disclaimer must be inserted          affects your client’s view of you and your          uses different signatures depending on the
prior to the body of the email, and at a larger        organization. You brand your stationery so          sender, recipient, subject, etc. You can make
font size. Exclaimer Mail Utilities handles this       why not brand your email?                           the rules that govern this as simple or as
requirement with ease.                                                                                     complex as you need.
We understand that for most organizations the e cient
management of email communication is vital to the
smooth and e ective running of its business processes.
In order to minimize the amount of time it takes to
implement any new solution we have designed our
software speci cally to be easy to install, maintain and use.

Scalability                                     BlackBerrys and PDAs, it makes            Exclaimer Mail Utilities addresses     produce reports on the performance
Exclaimer Mail Utilities is a highly            Exclaimer Mail Utilities a very           this issue by detecting whether        of your email systems.
scalable solution with the ability              powerful Emailware™ application.          email has the required information
to deal with millions of email                                                            in it and taking appropriate action.   Custom Rules
messages for thousands of users.                Deployment                                                                       Exclaimer Mail Utilities can set
It has been speci cally designed                Exclaimer Mail Utilities allows you to    For example, you can check to make     rules to trigger on AD organization
to   scale    up     and       cope    with     e ciently control your mail utilities sure that email has a disclaimer           or attributes. These rules can
the demand that large email                     environment from a centralized            added to it. If the disclaimer is      be triggered on messages sent
systems      and       large     volumes        location. You can make one change         missing you can take a variety         and    received      both     internally
of email put on its processes.                  on your master system and that            of actions including blocking it or    and externally.
We    have     over     15,000        clients   change can be        ltered down to       notifying the sender. This feature
with 8 million end users, and                   all your other servers running            guarantees that emails without         For example, email sent to users
large enterprise deployments of                 Exclaimer Mail Utilities.                 disclaimers are not sent until they    in certain AD groups can have
up   to      125,000     mailboxes        in                                              have the appropriate information       di erent rules applied to them.
server    clusters      of      over      30    On    very   large   networks     this    in them.                               You might have one rule that adds
Exchange boxes.                                 can ensure that all your email                                                   a disclaimer to warn employees
                                                systems have the same policies            Performance monitoring                 that   the   email     may     contain
It can deal with vast quantities of             initiated, allowing you to consistently   Exclaimer Mail Utilities constantly    o ensive content and another that
email in very short periods of time,            process email across all your             monitors the email tra c going         automatically forwards a copy
maintaining a consistent              ow of     organization’s servers.                   through its system. This data can      for QA assessment procedures.
email through to users’ Mailboxes.                                                        be used in conjunction with a          Our    custom     rules     allow   you
When you combine this with the                  Error Handling                            reporting tool to alert engineers to   complete exibility in the way your
fact that our system is compatible              Many organizations are required by        email related issues. You can also     organization deals with its email.
with devices like Smartphones,                  law to add disclaimers to their email,    use data from the monitoring tool to

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