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Looking for a breath of youthful fresh air at GGA


Looking for a breath of youthful fresh air at GGA

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                    Thursday 11/2/2010
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Looking for a breath of
youthful fresh air at GGA
IF DAN Cooper, a farmer from           including the purchase of BRI
Pullabooka, west of Grenfell,          and the merger with Kondinin
NSW, gets elected to the Grain         Group, were a step in the right
Growers Association (GGA)              direction, he said.
board at next week's annual              "It is a good idea, it will just
general meeting, it will be a great    take some
fillip for the association's youth     time to get
leadership program.                    them settled
  In recent years Mr Cooper has        down."
participated in both GGA's              He said the
Innovation Generation and              company
Future Grains Industry Leaders         needed to
programs.                              find its niche,
  Now he has decided to take the       rather than
skills learnt from these programs      try and reach
and throw his hat in the ring for a    right across the grains sector.
position on the board as a central       "I think filling some of those
zone director.                         old functions of the single desk
  Mr Cooper (pictured) will contest    are required, certainly the
the position with incumbent Steve      promotions work and some of
Hargreaves, who was elected last       the research and development,
year due to a casual vacancy, and as   especially in terms of
such, must face election from the      classification."
members this year.                      Mr Cooper said Australia's post-
 The major platform for Mr             production service to
Cooper's run at the board is to        international customers had
get a fresh face and the views of a    slipped since deregulation.
new generation onto the GGA             "We are not servicing our
executive.                             customers as well as we could be,"
  "The main reason for me              he said.
running is to give the board a          "On a recent trip to South-East
fresh look from the younger            Asia I met with quite a few
generation's perspective"              millers, and the major feedback
  He hopes to see GGA evolve           was that there needed to be some
into a similar organisation to         sort of representation.
America's US Wheat Associates,          "There's certainly a void there. A
playing a role in advocacy and         lot of the millers we met with
promotions, as well as developing      were looking to see some sort of
trade links with potential wheat-      representation, and there also
buying nations.                        needs to be training on how to
  GGA's recent evolution.              best use our wheat."

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