STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME TAXES

Tax returns due AFTER you file

You are required to turnover SIGNED copies of your federal and state Tax
Returns and any Tax Refunds as outlined by your plan or confirmation order. If
you fail to turn over the tax returns or refunds, our office will move to dismiss
your case for failing to follow the terms of your plan.

Please remember that you are REQUIRED to file your state and federal taxes
each year. If you fail to timely file your taxes, the Trustee, IRS or IDR will move
to DISMISS your bankruptcy.

Remember, your tax refund is what is listed on your tax return- it is NOT what you
receive from the tax preparer. If you choose to obtain a rapid refund- those fees,
interest and costs come out of the money YOU are allowed to keep.

Trustee Aikman allows you to deduct the tax preparation fee only. You must send
him a copy of the invoice from the tax preparer.

Tax returns due BEFORE you filed

The taxing authorities will file an estimated claim for every year they do not show
a tax return on file. You are required to file these back tax returns within 90 days
of the filing of the petition or pay these claims during your bankruptcy. As the
average claim for each missing IRS tax return is in excess of $5000, it would seem
prudent to immediately file any missing tax returns.

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