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In The Cloud provides a range of consulting, implementation, and development services to
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business application customers, focused on delivering rapid and
tangible results. We take an iterative, agile approach to understanding your business processes
and designing a solution to help you achieve successful business outcomes.

Our principals have two decades of experience as trusted advisors to organisations across the
Asia-Pacific region ranging from start-ups to the largest listed and government enterprises, in
industries ranging across financial services, telecommunications & media, high-tech, FMCG,
retail, education and public sector. Our competencies have always been at the intersection of
people, process and technology, whether it relates to:

       Technology Strategy
       Business Case Development
       Program & Project Management
       Enterprise Application Implementation
       On-demand Product Development

Times have changed, and while our advice draws on our deep domain expertise, we deliver
outcomes using an approach designed for the on-demand technology world; some call it
Consulting 2.0. Whatever the name, we look to ensure your business success and to deliver
business value in all of our engagements. CRM

We work across the Sales, Service and Custom Cloud
components of CRM, as well as with a variety of
AppExchange application providers and third party tools that
extend marketing, sales and service business processes.

Our team has experience implementing CRM
‘out of the box’ as well as with complex Apex and VisualForce
customisations and enterprise system integration.

Agile Approach

One of the significant benefits of a SaaS implementation is that the effort can focus on getting
the business interactions and workflow translated into the application and on socialising the
changes with the user community, rather than dealing with technology infrastructure issues. In a
small organisation with simple requirements, this means that you can be up and running with a
basic sales force automation or customer service process in a few weeks.

Our approach recognises that a CRM implementation can generate a rapid return on
investment, and be a great catalyst for change. But this change process necessitates:

       flexibility – to expect and embrace change and adaptation,
       collaboration – listening and communicating,

In The Cloud Pty Ltd                                                 To learn more about how we can
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        user involvement – to capture feedback and socialise decisions, and
        evolution – continuous little steps in short timeframes.

Managing a project in this agile environment still requires the same disciplines as in a traditional
on-premise implementation, but also requires a recognition that we need to allow for emerging
requirements, and an understanding that a successful business outcome is more important than
following a regimented set of detailed tasks.

Delivery Framework

We approach CRM implementations with a framework, rather than a strict methodology. This
allows a more agile, adaptable approach that can scale regardless of whether your solution has
2 or 2000 users.

Our projects are iterative in nature and are based around waves of activity that build
momentum and deliver tangible impact. We start with your definition of success – what is the
objective of the project – what business problems are to be addressed, what are the high
priorities, how will you measure the outcomes? We configure a ‘Strawman’ based on our initial
understanding of your requirements and evolve the configuration once your users can see and
touch an operating application. Through close collaboration with your management and other
users, we iterate the solution in short timeframes to meet your requirements and ensure
acceptance and adoption. Each wave covers four overlapping areas of activity, focused on
defined and measurable outcomes:

 Deep Dive for                Model Configuration         Socialisation and                  Deployment and
 Knowledge                    •'Strawman' functionality   Refinement                         Adoption
 •Identify Business Problem   •Typical data sets          •User review sessions              •Pure and applied training
 •Metrics/KPIs                •Security                   •Data integration                  •Reporting and dashboard
 •Workflow                                                •Critical customisations            refinement
 •Potential Solutions                                                                        •Improve the metrics


Experienced sales practitioners and consultants
Project leaders who have experience across sales, service and marketing implementations in a
wide range of industry verticals. Our project leaders work with clients to clearly define the
impact and business benefits of their CRM initiatives, and then develop and manage the
delivery of integrated solutions embracing business objectives, integration and adoption needs. certified implementation consultants
Implementation consultants who have worked extensively with on configuration,
customization, data migration and deployment—at all times bringing a pragmatic focus on
applying the on-demand CRM capabilities to drive rapid and sustainable results. certified developers
Technical and development resources with experience in developing more complex
operational or process requirements on the platform, and working with the API to integrate with on-premise applications, external web services and

In The Cloud Pty Ltd                                                                 To learn more about how we can
1/1A Yarra Street                                                                          help your business, contact:
South Yarra, VIC 3141                                                                                      Steve Sacks
w:                                                                           m: +61-419-207-941

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