IMMIGRATION LAW PROGRAM Introduction to Immigration Law For Human Resources by ramhood17


Introduction to Immigration Law
For Human Resources Managers (one day)
This one day workshop aims to provide Human Resource managers and employers with the background to understand the
legislative, policy and procedural framework of employing and recruiting non permanent residents or citizens. It is designed as a
practical workshop to ensure that participants gain both skills and knowledge that they can use immediately. There is an
opportunity for asking questions and participants are provided with a set of valuable notes. Participants are invited to submit
scenarios or questions prior to the event. The numbers are limited to ensure that the seminar is interactive and productive. The
program sessions are as follows:

2008 DATES
Date               Location      Venue                     Session         Session program
10th July          Melbourne     Sir Zelman Cowen          9.00 – 4.30
                                 Centre                    Lunch           Session 1 – Over view of Migration law, Visa
                                 Room 2.10                 Provided
                                 295 Queen Street                          categories and Visa Conditions
                                 Melbourne                 Cost
                                                           $595.00         Session 2 - Procedural requirements – Practical
30th July          Sydney        FCG Legal                 9.00 – 4.30     case studies
                                 Level 6,                  Lunch
                                 131 Clarence Street       Provided
                                 Sydney                                    Session 3 – General Employment Visas;
                                                           Cost            temporary and permanent
                                                                           Session 4 - Employer Sanction issues,
                                                                           Sponsorship obligation

                                                                           Session 5 - Procedural requirements - Practical
                                                                           Case studies

Contact: Hannah Fielding
Australian Immigration Law - Sir Zelman Cowen Centre - Victoria University F +61 3 9919 1817              T +61 3 9919 1818 WWW.VU.EDU.AU/SZCC

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