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									The Community College Guide
Author: Debra Gonsher, Ph. D.
Author: Joshua Halberstam, Ph. D.

Bookstore shelves are crowded with books offering advice to college students, yet astonishingly none of
these books offer needed advice to the majority of college students in the United States...those attending
community college. Of the approximately 21 million full- and part-time college students, 11 million attend
community colleges.The Community College Guide aims to help fill this huge gap. The authors of this
book have decades of experience between them as professors and administrators in both two-year and
four-year colleges, have written numerous books for a general readership (including a popular guide to
college students) and understand thoroughly what community college students need to know to succeed
in their college careers. Topics include:How to make the decision what is Community College and what
are the benefits?How to apply and what you will studyMoney costs, financial aid resources and
deadlinesFor the returning adult student overcoming obstacles and key strategiesThe before-you-can-
register checklist immunizations, placements, transcripts and remedial coursesEverything you need to
know about registrationDynamics of the community college classroom and distance learning 101Time
managementThe truth about cheating and plagiarismEffective study and testing tips to get your GPA
upSteps for transferring to a four year schoolExtracurricular activities, internships and study
abroadGraduation requirements and preparing for employment

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