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									All About Deer Hunting Leases
The use of deer hunting leases has greatly increased in recent years. In the past, landowners would often allow hunters to use their property to hunt
game, but after too many lawsuits, many landowners have switched to the leasing method which better protects them. While both parties can benefit
greatly from a lease, the hunter must be sure to read the fine print and know what he's singing. Landowners have often allowed hunters access to
their property for hunting purposes. One reason, for example, is in the case of the farmer who has nuisance deer eating his crop. The farmer must
protect his livelihood, but doesn't have the time, or the interest to hunt. In these cases the agreement can be very beneficial to both properties, but if
there is an incident, the landowner is solely responsible. This is why landowners have turned to a lease to solve the problem. The deer hunting lease
is a legal agreement and shouldn't be entered into lightly by an excited hunter. When starting to consider the option of a hunting lease, do some
research about them in the area. Every state, and even county, has different laws regarding this issue. Most hunting leases have all the normal
provisions, such as obeying al local hunting laws and regulations, and that the landowner is not responsible for any injury or death while on his
property. Compensation may also be present in the contract for any damages that may occur to anything on the property, such as fences or buildings.
In general, a landowner is honest and upfront about what he expects. The hunting lease is beneficial both to the hunter and the landowner. With that
being said, it cannot be stressed enough that it is a legally binding document and it should be read and understood thoroughly before signing. If
something does happen that violates the agreement, fines and or charges may be applied to the hunter and his party. The best way to find places in
the area that offer hunting leases is by doing a simple online search. Many areas will post their offerings online, and will even allow the perusal of a
sample lease. In general, hunting leases are a great option for any hunter. He will now be able to hunt land that would normally have been off limits to
him, and as always, safety and respect should be the hunter's top priorities.

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