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									                            The Gold Coast City Council Proudly Presents:

                                        “Lean Thinking”
                             A must for all manufacturers and processors

To stay competitive in today’s business environment you need to       The Presenter
bridge the gap between where you are now and where you
need to be. Transforming your enterprise using Lean principles
                                                                      Glenn Mawdsley
and methodologies will lay the platform for business excellence.      Director - Lean Excellence
                                                                      Glenn has a long and successful
‘Lean thinking’ focuses on those things that create value to the      career as a Manufacturing
customer and less of those things that destroy value. Introducing     Consultant assisting clients within
Lean concepts will increase your throughput and minimize your         Australia and overseas.
resources with little or no investment. Eliminating waste activi-     He has over 25 years extensive
ties is the cornerstone to lean thinking, participants will learn     experience in all aspects of manu-
how to identify and eliminate waste and maximize throughput           facturing and business manage-
using the theory of constraints.                                      ment. Glenn’s practical knowledge and expertise in lean
                                                                      techniques and methodologies has equipped him to
This workshop is designed for lean awareness at all levels of         effectively implement lean transformations in both multi-
your business and is an excellent starter to launch your lean         national and small business enterprises.
                                                                      Registration: 7.45am
The content is very ‘hands-on’ and includes, a 2 run Lean
Express simulation, presentations, interactive discussions, practi-   Start: 8.00am to 4.30pm
cal exercises and a self assessment.
                                                                      Date: Monday 31 July 2006
Lean Best Practices covered:
• Teamwork                                                            Venue: Bicentennial Hall [upper level] Gold Coast City
• Value Stream Mapping                                                       Council, Nerang Administration Centre,
• 5S Housekeeping and Organization                                           Southport/Nerang Road, Nerang
• Waste Reduction
• Process & Material Flow (Pull Systems)                              RSVP: Friday 14 July 2006
• Theory of Constraints
• Set-up Time Reduction                                               Cost: Free – Tea, Coffee, and Lunch provided
• Problem Solving
• Visual Performance Measurement                                      Contact: Tonya McLeod, Gold Coast City Council
• Standard Work
• Company Self Assessment                                             * Limit of 2 attendees per company

  Workshop Registration
  Email to: tmcleod@goldcoast.qld.gov.au                Fax to: 55 81 7547

  Company: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Contact Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Email: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Phone: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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