Value Stream Mapping for Lean Development by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Value Stream Mapping for Lean Development
Author: Drew Locher

Edition: 1

Customers and markets identify needs and problems and companies design products and services to fill
or solve them. While this relationship may seem straightforward, the development process in most
companies is often a root cause for customer dissatisfaction and can lead to substantial waste
throughout an enterprise. Mistakes made on the proverbial drawing board can have a significant impact on
an organization for many years. Therefore, the application of lean thinking and detailed mapping to the
development process is especially important, particularly when one considers the ever shortening product
and service life cycle experienced in most industries. In Value Stream Mapping for Lean Development,
Drew Locher provides an accessible, enjoyable, how-to guide to value stream mapping that highlights its
tremendous impact on product development and accompanying processes.

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