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John Edward Star Curriculum Vitae


John Edward Star Curriculum Vitae

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									John Edward Star
Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth:                   19th October 1952

Marital Status:                  Single with four adult children

Degrees & Qualifications:        •    Bachelor of Arts - Accountancy, Macquarie University

                                 •    Bachelor of Commerce - Economic History/Economics
                                      University of New South Wales

                                 •    Completed prerequisite subjects via the Australian
                                      Securities Institute to be a licenced Financial Planner.

                                 •    Via Business Exchange 3000 Pty Limited, have registration
                                      as a licenced Business Agent.

Membership of Professional
Bodies:                    •           Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

                                 •     Member of Institute of Credit Management

                                 •     Member of Institute of Directors

Professional Career

February 1974 –        COOPERS & LYBRAND, Chartered Accountants
December 1975

                       Initially employed as a Graduate and later promoted to a Senior.

December 1975 –        HAMILTON & FERRIER/HAMILTONS, Chartered Accountants
October 1979

                       This firm specialised in insolvency work. Initially engaged as a Senior and
                       promoted to the level of being due to become a Partner, subject to
                       obtaining qualifications. This offer was made after approximately one
                       year of service. Upon obtaining qualifications I elected not to become a
                       partner in the practice Hamiltons, but rather, establish my own practice.

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Office Number: 02 9230 0467
Professional Career Continued.

October 1979 –         STAR & CO, STAR GREEN & CO, O’BRIEN STAR GREEN
October 1986           Chartered Accountants

                       Established Star & Co. which later merged with Martin Green & Co. and
                       then O’Brien Palmer. Then reverted to Star Green, which, after a number
                       of years was approached by Pannell Kerr Forster to merge. Pannell Kerr
                       Forster acquired Star Green and both Martin Green and myself became
                       full equity partners operating in the insolvency field at that firm. In 1990
                       Pannell Kerr Forster sold its business to Arthur Andersen and I decided
                       to re-establish a boutique insolvency practice Star Dean-Willcocks.

February 1990 –        STAR DEAN-WILLCOCKS, Business and Insolvency Solutions
June 2001

                       This firm was a new start. It grew from inception to be Australia’s leading
                       firm (in terms of the number of actual appointments as Voluntary and/or
                       Deed Administrators) when I sold out in 2001.

                       The focus of the firm was again in the insolvency field, and, in particular,
                       in corporate reconstructions via Voluntary Administrations.

                       The range of administrations varied considerably from small to large
                       private businesses such as Osborne Computers, WorldXchange, Cut Price
                       Deli etc, to public companies like Genoa Resources and Investments
                       Limited and National Textiles Limited.

                       Subsequent to sale of my interests in Star Dean-Willcocks, I was
                       reprimanded by ASIC in respect to, among other things, my appointment
                       as Voluntary Administrator of the somewhat political matter involving the
                       National Textiles limited Deed of Company Arrangement and employee
                       redundancy entitlements.          Notwithstanding, I have continued my
                       registration as a Liquidator and Official Liquidator, which, I have had for
                       over 25 years, but, now I do not practice or accept any such appointments
                       and will, in all probability, in due course retire my registration.

June 2001 –            STAR CORPORATE, Corporate Advisory

                       This again was a new start the business has now been operating for
                       approximately six years. The range of work is varied from ongoing
                       management consultancy for mid to large private companies to insolvency
                       related matters where the business is retained to act for a
                       director/company or advisor to assist in issues relating to potential
                       insolvency or claims emanating therefrom.

                       Additionally, the business has provided consultancy in litigation and asset

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Office Number: 02 9230 0467
Professional Career Continued.

                        Star Corporate is a niche business with two key employees and other
                        consultants being retained on a needs basis under contract.

Commercial Career

In the course of my professional career, not only in the capacity as a sole proprietor or a partner
in various accounting practices, but, also in the capacity as appointment of receiver,
administrator, official manager and/or liquidator to literally hundreds of companies of a period
of approximately 20 years, I gained extensive commercial and business experience.

Additionally, through separate entities and/or trusts, I had interests in numerous businesses, such

1.   Luxafoam                  Foam converters/manufacturers of cushion systems for the
                               furniture industry. Number of staff approximately of 20-40 and
                               turn-over $3 million to $5 million per annum. Built up and sold.

2.   Crestell Industries       Manufacturer of quilts, dooners, pillows, manchester products and
                               insulation with manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and
                               Melbourne. Number of staff approximately 100 and turn-over
                               approximately $15 million to $20 million per annum. Expanded
                               and sold.

3.   Star Brothers             Wholesaler of upholstery suppliers to furniture industry. Number
                               of staff 2-5 and turn-over $1 million to $2 million. New start sold.

4.   Jakab Industries          Manufacturer of motor vehicle bodies including ambulances for
                               the various State Governments, Military vehicles for the
                               Australian Army, Buses, demountable buildings such as
                               classrooms, defence shelters and so on. Number of staff
                               approximately 100 and turn-over $10 million plus per annum.
                               Restructured and sold.

5.   Stylecraft Australia      Wholesaler of high end quality chairs, work stations and other
                               associated products. Number of staff 30-50 and turn-over $15
                               million plus per annum. Expanding, continued involvement.

Additionally, via mainly Family Trusts, I have extensive property interests, including, industrial,
residential and farming properties.

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Office Number: 02 9230 0467

I have acted as a Director for a number of private companies and one public company, National
Hire Group Limited. I have retired and declined any further appointments to private companies
given potential exposure of Directors.

In respect to Directorship with National Hire Group Limited, I have acted as a Non-Executive
Director of this entity since it floated as a public company in 1997. Prior to that, I had acted as
an external advisor to the company since the early 1980’s.

In the course of this Directorship the company has had capital raisings, numerous acquisitions
and substantial changes in shareholdings.

In the discharge my duties as a Non-Executive Director, I have also acted as:-

•    Chairman of the Audit Committee
•    Member of the Health Safety & Environment Committee
•    Member of the Nomination Committee
•    Member of the Remuneration Committee.

I resigned my position as Non-Executive Director of National Hire Group Limited in 2007.

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Office Number: 02 9230 0467

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