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					            Leadership Essentials
                     Series 9 2009
                 General Information for
              Managers, Deans and Directors

Leadership Essentials is…

A course that explores leadership and management models, the participant’s management and leadership style,
the skills/qualities required for leadership and management and introduces the concept of team dynamics and
strategies for team building through the use of case studies, games, discussion and journal.

The Leadership Essentials course is composed of 4 modules:
Module 1: Introduction to Leadership Essentials        Module 3:    Introduction to Leadership and
(2 days off campus)                                    Management of People and Performance (1/2 day

Module 2:   Strategic Issues in Leading and              Module 4: Introduction to Financial Management
Managing Core Activities (1/2 day workshop)              (1/2 day workshop)

Leadership Essentials is for…
General Staff and Academic Staff who hold Line Management or Middle Management positions at Macquarie
University and who have responsibility for: implementing plans both strategic and operational; leading a team
towards the achievement of the organisation’s objectives; and supervising staff.

MQ’s Leadership Essentials provider is…
The Organisational Development Unit who has designed and developed the course.

MQ’s Leadership Essentials course commences…
With the first 2 days held off-campus on Thursday, 21 May, and Friday, 22 May, 2009, for participants in the

Course Cost
The Leadership Essentials course will cost $400 per participant.

Selection Criteria for entry to the Leadership Essentials course
•   Nominees must be staff who have held a Team Leader or Management position for a minimum of 3 months OR
    less than 3 months but approved at the discretion of the Manager and Dean/Director/Head.
•   Nominees must have their application supported and signed by their Dean/Director/Head.

Participants Accepted into the course are required to…
•   Attend 1st Day off campus which is a full 12 hour day including a dinner.
•   Attend the 2nd Day off campus which is a full 8 hour day workshop.
•   Attend the remaining 3 half day workshops (which are per module) spread over the following 3 months.

Manager’s Commitment to Course Participants
•   To support their staff by paying for the $400 cost for the course.
•   To support their staff by authorising them to attend the first 2 full days of the course off campus and the
    remaining 3 training days here on campus.

        Leadership Essentials Nomination Guidelines
        Updated 19 February 2009                                                                            Page 1
Benefits to Staff undertaking the Leadership Essentials course
•   Gaining a greater awareness of leadership in the Higher Education sector.
•   Gaining a better understanding of their role as a leader within the Macquarie University context.
•   Gaining a better understanding of the differences between leadership and management.
•   Gaining an awareness of their existing leadership and management competencies and skills.
•   Acquiring new competencies and skills in leadership and management.
•   Improving their work performance.
•   Increasing their work satisfaction.

Benefits to Macquarie University
•   Improved organisational performance, competitiveness and productivity.
•   Development of leadership qualities and skills that are relevant and applicable to the Higher Education
    sector in general and more specifically within the Macquarie University context.
•   Development of networking relationships between managers in Macquarie University.

Training Days for Leadership Essentials Series 9

Module 1     Introduction to Leadership Essentials                         21 May, 2009            Novotel Hotel,
                                                                                                   Olympic Park
                                                                           22 May, 2009            Novotel Hotel,
                                                                                                   Olympic Park
Module 2     Strategic Issues in Leading and Managing Core                 26 June, 2009           C4B, L2 Training
             Activities                                                                            Room
Module 3     Introduction to Leadership and Management of                  7 August, 2009          C4B, L2, Training
             People & Performance                                                                  Room
Module 4     Introduction to Financial Management                          4 September, 2009       C4B, L2, Training

Learning Outcomes
Module 1: Introduction to Leadership Essentials              Module 3: Introduction to Leadership &
                                                             Management of People and Performance
    An understanding of Macquarie University in the               Analysis of and understanding of the organisational
    broader Higher Education Sector.                              context of people and performance.
    Knowledge of the internal factors likely to have a            An understanding of the challenges in managing
    significant impact on Macquarie University.                   people and performance.
    Ability to develop strategies for managing                    An understanding of what a performance based
    change/events at work.                                        culture is.
    Understanding current models of leadership and
    management (including John P. Kotter).
    Application of leadership and management models to
    current complex situations.
    An understanding of the concept of resilience.
    Recognition and awareness of resilience both at the
    personal as well as the organisational level.
    An understanding of the impact of team dynamics in
    the face of adversity.
    Development of an understanding of the strategic
    planning process.
    Understanding of the “Four Frames” view of
    organisations – human resources, symbolic, political
    and symbolic (Bolman & Deal).
    An understanding of the impact of communication in a
    changing environment.
Module 2: Strategic Issues in Leading and                     Module 4: Introduction to Financial Management
Managing Core Activities
    Explores the strategic direction at Macquarie                An understanding of funding in the Higher
    University.                                                  Education Sector.
    An understanding of MQ@50 goals, priorities and              An understanding of funding distribution in
    strategies.                                                  Macquarie University.
    Assists in the development of key strategies and             An awareness of the growth of International Fees,
    actions in local contexts.                                   the Institutional Grants Scheme (IGS), the
    Allows a recognition of and reconciliation of diversity      Research      Training Scheme       (RTS),    the
    in the work place.                                           Commonwealth Grant Scheme, HE Loan Program
                                                                 (SC previously HECS), Other government funding.
                                                                 An awareness and understanding of the
                                                                 Divisional Funding Model at Macquarie

Contents of Nomination Pack
•   Nomination Guidelines which outlines MQ’s Leadership Essentials course.
•   Nomination Form which requires completion and signature by the Nominee, Nominee’s
    Dean/Director/Head of Faculty.
•   FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – General Information about Macquarie University’s Leadership
    Essentials for Deans/Directors as well as Participants. This document should be given to the Nominee
    prior to signing the Nomination Form.
The above documents are available from: Frances Vakayadra on frances.vakayadra@pers.mq.edu.au; or
3) via the HR website at http://www.hr.mq.edu.au/

Actions Required to Nominate an Employee
1. Manager discusses development opportunities with staff and identifies potential candidates for the LE
   program at Macquarie University.
2. Manager determines nominee(s) based on selection criteria as outlined in this document.
3. Manager provides the FAQs document to those nominees selected.                Any additional questions can be
   directed to Frances Vakayadra on x 9619.
4. Manager asks the Nominee to complete the Nominee Details on the Nomination Form and sign. Ensure
   the nominee is aware of MQ’s expectations of them in the program, particularly with respect to attendance.
5. The Dean/Director signs the Nomination Form.
6. The Nomination Form is submitted to Frances Vakayadra by Friday, 24, April, 2009.

1. On receipt of the Nomination Form the Nominee will receive an email in acknowledgement of the receipt
   of items from the Organisation Development Unit.
2. Within 1 week of the closing date for nominations to MQ’s Leadership Program, the nominees will receive
   a Participant Confirmation of Enrolment from Frances Vakayadra of the Organisation Development Unit at
   Macquarie University.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations will incur a fee as outlined below:
• Withdrawal from module within 14 working days:                25%
• Withdrawal from module within 7 working days:                100%

Maximum Number of Participants per course
The maximum number of participants per course is 25.
Closing Date for Nominations
•   Closing date for course is Friday, 24 April, 2009.
•   Nomination Form to be sent to Frances Vakayadra, C4B.

For More Information about Leadership Essentials
For more details on the program contact Frances Vakayadra x9619 or via email:

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