Defenseless by P-HarlequinEnterpris


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Author: Adrianne Byrd

WHEN THE JURY IS OUT ON LOVE…Beautiful Atlanta advertising executive Sonya Walters knew her
sister’s marriage was in trouble, but never in her wildest dreams did she expect the shocking news that
would confirm her worst fears. Her brother-in-law had been murdered, and her sister Laura had been
arrested for the crime. In desperation, Sonya turns to the one man who can clear her sister’s name.THE
VERDICT IS IN THE HEART OF PASSION.Handsome Dwayne Hamilton was the state’s most seasoned
criminal defense attorney. Despite an undeniable attraction, Sonya is determined to keep things
professional...until she and Dwayne begin searching for the truth behind the tragedy, and uncover a
tangled web of revenge and deception. Now, with each dangerous turn in the case, Sonya will find herself
on trial--defenseless against Dwayne’s seductive kisses, his tender words, and the powerful inner voice
that dares her to fall in love....

"Ms. Byrd has combined the best ingredients of mystery, adventure and romance to create a riveting
literary cocktail with the wallop of a Zambeezie Zinger! Sip this provocative drink slowly, readers, and
savor it to its luscious end. Four Stars! - Romantic Times

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