Spatial Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Spatial Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing
Editor: Donald P. Albert
Editor: Wilbert M. Gesler
Editor: Barbara Levergood

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

Introduction. How Spatial Analysis Can Be Used In Medical Geography. Geographic Information
Systems: Medical Geography. Geographic Information Systems: Health Services Research. GIS-Aided
Environmental Research: Prospects And Pitfalls. Infectious Disease And GIS. Historical Perspective On
The Development. The Integration Of Remote Sensing And Medical Geography: Process and Application.
Conclusion. Master GIS/RS Bibliographic Resource Guide

This new book explores the rapidly expanding applications of spatial analysis, GIS and remote sensing in
the health sciences, and medical geography. For the practitioner or researcher this book is full of useful
techniques if your work applies to environmental and public health, biostatistics, epidemiology, health
services, medical geography, medical entomology and much more.
Professionals from many other fields will also find new applications for these powerful combined-
technologies. This book in the Health Sciences is a springboard to extend existing uses - or create new
ones - by highlighting practical applications without bogging you down in detailed technical data
requirements and manipulations, software and hardware specifications, or the mathematics of
geotechniques. It will help you understand the feasibility of developing the GIS/RS capabilities of your

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