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					    News and information from Land Services Group     Issue 4, March 2008

                                                                                                In this issue:

                                                                                                Message from
  Message from the Executive Director                                                           the Executive
                                                                                                Director ....................1
                     Over the past              These proposed values will form the new
                     months, Land               valuation roll and will come into force
                     Services Group has         from midnight 30 June 2008 for the              LSG Customer
                     been working hard          following financial year.                       Satisfaction Survey 1
                     towards building
                     positive changes in        We have also been making legislative            Meet the Director,
                     the way we do              amendments to assist in reducing red
                                                                                                Customer Service ...2
                     business with our          tape, with the Real Property (Statutes
                     customers.                 Amendment) Bill 2008 passing through
                                                the Lower House in February 2008. The           Update on NECS .....2
  A strong property market has reflected in     Bill will now proceed to the Upper House
  record numbers of transactions being          in April 2008.                                  Regional Customer
  lodged with the Lands Titles Office,
                                                                                                Support Sessions ...2
  through to the end of February 2008.          LSG is still actively participating in the
  Despite these record numbers, I am            National     Electronic     Conveyancing
  pleased with the work of dedicated staff      System (NECS). Work on this national            Valuer General’s
  who have managed to keep backlogs             model is progressing amongst the States.        Drought Response
  within acceptable industry standards.                                                         Initiative ...................3
                                                During early April, we will be conducting
  In the area of Valuation, the strong          a customer survey to gauge client               Update on Electronic
  property market has led to an increase in     satisfaction levels relating to the services
  values for most sectors for the 2008-09                                                       Plan Lodgement ......3
                                                we provide. This targeted survey will be
  financial year. The date of valuation for     valuable to our continuous improvement
  the annual program is 1 January 2008.         and assist us to better meet your needs.        Imaging of Historical
                                                                                                Names Index ...........4
                                                                      Kevin O’Callaghan

                                                                                                Survey Marks Now On
                                                                                                Property Location
LSG Customer Satisfaction Survey                                                                Browser ....................4

One of the key targets in the South             Your feedback and participation is important    Contact Details .......4
Australia Strategic Plan is the overall         for our ongoing endeavours to meet
improvement of customer satisfaction with       customer needs and expectations. So we
Government services (refer Target 1.7           ask that you please take the time to fill out
( In line with this   the survey and help us to provide customer      Did you know?
important focus, Land Services Group            service to the highest standard.
(LSG)     is   conducting     a    Customer                                                     Lake Alexandrina was
Satisfaction Survey during April 2008.                                                          named after Queen
This survey will incorporate all customer
groups from industry, government and the                                                        At the time the lake was
public, and give clients the opportunity to                                                     named, she was known
provide feedback to us on our services,                                                         as Princess
facilities and delivery channels.                                                               Alexandrina and did not
                                                                                                adopt the name Victoria
The collected results will drive service                                                        until she became
improvement, contribute to business reform                                                      Queen.
initiatives across LSG and allow us to
identify and prioritise areas in need of                                                        Attempts to change the
improvement. The survey will also help                                                          name to Lake Victoria
identify any new services and products that                                                     were not successful.
customers may find beneficial.

Meet the Director, Customer Service                                                              Update on NECS
                             Land Services Group would like to introduce Karin                   The        National       Electronic
                             Geraghty, who has recently joined our team as the new               Conveyancing System (NECS)
                             Director, Customer Service.                                         is a joint government and
                                                                                                 industry initiative formed to
                             Karin obtained her Master’s degree from the University of South     create an efficient and convenient
                             Australia in 1996 and after working as an independent consultant    way of completing property
                             and University lecturer, joined the South Australian Government     based transactions and lodging
                             in 1998.                                                            land title dealings for registration
                                                                                                 throughout Australia.
                             Following extensive experience in a number of roles throughout
                             Government and being involved in electronic service delivery,       State and Territory Project Teams
                             Karin joined LSG in November 2007 from her previous role as         are meeting regularly to progress
                             Deputy Chief Information Officer for South Australian               the project with a significant focus
                             Government.                                                         now being placed on gathering
                                                                                                 requirements     and       developing
Karin’s key responsibilities include:                                                            consistent business practices. As
 •   Leading the delivery of customer services and relationship management functions.            part of this work jurisdiction
 •   Establishing and maintaining a dedicated account management service.                        representatives       have       been
 •   Setting strategic directions for the delivery of well focused land administration and       discussing the benefits of simplifying
     information services and products to meet customer needs.                                   the system for users through the
 •   Establishing collaborative strategic partnerships with key stakeholders from Industry and   introduction of standard national
     Government.                                                                                 documents for client authorisation
 •   Stimulating product and service innovation and continuous improvement.                      and instrument certification.
 •   Ensuring focus on a customer-centric approach to business and service delivery now
     and into the future.                                                                        South Australia, Western Australia,
                                                                                                 New South Wales, Tasmania,
           “I have spent my first two months in                                                  Northern Territory and the National
            Land Services gaining a deeper understanding of our business,                        Electronic Conveyancing Office
           it’s customer groups and our challenges going forward.                                (NECO) have also formed a working
                                                                                                 group with the Lending Industry
           My current operational priority is our Customer Satisfaction                          XML Initiative Ltd (LIXI) to develop a
           Survey, which is also covered in this edition. The survey will allow                  NECS Data Standard. The benefit
           us to gain an overarching view of how well our services meet your                     of using LIXI to develop a NECS
           needs and what areas we can improve upon.                                             Data Standard is that NECS will be
                                                                                                 compatible with major financial
           I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.”                                client’s systems, which will in turn
                                                                                                 aid the initial take-up of NECS.
                                                                    Karin Geraghty
                                                                                                 NECO is also developing the first
                                                                                                 draft of the participation rules and
 Regional Customer Support Sessions                                                              legal framework for NECS, which
 Land Services Group is committed to            February’s session was combined with staff       will be reviewed by the jurisdictions
 supporting its customers in the Regional       from Land Services Business Reform Project       before being released to key
 Areas.                                         to provide a brief on the latest developments    industry stakeholders for comment.
                                                on our major Business Reform Program.            To assist the jurisdictions and
 Last year, the Land Information Services       Staff delivered the presentation, which          NECO to progress this project, a
 Branch visited Mount Gambier in October        included a demonstration of LTO Forms            National Project Team is being
 and Port Lincoln in November.                  Online and Electronic Plan Lodgements.           formed comprising representatives
                                                                                                 of industry and jurisdictions.
 This year a visit has already been made to     Feedback from attendees from all sessions
 the Riverland in February and a visit is       has been extremely positive.      They have      If you would like further information
 planned for the Iron Triangle (Port Pirie,     also expressed an interest for follow-up         on any of the topics mentioned
 Port Augusta and Whyalla) in April with        sessions and were particularly grateful to       please email the State Project Team
 further sessions to other regions being        LSG for providing these regional visits.         at
 scheduled throughout 2008.                                                                      or follow the progress of NECS
 These sessions have focussed on LSG’s
 suite of Online Solutions, which include
 PropertyAssist,    Property     Location
 Browser, PIERS Online and the Property
 Valuation Listing.

                                                Above: Session attendees listen intently at
                                                the Barmera Support Session
                                                Left: Presenter Rosanne Carr with Christos
                                                Karantonis of the Renmark/Paringa Council
Valuer-General’s Drought Response Initiative
                         In early 2007,       withdrawn were beginning to appear,         Valuation Office of their changed
                         State Valuation      and it was realised that this would most    circumstances. In conjunction with DTEI
                         Office staff in      certainly have a flow on effect to the      Media Support and the Minister for the
                         Berri became         valuation data used by government           River Murray, Hon. Karlene Maywald, a
                         aware that many      agencies and councils for rating and        promotional plan was devised with press
                         irrigated vines      taxation purposes. Those agencies rely      releases and paid advertisements in all
                         and citrus trees     on General Valuation to set their           local newspapers. This was followed up
                         throughout the       budgets and an increase in the number       by direct approaches to grower
                         Riverland were       of corrections after rates and taxes have   representative groups to reinforce
                         not being            been declared can create severe             efforts to assist the situation.
                         watered.             funding problems.
                                                                                          The overall response from the media
This was not surprising as the water          Water allocation was increased again to     was positive and both Neil Bray and
allocations growers could use at that stage   32% in September, but this was still well   Supervising Valuer, Tony Randell, were
had been restricted to 60% of their normal    below sufficient supply to keep all the     interviewed for radio and television.
allowance. Growers were faced with the        plantings on a property alive and return
grim options of either purchasing more        a profitable crop.                          Many growers have welcomed the
water or using the existing allowance to                                                  opportunity to provide the Valuer-
water only a portion of their property.       As the State Valuation Office did not       General with their updated information
                                              have the resources to inspect every         but some are yet to provide details of
In July 2007 the allocations were cut again   individual property the Valuer-General,     their situation. Therefore the State
to 16%, an unworkable situation for           Mr Neil Bray, decided it was necessary      Valuation Office is proposing a second
growers. More signs of the water being        to have the growers inform the State        publicity drive in the near future

Electronic Plan Lodgement Update
Land Services Group has recently              the users. Both companies involved in       The EPL Project Team is in the process
commenced       the    Electronic    Plan     the production test have provided           of providing training to the survey
Lodgement (EPL) Pilot. The key objective      positive feedback.                          industry and LTO staff. This training is
of the EPL system is the provision of an                                                  being targeted to meet specific trainee
Internet-based plan lodgement facility for    The Pilot will involve a number of survey   requirements. LSG is also providing
South Australia as an alternative to the      companies before being progressively        assistance      to    each       surveying
current manual process.                       rolled out to the survey industry. During   organisation with their initial lodgement
                                              the Pilot the system will also be rolled    of plans via the EPL system.
A successful production test undertaken       out to the LTO so that the process of
by two survey companies has been              using EPL as the primary system for the     If you would like further information
finalised. During the production test eight   management of plan examination              regarding the EPL Project, please email
plans were lodged with the Lands Titles       workflow, including the recording of
Office (LTO) with no issues reported by       requisitions, can commence.

    Veska & Lohmeyer staff and EPL Project Team members display the Lodgement Notice for the first plan lodged via EPL.


    Imaging of Historical Names Index
    There is still a significant demand for         able to access microfilmed records that         Land Services Group recently decided
    access to our older records. One of these       were created many years ago covering            to have the original books scanned to
    record sets is known as the Historical          more than 300 books and some 120,000            provide higher quality digital images.
    Names Index (aka Real Property Act              images. However with sustained use              The project to scan all these old
    Indices) which provides a list of all names     these microfilms have been deteriorating        records and to re-bind the original
    involved in Real Property Act transactions      and many of the images are becoming             books should be concluded by the
    from the inception of the Real Property         extremely difficult to read. The equipment      middle of this year. After these images
    Act in 1858 up to 1975.                         being used to access these records is           have been indexed access will be
                                                    also now quite old and finding suitable         provided via terminals in 101 Grenfell
    At 101 Grenfell Street people have been         replacements is becoming difficult.             Street.

    Survey Marks Now On Property Location Browser
    As part of Land Services Group’s program of continuous improvement to our award winning Property Location Browser (PLB),
    survey marks have been added as a display and searchable layer. Customers can now take advantage of the multiple map
    navigation and reporting functions already available in the PLB to locate maps showing the position of survey marks.

    This free service replaces a previous method of distributing the information by CD to the surveying, mapping and construction
    industries for an annual fee of $200. Using the PLB leads to a saving for both LSG and the customer, and avoids escalating costs
    required to maintain the previous system. It also ensures customers always have access to current information compared to the
    previous method based on quarterly updates.

    The existing tools in the PLB make it possible to generate lists of survey marks, together with some attribute information, that can
    be further refined by the different mark types. The existing Survey Database, located at will continue to
    be the source of Mark and Plan details.

    For a detailed description on how to display and search for Survey Marks, please see ‘Hint #6 Survey Marks’ in our ‘User Hints’
    section on the Property Location Browser home page.

                                                                                                           This image (left) shows how
                                                                                                           Survey Marks are now
                                                                                                           depicted in the award winning
                                                                                                           Property Location Browser.

                                                                                                           Note that the different types
                                                                                                           of marks are shown using
                                                                                                           different colours and symbols.

                                                                                                           These marks can also be
                                                                                                           filtered to only show a certain
                                                                                                           type of mark. For instance if a
                                                                                                           Surveyor only required
                                                                                                           Network Permanent Survey
                                                                                                           Marks, he could simply check
                                                                                                           only the Network PSM box in
                                                                                                           the drop down list under the
                                                                                                           ‘Layers’ tab.

    We look forward to receiving your             If you would like to receive notification          For further information:
    feedback, so please send your                 via email when future editions of
    comments to:                                  LSG in brief are published, please complete our    General enquiries: (08) 8226 3983
                                                  online subscription form at:                       Country callers (toll free): 1800 648 176
    Communications Officer                                       Valuation enquiries: 1300 653 346
    (08) 8226 3879, or email:                                                                        PropertyAssist Services: (08) 8204 9015                 LSG in brief is available on our                   Country callers (local call cost): 1300 855 695
                                                  website. Look for the link on our
                                                  homepage:               101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
                                                                                                     South Australia 5000
                                                                                                     GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001


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