Lake Tabourie Tourist Park

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					             Lake Tabourie Tourist Park

                     To make your stay an enjoyable one,

                                                                                                                      lake tabourie
                 we ask you to abide by these few simple rules:
Safety                                                     General Points
• Please observe all warning and information signs         • All garbage must be wrapped or bagged and placed
  located within the park.                                   in the bins provided near amenities. Recycling
• Speed limit in the park is strictly 8 km/h and                                                         .
                                                             Centres are provided for cans, glass and P E.T.
                                                             Please teach children where rubbish goes and what
  children have ‘right-of-way’.
                                                             the recycle centre bins contain.
• Boomgate systems are provided for your security,
  do not give your P I.N. number or card to anybody
                     .                                     • Please check message board outside the office for
  else. Do not tamper with keypad. Advise children to        messages.
  stay clear of the boomgate.
                                                           • Do not leave any valuables outside your cabin/van/
• 15 amp electrical leads and plugs under current            tent day or night, or clothes on the lines for any
  certification must be used for connection to power         great length of time.
                                                           • Persons causing damage of any type whatsoever to
• One lead only to each power outlet.                        any natural or built asset of the park will be evicted
• Electricity leads must be disconnected from power          and prosecuted.
  outlets upon departure from the park.
                                                           • No unreasonable noise at anytime, but particularly

                                                                                                                                                     Lake Tabourie
• Check location of nearest fire hose reel to your site.     after 10.00 pm.
• Gas bottles must be under current certification and
  all gas equipment must be regularly checked.             • Trenches are not to be dug without permission of the

                                                                                                                                                   Tourist Park Map
• No bikes to be ridden once the park lights have
  come on. All riders must wear approved safety            • No responsibility accepted for damage to any
  helmets.                                                   vehicles, vans or the contents thereof in the park.
• Fires must be lit only in constructed fire places and
                                                        • Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour
  may be used for cooking purposes only.                  in the Park and amenities.
• Children are prohibited from using playground
  equipment between the hours of 8.00 pm and • Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an
  8.00 am.                                                adult to the amenities.
• No toxic substances are to be put in any drains.         • Wastewater must be emptied regularly in approved
                                                             sullage waste disposal points, receptacles must
Conditions of Occupancy                                      not be allowed to overflow.

• New arrivals and visitors must call at the park          • Cars, trailers and other equipment is to be contained
  reception before entry to the park.                        on site.                                                                                         Contact our Managers
• Payment must be made on arrival for the total period     • No cooking or washing of eating utensils is to be                                                Cornell & Cathy Van Ryn
  of your stay.                                              done in laundries.
• Book wisely – no refunds are given on cancellations                                                                                                                Princes Highway
                                                           • Vans are to be stabilised in an approved manner.
  or early departures.                                                                                                                                      Lake Tabourie NSW 2539
• Hire cabins/tents must be left clean and tidy and        • No clothes lines are to be strung between caravans,
  vacated by 10.00 am on the day of schedules                annexes or vehicles                                                                               Phone: 1300 559 966
                                                           • Camping in approved areas only.                                                               Phone / Fax (02) 4457 3011
• Extensions and late departures are subject to
  availability, these options should be discussed with     • No permanent window awnings which may present                                        
  the park reception as early as possible.                   a safety hazard are permitted.                                           1964/01/05

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