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					                       American Immigration
                        Lawyers Association
               Northwest Regional
              IMMIGRATION LAW
                 Special Focus on Employment-Based Immigration
                             and Enforcement Issues

             Thursday & Friday, February 12 & 13, 2009
                         Grand Hyatt Hotel
                 721 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington

             Special Thanks to the 2009 Planning Committee:

                         Chairperson: Paul Soreff
                         Co-Chair: Kelsey O’Keefe

     Dagmar Butte, Denise Medlock, Roxanne Mennes, Megan Moore,
Amy Royalty, Siovhan Sheridan-Ayala, Bart Stroupe, Carin Weinrich, Jimmy Wu
                     THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2009
                        BASIC ISSUES TRACK

 8:30a - 9:30a        H-1Bs & E-3s
      • Specialty Occupations
      • LCAs & Prevailing Wages
      • Dealing with the H-1B Cap
      • Common Pitfalls
 Rachel Huneryager, Ryan Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC
 Bradley Maier, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC

 9:30a - 10:45a      Es & TNs
      • Overview of E-1 and E-2 Requirements
      • Substantiality, Marginality & Proportionality Issues
      • Consular Updates
      • TN Professions & Non-Degreed Workers
      • Border Processing
 Len Saunders, The Immigration Law Firm, PLLC
 Bernie Wolfsdorf, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group, LLP

 10:45a - 11:00a Break

 11:00a - 12:00p L-1s: Substantive Requirements and Practical Tips
      • Definition of L-1B Specialized Knowledge
      • L-1A Managers and Executives
      • New Office Ls & Blankets
 Kevin Lederman, Cowan Miller & Lederman PS
 Alan Perkins, Tonkon Torp LLP

12:00p - 1:30p          Lunch on your own

 1:30p - 2:45p          PERM Basics
       • PERM Overview – Identifying Cases Suitable for Labor Certification
       • Step-by-Step Instructions on Preparing and Filing PERM Applications
       • Red Flag Issues in Drafting PERM Applications
       • Organizing & Instructing Employers on Recruitment Process
 Elizabeth Poh, MacDonald Hoague & Bayless
 Tifani Parrilli, Parrilli Renison LLC
       2:45p - 3:45p           National Interest Waivers and EB-1s
            • Avoiding Labor Certification for Highly Qualified Workers
            • Multi-National Managers and Executives
            • Criteria for Establishing a Professor or Researcher is “Outstanding”
            • Showing that Remarkable Work is “In the National Interest”
       Chris Helm, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
       Paul Hribernick, Black Helterline, LLP

       3:45p - 4:00p           Break

       4:00p - 5:30p           Options for Religious Workers
             • The NEW R-1 Visa Regulations
             • Special Immigrant Religious Workers
             • Standards for Establishing a Religious Denomination and a Religious Worker
             • The Impact of Fraud on the Processing of I-129s and I-360s
       Bart Stroupe, Bart Stroupe, PLLC
       Rodney Barker, Barker Epstein & Loscocco

       5:30p               Evaluations & Adjourn
                           Up to 6.5 General CLE Credits

                              THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2009
                               ADVANCED ISSUES TRACK

Advanced Employment Issues 8:30a – 12:00p
      8:30a - 9:30a     I-9 Audits: Internal Preparation
             • Tips for Cost-effective Internal Audits
             • Avoiding Subcontractor Liability
             • Commonly Asked Questions
       Gregg Rodgers, Garvey Schubert Barer
       Felicia Gittelman, MacDonald Hoague & Bayless

       9:30a - 10:45a      Government Audits & Raids
            • Advising Employers and Ethical Concerns
            • Developing a Legal Strategy
            • Representing Employees in a Raid
            • Community Action Plans: The Portland Example
            • Developments in Washington
       Stephen Manning, Immigrant Law Group, LLP
       Charles Kuck, Kuck Casablanca LLC
10:45a - 11:00a     Break

11:00a - 12:00p     Employer Sanctions & Hot Issues in Employment Enforcement
     • Criminal and Civil Liability for Employers
     • When is Employment Harboring?
     • Update on Social Security No-Match and Aramark Case
     • E-Verify: Requirements & Advantages and Disadvantages
Amy Royalty, MacDonald Hoague & Bayless
Diane Butler, Lane Powell PC

12:00p - 1:30p      Lunch on your own

1:30p - 2:45p       PERM: Advanced Issues in Labor Certs
     • New ETA-9089 Form: Changes From Current Form and Anticipated Rollout
     • Role of the Attorneys in the Recruitment Process
     • Atlanta Processing Center Update
     • How to Handle Layoffs in the PERM Process
Jacqueline Wood, Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Wood
Jeanne Malitz, Law Offices of Jeanne M. Malitz

2:45p - 3:45p       AC21 Updates: Updates and Reviews on Memos
     • Options for I-485 Portability
     • H-1B Extensions Under 104(c) and 106(a)
     • Where Are We Now on AC21 Issues?
Turid Owren, Tonkon Torp LLP
F. Gerard Heinauer, USCIS

3:45p - 4:00p       Break

4:00p - 5:30p       Advanced NIV Issues: Six Impossible Advanced Visa Options
     • Es, Ls, and Os – The Frustrating Form DS-160
     • Es – Dilemmas Facing Small Business Organizations and Creative Structuring Options
     • L-1A – Your Best Friend (most days)
     • How Viable is the L-1B After Recent Restrictive AAO Decisions?
     • L Blanket Issues
     • O-1 – Your Mother Thinks You’re Special, But Will USCIS?
Charles Gillman, Lane Powell PC
Pam Cowan, Cowan Miller & Lederman PS

5:30p              Evaluations & Adjourn
Up to 6.5 General CLE Credits

                          FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009
Trial Skills 8:00a - 12:00p

        8:00a - 8:45a       Trial Skills : Master Calendar Hearings
             •   Preparing Yourself and Your Client
             •   Burden of Proof
             •   Pleading to the Charges and Admitting or Denying Removability; Termination; Setting
                 Dates for Submissions; Asylum Clock Issues
              • Practice Pointers for Appearing Before the Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma Immigration
        Juliann Bildhauer, Volunteer Advocates for Immigrant Justice
        Carol Edward, Law Offices of Carol L. Edward & Associates, PS

        8:45a - 9:45a      Trial Skills: Individual Hearings
             • Admitting & Contesting Evidence – Keeping the Bad Stuff Out, Bringing the Good Stuff In
             • Direct and Cross Examination – Different Judges, Different Rules?
             • Burden of Proof and Production – Who Has Which and When
             • Analyzing Eligibility and Discretionary Issues – Thinking Outside the Box and Brand X
        Siovhan Sheridan-Ayala, Sheridan-Ayala Law Office, P.C.
        Manny Rios, Rios Cantor, PS

        9:45a - 10:30a     Trial Skills: District Court
             •   District Court Strategies in Three Kinds of Federal Court Litigation:
                                o Habeas Corpus – Detention Cases
                                o APA Declaratory Relief – Denied I-360 and I-140 Petitions
                                o Mandamus Actions – Naturalization and Adjustment Delays
             • Litigation Strategies and Considerations Involved In:
                                o Preparing the Complaint
                                o Responding to Government Motions to Dismiss
                                o Filing for Summary Judgment
                                o Discovery
                                o Attorneys’ Fees
        Nicole Nelson, Nelson Smith, LLP
        Bob Pauw, Gibbs Houston Pauw

        10:30a - 10:45a Break
10:45a - 12:00p VAWA/U Visas
      • The New U Visa Adjustment Regulations
      • Preparation of Waivers of Inadmissibility for U Visa Applicant and Derivatives
      • Best Practices for Obtaining Law Enforcement Certifications for U Visas
      • Challenges for VAWA and U Relief in Removal Proceedings (Detained and Non-Detained)
      • Recent VAWA Updates, Including Unlawful Presence Issues
Sherilyn Waxler, Parker, Bush & Lane PC
Angélica Cházaro, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

12:00p - 2:00p    Awards Luncheon with Jeanne Butterfield
                  (included with registration)

2:00p - 3:00p     Asylum
     • Strategies for Winning Gang-Based Asylum Cases
     • Recent Developments in Gender-Based Claims (Domestic Violence and FGM)
     • Avoiding the Persecutor and Material Support Bars
     • CAT Claims in the 9th Circuit (including Specific Intent)
Kari Hong, Law Offices of Kari E. Hong
Chris Strawn, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

3:00p - 4:00p     How to Rehabilitate/Handle Difficult Cases
      • Deferred Action
      • Reopening Before CIS and the Immigration Court
      • Rehabilitating Difficult Marriage Fraud
      • Strategies for Desperate Border Cases
Lisa Seifert, Seifert Law Offices, PLLC
Jesse Maanao, Parker, Bush & Lane PC

4:00p - 4:15p     Break

4:15p - 5:30p     Ethics: How to Handle Fees and Representation Agreements
      • Fee Agreements
      • New Rules on Flat Fees (Washington)
      • Trust Accounts: The Biggest Problem Area for Attorneys!
Philip Hornik, Attorney at Law
Kurt Bulmer, Attorney at Law

5:30p             Evaluations & Adjourn
                  Up to 5.75 General & 1.25 Ethics CLE Credits

                   FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009

8:00a - 8:45a      National Benefits Center Panel
   • Q&A on Filings, Adjudications, Problem Cases & Advice to Attorneys & Clients
Robert Cowan, NBC Director

8:45a - 9:30a       Vermont Service Center Panel
   • Q&A on Filings, Adjudications, Problem Cases & Advice to Attorneys & Clients
Daniel Renaud, VSC Director

9:30a - 10:15a      Headquarters Panel
   • Q&A on HQ Initiatives, Policies, Problem Areas & Suggested Solutions; Office of the
      Ombudsman; Office of Policy and Strategy
Donald Neufeld, Chief, Domestic Operations

10:15a - 10:30a Break

10:30a - 11:15a      Nebraska Service Center Panel
    • Q&A on Filings, Adjudications, Policies, Problem Cases & Advice to Attorneys & Clients
F. Gerard Heinauer, NSC Director

11:15a - 12:00p California Service Center Panel
   • Q&A on Filings, Adjudications, Policies & Problem Cases; Problem Cases & Advice to
      Attorneys & Clients
Kurt Gooselaw, CSC Supervisor

12:00p - 2:00p     Awards Luncheon with Jeanne Butterfield
                   (included with registration)

2:00p - 3:15p          District and Field Offices Panel
   • Q&A on District and Field Office Procedures and Processes; Problem Cases & Advice to
       Attorneys & Clients
Anne Corsano, Region 20 District Director
William McNamee, Portland FO Director
Keith Brown, Seattle FO Director, Acting
3:15p - 4:15p       ICE District & Field Offices Panel (Invited)
   • Q&A on ICE & Field Offices Procedures and Processes; Problem Cases & Advice to Attorneys
      & Clients

4:15p - 4:30p       Break

4:30p - 5:30p       CBP District and Field Offices Panel
   • Q&A on CBP District & Field Offices Procedures & Processes
Charles Stemple, Program Manager for Passenger Programs
John Bates, Chief Patrol Agent
Henry Rolon, Deputy Chief Patrol Agent

5:30p               Evaluations & Adjourn
                    Up to 7.0 General CLE Credits


                            REGISTRATION FORM: AILA 2009
   1. Register on-line on her secured website at: or
   2. Fax to: 206.267-7099 or
   3. Mail to: KCBA CLE DEPT., 1200 Fifth Ave., #600 Seattle, WA 98101

Bar #: _____________      State(s) Where Admitted: ______________

AILA Member Number: ____________________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________ Phone: ___________________
       (confirmation provided by email)

Fees & Payment Information in U.S. Dollars:
                                                    By 5:00pm         After 5:00pm
                                                    Jan. 23, ‘09      Jan. 23, ‘09

_____ AILA Member/ KCBA Member                      $345              $595

_____ Non-AILA Attorney/ Non-AILA Staff             $495              $750

_____ AILA Staff (works for AILA Attorney)   $295          $500
(Name of Attorney: _________________________________________)

_____ Non-Profit agency or full-time student: written certification of employment for non-profit agency or
full time student status must be attached with your registration. (Mail, fax or email to
                                                      $175             $345

If you wish to attend only one day: please check which day you will attend and deduct $100:
_____ Thurs., February 12    _____ Fri., February 13

Course Materials: Course materials will be provided on CD. Printed outlines and/or powerpoints will
be provided for note-taking. To order the full course materials in printed form, initial here ________
and add $70. Orders for printed course materials must be placed by Jan. 23, 2009.
For Profit Firms 3rd and additional persons: $50 discount for the third paid registration and each
additional paid registration from the same firm (**must register as one group in one envelope or one fax 206-

                      $ _______________ Total Registration Fees

Method of Payment

____ Check payable to KCBA (Check # _______)         or

_____ Visa      _____ Mastercard      _____ AMEX

Card Number: __________________________________Exp Date:__________

Signature: ______________________________________________________

Important Notices:

Cancellations: Cancellations received in writing by 5:00pm January 23, 2009 will
be refunded, less a $75 processing fee. (email to After 5:00pm
January 23, 2009, no refunds will be given, but substitute attendees are allowed.

ADA Accommodation: Please notify KCBA at 206-267-7004 by 5:00pm January
23, 2009 or sooner of any necessary ADA services so we may ensure appropriate
and comfortable accommodation.

Non-Attorneys: AILA will not accept registrations from persons who provide
representation without proper authorization in violation of 8 CFR part 292 such as
for-profit “immigration consultants” or “notarios.” Non-attorneys must register by
mail or fax or scan/email and provide your signature as proof of compliance with
this restriction: ____________________________________.