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Suspect clinical cases you are either asked to attend by the Department or a client then
requested by the Department to sample for Equine Influenza.

Case definition

A high morbidity respiratory disease involving depression, fever of more than 38.5oC in
unvaccinated horses, coughing and/or nasal discharge.


Unless specific liaison has been already arranged for the case, the slightest suspicion must be
reported to the EAD Hotline 1800 675 888 prior to progressing with sampling. Follow any
instructions given by the Government contact.

Record information

Use the attached ANEMIS form and the Mt Pleasant Animal Health Laboratory Advice Note to
record information. Please write legibly and ensure all areas are completed with a useful

If you don’t have the above documents with you collect:
Owner name and street address, address where horse is kept, description of horse, summary
of horse contacts for the past week including interstate visitors, clinical details of the horse,
clinical history of the horse for the past week, clinical history of in-contacts at the horse’s
residence for the past week.

Personal Protective Equipment

Clean overalls, gumboots and gloves must be worn when examining suspect cases.

Gloves must be changed between horses if multiple horses involved.

Virus media storage

If frozen – viable for 3 months at –20C
Chilled – viable for 4 weeks refrigerated.
If thawed – viable for 1 week refrigerated. DO NOT REFREEZE
If you receive chilled media please keep refrigerated.
If you receive frozen media please keep frozen.


1. Nasopharyngeal swabs (medium length, non-protected swabs as supplied)
A twitch and/or sedation may be required.
Take duplicate samples. Dip two swabs into supplied virus media. Using these swabs held
together, vigorously swab the nasal septum and ventral meatus of each nostril, for about 30
seconds per nostril. Break each swab off into a separate media vial ie one swab per vial, two
vials per horse. Maintain chilled.

2. Blood
Collect duplicate 10 ml plain and EDTA (total 40 ml blood required) samples.
Maintain chilled.

Duplicate swabs and bloods must be packed in separate plastic bags (ie 1x media vial plus 1 x
EDTA plus 1x Plain blood vial per plastic packet) in the esky.

Adequate ice bricks and absorbent padding must be included.

The ANEMIS form and Laboratory Advice Note must be completed with as much detail as
possible and secured to the outside of the external container.

Unless otherwise advised, write ‘EQUINE INFLUENZA EXCLUSION’ on the lab advice note.

Sample transport

Will be advised at the time. All samples will be sent directly to Mt Pleasant until further notice.


•   Remove overalls and place in a garbage bag for disposal or laundering in a hot wash with
    routine laundry detergent. If to be reused, the overalls must not be used on another
    property for any reason including attending a non-equine patient until laundered.
•   Scrub any gear used on the horse eg thermometers, stethoscope, twitch, in a solution
    containing a disinfectant/detergent eg VIRKON® or Quad Hygelene®.
•   Wash the outside of the esky in the same solution or spray with alcohol.
•   Remove boots and scrub in the same solution. Place equipment and boots in a plastic bag.
•   Remove gloves and bag with other rubbish for disposal – incineration or deep burial.
•   Wash hands with soap and water or disinfectant hand wash. Dry.

LDCC: …………………………………                                                                  CASE NO:

Name of owner/manager of horse and street address of horse premise (confirm):___________________________


_______________________________________________________________ PCODE: ________

Latitude: _________                  Longitude: ________________

Horse premise contact details: phone: _______________fax: _______________ mobile: _____________

How many horses/donkeys do you have, where are they located and how long have they been there?
(list all sites – if need more room continue over the page)

Type of stock              Number             Location                             No. of days or weeks at this location

_______________            ________           ___________________________           _______________________

_______________            ________           ___________________________           _______________________


To your knowledge have your horses had contact with other sick horses (respiratory illness with temperature) since 25th
August 2007? Y/N
If yes, what dates, type of contact (direct/indirect) and where?

Date              Type of contact                        Location

__/___/_____      _________________________              _____________________________________________

__/___/_____      _________________________              _____________________________________________

Are any of your horses or donkeys sick with respiratory illness? (fever, off feed, cough, runny nose)   Y/N
If yes, how many and when was the date of first observed respiratory illness?

Number of sick horses/donkeys        Date respiratory signs first noticed

_________                                     ___/___/_____

Final number sick: _____________

Have your horses been tested for Equine Influenza (nasals swabs or blood)? Y/N

If yes, what veterinarian and veterinary clinic conducted the clinical investigation (please provide contact details of

veterinarian involved)? ____________________________________________________________________

If tested, what results have you been given? ___________________________________________________

Do you have any idea about how your horses may have become infected? _____________________________


Please indicate any issues or concerns relating to cleansing and disinfection. __________________________


EI ANEMIS 2_3 TAS 13122007
Other comments:___________________________________________________________________________



LDCC: …………………………………                                                                  CASE NO: …………….…

Have your horses or any other horses moved on or off your premises since 25th August 2007? Y/N

If yes please give details (dates, location/name of event, number of horses moved, contact details of carrier if different
to yourself)

Date       On/Off     No. horses Location/Event             Carrier        Details – horse ID etc        LDCC Priority
                                                                                                         Office Use Only

__/__/___ ____        _________ _________________ ____________ ____________________ ______________

__/__/___ ____        __________ _________________ ____________ ____________________ ______________

When moved did your animals have contact with other horses at the new location? Y/N

If yes, do you know if any of the other horses became sick with respiratory illness? Please give details (1st page)

What horses have you had contact with outside your premises since 25th August 2007?

Date                Location                           Details of Contact

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

Have you, any member of your staff, family or friends that live at, work at or visit your property, visited other premises
where horses are kept (including private property, racetracks, stables, friends, relatives, etc) since 25th August 2007?

Date                Location                           Details of Contact

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

What other people have had contact with your horses since 25th August 2007? Please include name and contact
number for ALL of friends, family, vets, farriers, dentists, or any other person who has handled your horses.

 Date        Name                  Contact number           Reason for contact       Returned O/S Visited ECQS
__/__/__     ______________        _________________        ________________                Y/N           Y/N

__/__/__     ______________        _________________        ________________                Y/N           Y/N

Have you moved a horse float or horse transport vehicle on or off your property since 25th August 2007? Y/N

If yes, please give details.

Date                Location                           Details of Contact

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

__/___/_____        _________________________          _____________________________________________

EI ANEMIS 2_3 TAS 13122007
Has any of your horse equipment (including floats, harness, saddles, nasal tubes etc) been used by any other person
since 25th August 2007? Please include names, dates and contact numbers if not already listed above.

Date                 Names                           Contact number Type of contact (eg saddle, float)

__/___/_____         _________________               _____________ _______________________________

__/___/_____         _________________               _____________ ______________________________

Have you received or sent any deliveries of horse feed or equipment since 25th August 2007?

Date                 Location                                   Details of Contact

__/___/_____         _________________________                  _____________________________________________

__/___/_____         _________________________                  _____________________________________________


LDCC Opinion: Source (Case No. if known) ______________________                                 Contact Date: ___________

Officer name and designation ___________________________                                 Date____/____/____ Time _______

<O>riginal, <R>elayed report ________ Relayed report Taken/Debriefed by ____________________
Field team advised by                 _____________________________                     Date____/____/____ Time________

Data entered by                      _____________________________                   Date____/____/____ Time________

Privacy Statement
Personal information will be collected from you for the purpose of regulating the importation of horses and will be used by
DPIW for ensuring conditions required by the Animal Health Act 1995. Failure to provide this information may result in
entry of the horses being refused. Your personal information will be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected,
and may be disclosed to courts and other agencies authorised to collect it. Your basic personal information may be
disclosed to other public sector bodies where necessary, for the efficient storage and use of the information. Personal
information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and may be accessed by the
individual to whom it relates on request to DPIW. You may be charged a fee for this service.

EI ANEMIS 2_3 TAS 13122007

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