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									ASP.NET Data Web Controls Kick Start
Kick Start

Author: Scott Mitchell

Edition: 1

Utilizing the more advanced features of the Data Web Controls has many developers stumped. These
controls are fairly simple to use when it comes to simple data display. However, they can do much more
than merely present data. For example, the DataGrid Web Control allows for sorting, paging, and editing
of data. In addition, these controls allow for templating of data, which can be used to provide more
complex views. The DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater forum on the Microsoft ASP.NET Forums received
more than 2,100 posts in the first month and a half of use, or over 35 posts per day on average. As the
Web master of an ASP.NET Web site, Scott has also received numerous emails from readers and
visitors asking questions about these Web Controls. ASP.NET Data Web Controls is likely to be an
indispensable item in every ASP.NET developer's toolbox.

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