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                                               TREVOR HASKELL
                                               PASA DEPUTY PRESIDENT

                                                 Proud to be a
                                                 Police Association member
                                                                                                                                           Police Association committee members in the
                                                                                                                                             Old Parliament House conference room.
                                                                             n recovery mode after a knee      years, Secretary Andy Dunn. They

                                                                                                                                                      Police Journal
                                                                                                               have      complemented        their
Police Journal June 2007

                                                                             replacement, I was lying on                                                The Police Journal has long been
                                                                             the physiotherapist’s bench       stewardship with active and            the major communication tool of
                                                                             suffering his torture. He         caring staff.                          the association. In both hardcopy
                                                                       tried to distract me by prompting         The committees of management         and electronic forms, it provides
                                                                       me to talk of other things.             on which I have served have been       an opportunity to voice things of
                                                                         Over some weeks, he had               diverse enough to create               the policing industry within this
                                                                       managed to determine that I was a       discussion and alternative views       state.
                                                                       cop, but not now in a traditional       that have assisted in, generally,        It has morphed from a list of
                                                                       policing role. Reports of Federal       pretty reasonable decision-            current union goings-on into an
                                                                       Government ministers’ comments          making. Even when I get rolled in      informative publication with
                                                                       on the new Labor Party industrial       the debates, I can feel that I have    appeal to a wider audience than
                                                                       policy had recently appeared in         been heard and my thoughts             just members of the association.
                                                                       the media, and I chose not to let a     respected – even if rejected.            It carries the infotainment
                                                                       casual remark he made slide by.           Delegates’ meetings are also         jottings on current cars and
                                                                         I made a comment which                conducted in an atmosphere of          books. It moves into more work-
                                                                       revealed that I was the deputy          respect for each other. Even at        related issues, with features on
                                                                       president       of    the      Police   times when debates become              specific work areas, individuals
                                                                       Association. We discussed things        vigorous, speakers attack the          and events, as well as some
                                                                       “unionish” and his torture seemed       issue rather than the individual.      historical police stories from
                                                                       less torturous.                           Comforting as it may be to know      around Australia.
                                                                         As I returned home in a taxi, the     that more than 99 per cent of            What       is    happening      in
                                                                       driver commented on my scar and         police officers are association        workplaces, and in the industrial
                                                                       asked what had happened. One            members, we need to keep your          and health-and-safety areas,
                                                                       thing led to another and I found        needs to the fore. It is important     provides the link to the
                                                                       myself again discussing unionism.       that you continue to let your          association’s core role, that of
                                                                         Safely at home, I reflected on        delegate and any of the committee      working to improve the wages and
                                                                       the morning as I iced my knee. It       members know your thoughts.            conditions of all members.
                                                                       struck me that I am proud to be a         I often discuss union issues in        The Last Shift and the Transfer
                                                                       police officer and have enjoyed my      my day-to-day interactions with        List provide information on who is
                                                                       journey so far. I am also proud to      members. Whether we agree or           moving where and who has just
                                                                       be a unionist, particularly with the    not, the discussion helps to           gone. Letters from the members
                                                                       Police Association.                     inform. If an issue has reached a      are not always many but certainly
                                                                         Its credibility extends well          point at which you are discussing      welcome, and a few debates have
                                                                       beyond the policing industry. I         it in the lunch room, or at home,      taken place.
                                                                       have no hesitation in talking with      consider letting your local              Let us know what you feel about
                                                                       people about the association.           delegate or any committee              the journal. Is it hitting the mark?
                                                                       Even people who dislike – or even       member know. If it is important to     Is there something you would like
                                                                       hate – unions talk in different         you, it is likely important to         to see added or dropped?
                                                                       terms about police unionism and         someone else.                            I have been amazed over the
                                                                       the association in particular.                                                 years by the number of interstate
                                                                         Politicians from all sides seem to                                           and overseas people who contact
                                                                       recognize that police should be                                                me about articles I have written
                                                                       represented by a union which is                                                for the journal. Politicians from
                                                                       not politically aligned.                                                       all sides, at both state and federal
                                                                         Our good fortune in SA is that                                               levels, read the journal. I have
                                                                       the membership, and the mix of                                                 been bemused to see it in doctors’
                                                                       elected committee officials,                                                   waiting rooms but resisted the
                                                                       committee and delegates, has                                                   temptation to ask how it came to
                                                                       been well served by President                                                  be there.
                                                                       Peter Alexander and, in recent
Committee members (from left) Trevor Milne, Jim Tappin,                     Association assistant secretary Mark Carroll and                     David Reynolds with association
         Allan Cannon and David Reynolds.                                          deputy president Trevor Haskell.                                 treasurer Mick Standing.
Committee meeting in

                                                                                                                                                                                     Police Journal June 2007
Parliament House
  Association committee members
moved out of the HG Henderson
Boardroom and into Parliament
House to conduct the second half
of one of their fortnightly
meetings early last month. A
dinner with ministers and other
MPs followed.
  This was a little piece of
association history; and, while I
was sorry Peter Alexander was
                                                    Trevor Haskell presents Emergency Services Minister                          Mick Standing with MLC Russell Wortley.
away on PFA business, I was
                                                        Carmel Zollo with a Police Association scarf.
pleased to chair the meeting.
  The association was grateful to
Labor MLC Russell Wortly, who
accommodated the meeting and
hosted the dinner.
  Politicians from both houses and
all sides greeted us and
acknowledged our presence as we
held our meeting and, later,
walked through the building’s
historic halls. This reinforced
again the thoughts expressed

                                                        Industrial Relations Minister Michael Wright with                    Trevor Haskell, flanked by association vice-president
                                      8                            committee member Rick Day.                            Bernadette Zimmermann and Russell Wortley, addresses the
                         5                         10                                                                           dinner in the Parliament House Balcony Room.
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                     4            7                     11
   1                                                                         14



    1. Russell Wortley, 2. Trevor Haskell, 3. Police Minister Paul Holloway,
    4. Jim Tappin, 5. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, 6. Mark Carroll,
   7. association secretary Andy Dunn, 8. assistant secretary Tom Scheffler,
     9. Allan Cannon, 10. Rick Day, 11. Mick Standing, 12. Trevor Milne,
     13 Carmel Zollo, 14. David Reynolds, 15. Bernadette Zimmermann,
       16. Senator Dana Wortley, 17. committee member Liz McGregor.

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