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    Timeline of US Immigration Laws

D    epending when your immigrant ancestors sought citizenship, naturalization records can
     give you the precise date and port of arrival, the name of the ship, the port of departure,
and the birth date and place. Being familiar with the United States’ immigration laws will help
                                                                                                   nFinding US Naturalization
you determine what documents may exist for your ancestor.                                          Records: A Genealogy Guide
   Want to learn more about US naturalization laws? Read our guide in the May 2008 Family          <home.att.net/~wee-monster/
Tree Magazine. You also can consult American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-        naturalizationrecords.html>
1985 by John J. Newman (Heritage Quest, out of print) and They Became Americans: Finding           n   Footnote
Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins by Loretto Dennis Szucs (Ancestry, $19.95).
                                                                                                   n   Immigration Legal History
                                                                                                   <www.uscis.gov>: Click on
                                                                                                   Education and Resources on the
   1790 n US government establishes               1894 n Declaration of intention                  horizontal tab, then Immigration
          uniform naturalization rules                   requirement is waived for aliens          Legal History on the vertical list.
          for white males 21 and older;                  who’ve received honorable                 nImmigration and Ships
          children of naturalized citizens               discharges after serving five years
                                                                                                   Passenger Lists Research Guide:
          get automatic citizenship                      in the Navy or Marine Corps
                                                                                                   Naturalization Records
   1795 n Free white females age 21 and           1906 n Bureau of Immigration and                 <home.att.net/~arnielang/
          older can become citizens                      Naturalization Service is                 ship08.html>
   1804 n Alien widows and children receive                                                        nList of Famous Naturalized
          citizenship if the husband or           1917 n Puerto Ricans become US                   Citizens of the United States
          father died prior to filing final              citizens                                  <www.answers.com/topic/
          papers                                                                                   list-of-famous-naturalized-
                                                  1922 n Married women’s citizenship
   1824 n Alien minors, upon turning 21,                 becomes independent of her
          can be naturalized if they’ve lived            husband’s                                 n   NARA: Naturalization Records
          in the US for five years                                                                 <archives.gov/genealogy/
                                                  1924 n American Indians are granted full         naturalization>
   1855 n Alien women become citizens                    citizenship
          upon marrying US citizens                                                                n Naturalization Records
                                                  1929 n Photographs are required on               in the US Citizenship and
   1862 n Aliens who’ve received honorable               petition for naturalization               Immigration Services
          discharges from the US Army                                                              <www.uscis.gov>: Click on
                                                  1940 n Alien Registration Act passes
          can skip filing declarations of                                                          Education and Resources,
          intention                               1943 n Asian immigrants are allowed to           then Genealogy.
                                                         become citizens
   1868 n Former slaves become citizens                                                            nPrologue Magazine: Women and
          under the 14th Amendment                1952 n Age requirement for                       Naturalization, ca. 1802-1940
                                                         naturalization drops to 18;               <archives.gov/publications/
   1870 n People of African descent may
                                                         declaration of intention becomes          prologue/1998/summer/
          become citizens
                                                         optional                                  women-and-naturalization-
   1882 n Government excludes Asians                                                               1.html>
                                                  1990 n Courts no longer naturalize
          from citizenship
                                                         citizens                                  nRecords for the Study of
   1887 n Dawes Act entitles American                                                              Ethnic History in the National
                                                  2003 n Immigration and Naturalization
          Indians to become US citizens if                                                         Archives Pacific Region
                                                         Service becomes US Citizenship
          they’ve accepted a land allotment                                                        <archives.gov/pacific/
                                                         and Immigration Services
   1891 n US establishes Bureau of                                                                 san-francisco/finding-aids/
          Immigration                                                                              ethnic-reference-paper.html>

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