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									C E NTR A L VAC U U M SYSTE M S
E l i m i n a t e s H a r m f u l D i r t Fr o m Yo u r L i v i n g S p a c e .
Fo r a H e a l t h y E nv i r o n m e n t .
    Quiet, clean and easy
    to use – that’s the             Broan Central Vacuum
    built-in advantage
    from Broan
    A Broan Central Vacuum                                 Superior Cleaning Power
    System is one of Canada’s                               With more than twice the suction of conventional
    “most wanted” built-in                                  vacuum cleaners, Broan Central Vacuum Systems provide
    appliances. Quiet,                                      the deep down cleaning power needed for thorough
    powerful and versatile,                                 removal of everything from dirt to grit.
    they offer convenience
    and value because they
    make cleaning every corner of                      You’ll soon discover that the Broan Central Vacuum System
                                                    is the most versatile cleaning tool in your home. Choose from
    your house unbelievably easy.
                                                a wide selection of cleaning brushes and accessories to clean
                                            everything from carpeting and ceilings to drapes.
    Simply insert the lightweight
    hose into a wall inlet.         For New or Existing Homes
    Powerful cleaning suction       Broan Central Vacuum Systems are designed for easy installation in new or existing
    begins immediately. Remove      homes. In new homes under construction, installation is simple! Just plan the
    the hose and the system shuts   location of the power unit and automatic inlets with your builder or contractor.
    off. Best of all, there’s no    Tubing and inlets are installed and the electrical hook-up for the power unit is
    cumbersome vacuum cleaner       made before drywall, plaster or finished flooring is in place. Installation is easy
    to lug from room to room        in existing homes as well. Cutting through drywall, plaster or flooring can be
    or up and down stairs.          kept to a minimum and is determined by the number and location of the inlets.
                                    Tubing can be run through cold air returns, closets and stairwells.
    And unlike conventional
    vacuum cleaners, a Broan
                                    A Cleaning Tool That’s Actually a Cleaner System
    Central Vacuum System is        Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, the Broan Central Vacuum System will not
                                    recirculate dust-laden air back into the room being cleaned. Instead, dirt and
    a long lasting built-in
                                    dust are drawn to the debris collection canister in the power unit, well away
    convenience that actually
                                    from the living area. The system can also be vented to the outside, which is
    adds value to your home.        great for those who suffer from household dust allergies!

                                                                                        Surprisingly Quiet
                                                                                        Compared to regular vacuum
                                                                                        cleaners, the Broan Central
                                                                                        Vacuum System is extremely
                                                                                        quiet. That’s because the
                                                                                        power unit – and the noise
                                                                                        associated with it – is located
                                                                                        in a garage, basement or
                                                                                        utility room away from the
                                                                                        general living area.
                                                                                        So now you can clean a
                                                                                        room without disturbing a
                                                                                        conversation or somebody’s
                                                                                        favorite TV show.

System   The BN190 electric-powered
         cleaning brush features full
         edge-to-edge cleaning with
         a built-in deluxe brush roller.

                                  1       5



         Four-level height            1
         adjustment matches
         the brush to the
         surface being
         cleaned for best

         A geared belt drive          2
         with an overload reset
         ensures years of
         trouble-free service.

         A full-face light bar        3
         lets you see when
         you are under the
         bed or deep in a

         Soft non-marring             4
         bumper protects
         baseboards and
         fine furnishings.

         Quick wand release           5
         permits you to
         release the wand
         from the brush for
         hard floor use or
         edge cleaning on
         without disengaging
         from the handle.

                                     Choose a Broan System
                                     Three Models to              Choose From
                                     Each model accommodates a complete range of cleaning brushes and hoses
                                     so you can customize your Broan Central Vacuum System to meet the precise
                                     needs of your home. Filtered cyclonic action collects all debris neatly and
    Canister-mounted cleaning        forces it to the bottom of an easily removable dirt canister.
    inlet lets you insert cleaning
    hose directly into power unit.   V40C Broan's deluxe system delivers superior cleaning power for homes of
    Eliminates the need and          all sizes. Especially suitable for larger homes. Twin high torque motors provide
    expense of an additional         powerful suction and 155" water lift for thorough cleaning action.
    wall inlet.
                                     V28C This powerful unit is equipped with a heavy duty 3-stage motor for
                                     superior suction. Delivers 134" water lift for dependable and effective cleaning
                                     strength. Ideal unit for medium-to-large size homes.

                                     V20C Rugged system designed for small-to-medium size homes. Features
                                     107" water lift and filtered cyclonic action for clean and efficient debris

    Debris removal is clean and
    simple. Just pop the latch
    and remove high-capacity

    Debris enters Broan Central
    Vacuum System canisters in
    a "cyclonic" fashion, forcing
    dirt and dust
    to the bottom
    of the canister.
    This, combined
    with a high-
    density filter,
    motor from
    of dust and
    debris, for
    motor life.                                            V40C                           V28C                          V20C
That’s Best for You                                                                                    Easy Installation
                                                                                                       in New or
                                                                                                       Existing Homes
                                                                                                      1                                 2

                                                                                                      Determine the most                Route PVC piping, fittings
                                                                                                      convenient location for           and low-voltage wiring from
                                                                                                      inlet valves on interior          the inlets to the power
                                                                                                      walls.                            unit.

                                                                                                      3                                 4

                                                                                                      Connect PVC piping and            Install face plates on inlet
                                                                                                      low-voltage wiring to             valves and connect low-
                                                                                                      power unit.                       voltage wiring.


                                                                                                        Plug in
                                                                                                        power unit
                                                                                                        to standard
                                                                                                        outlet and
                                                                                                        the system
          Model                    V40C                     V28C                     V20C
                                                                                                        is ready to go.
        Motor Type            Two heavy-duty           One heavy-duty          One heavy-duty
                             two-stage bypass        three-stage bypass       two-stage bypass
    Motor AMP (max)                 16.6                     12.7                     11.7
     Water Lift (max)
     Air Watts (max)
                                                                                                      Inlet Installation Kits
                                                                                                      V189 Three-Inlet Installation Kit includes:
   Cleans Square Footage        up to 6,000              up to 4,000             up to 3,000
   CFM (at 2" opening)               99                       94                      112
                                                                                                      (3) V120     2" 45° Short Ell     (2) V124 2" 90° Tee
                                                                                                      (6) V121     2" 90° Sweep Ell (6) V127 2" Coupling
        Filter Type          Bagless, cyclonic     Bagless, cyclonic     Bagless, cyclonic            (3) V122     2" 90° Short Ell     (1) V129 Joint Cement (120ml)
                           using permanent high- using permanent high- using permanent high-          (1) V133     100 ft. Cable (2" Cond. 22 GA)
                             density cloth filter density cloth filter density cloth filter           (3) V144     Wall Plate with Plaster Guard
     Power Unit Inlet                Yes                     Yes                      Yes
                                                                                                      V185 Add-on Inlet Installation Kit includes:
   Switch on Power Unit              Yes                     Yes                      Yes
                                                                                                      (1)   V120   2" 45° Short Ell     (1) V124 2" 90° Tee
            Size              39 1/2" H x 14" D        40" H x 11 1/4" D      39 3/4" H x 11 1/4" D   (2)   V121   2" 90° Sweep Ell (2) V127 2" Coupling
       Construction         Heavy-gauge steel   Heavy-gauge steel   Heavy-gauge steel                 (1)   V122   2" 90° Short Ell
                            with rust-resistant with rust-resistant with rust-resistant               (1)   V144   Wall Plate with Plaster Guard
                           baked enamel finish baked enamel finish baked enamel finish
         Capacity            7-Gallon Canister        5-Gallon Canister       5-Gallon Canister       V186 Single-Inlet Kit includes:
  "Water Lift" is an industry-wide technical standard which defines the strength of an individual     (1) V111W White Wall Inlet (3) V127 2" Coupling
  system’s suction. Water lift is a measure of how high a given system can lift a column of water.    (2) V120 2" 45° Short Ell     (1) PVC Cement
  The result is expressed in inches. The higher the number, the more powerful the vacuum system.      (3) V121 2" 90° Sweep Ell (1) 25 ft. Low Voltage Wire
  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A BROAN CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM BE USED TO VACUUM WATER.                (1) V122 2" 90° Short Ell     (4) PVC Tubing 5 ft. x 2"
  CENTRAL VACUUM KITS ALSO AVAILABLE                                                                  (1) V124 2" 90° Tee
  Kit comprises of the following: • Power Unit • One Brush • One Hose • Accessories                   (1) V144 Wall Plate with Plaster Guard
                    Central Vacuum Brushes
        BN190 Deluxe Electric Power Brush                             4   Overload reset button
    4 Deluxe, low-profile styling in 14” width, features dual         4   Overall size: 14 1/4” W x 9” D x 3” H
        brush roller for efficient dirt pickup                        4   Styled in handsome black
    4 Easy-to-release wands – remove wand assembly without            4   Includes two chrome-plated steel wands
        bending, with the press of a convenient toe lever             4   UL listed assembly
    4 4-position height adjustment for all types of carpeting         4   Use with current-carrying hose
    4 Built-in full-width light maximizes cleaning visibility

      BN180 Electric Power Brush                                      4   Convenient toe-touch on/off switch
    4 Lightweight “easy-glide” design                                 4   Overall size: 12 3/4” W x 8” D x 3 5/8” H
    4 12 3/4” wide cleaning path                                      4   Beige housing
    4 Motorized roller bar with nylon brushes                         4   UL listed assembly
    4 Moves from carpet to non-carpeted areas without                 4   Includes two chrome-plated steel wands
      stopping – front rollers prevent scuffed floors                 4   Use with current-carrying hose
    4 Dual brushed edge-cleaning
    4 Built-in light

        BN170 Twin-Turbine Air-Driven Brush                           4   Roller wheels glide smoothly over any type of carpeting
    4 Twin-turbine drive combines a highly efficient belt-pulley      4   Low-profile design lets you clean under furniture
        design to pick up the toughest dirt, even pet hair            4   Rugged co-polymer housing provides exceptional durability
    4 Blade design, in front of and behind the turbine brush,         4   Overall size: 11” W x 7 1/8” D x 3” H
        keeps dirt within the vacuum area for easier pick-up          4   Handsome black finish
    4 Dual row-beater brush cleans carpet thoroughly

                                       To o l S e t s
        BN230 Deluxe Tool Set                                         4 Ratcheting chrome steel wand extends from 22” to 39”
        Meets your daily cleaning needs with style, convenience       4 10” notched crevice tool provides continuous airflow
        and performance.                                              4 Convertible upholstery tool can be used with or without
    4   Sleek combination floor/rug tool moves from floor to              natural bristle brush
        carpet without adjustment                                     4 Dust brush features natural bristles
    4   Soft bristle-brush strip allows better dusting of floors      4 Snap-on tool caddy for convenience; attractive canvas
    4   Lint strip picks up tough surface litter like pet hair            caddy for additional storage
    4   11” wide nozzle for edge-to-edge cleaning                     4 Handsome black finish
    4   Double swivel neck for better maneuverability

        BN120 Standard Tool Set                                       4 Dual-action swivel neck for easy maneuverability
        Quality accessories to make every cleaning chore easier.      4 Attractive co-polymer housing
    4   Standard combination floor/rug tool features dual wheels      4 Two chrome-steel wands lock securely with button-lock fit
        for smooth performance and even airflow                       4 Dusting brush and upholstery tool have nylon bristles
    4   Single pedal mechanism quickly and reliably adjusts nozzle    4 Snap-on tool caddy provides fingertip convenience while
        from floor to carpet position                                   vacuuming; cloth caddy for additional storage
    4   Double orifice-base plate with two lint strips for thorough   4 Soft gray finish
        one-pass cleaning
    4   Edge-to-edge cleaning in wide 10 5/8” path

      BN110 Basic Tool Set                                            4 Attractive co-polymer housing
      Includes most-often-used cleaning tools.                        4 Durable ABS plastic wands, contemporary
    4 Combination floor/rug tool moves from floor to carpet               European styling
      with single pedal operation                                     4 Dusting brush with nylon bristles
    4 Swivel neck allows a full range of motion for vacuuming         4 Upholstery and crevice tool
      around and under furniture                                      4 Tools store on handy clip-on caddy, easily
    4 10 5/8” wide nozzle with edge-to-edge cleaning and two              accessible as you vacuum
      lint strips                                                     4 Soft gray finish

                                                                    Central Vacuum Hoses
                                                BN30DV Deluxe Current-Carrying Hose                                                      BN30LV Standard Low-Voltage
                                            4 30 ft. hose with contour handle design                                                     Hose
                                                provides comfort and control                                                         4   30 ft. wire-reinforced vinyl hose
                                            4 1 3/8” large-diameter hose for greater                                                     for use with electric power
                                                airflow – provides stronger dirt suction                                                 brushes
                                            4 On/off switch provides fingertip control                                               4   The convenience of on/off
                                              of entire system – both vacuum power                                                       switch on the wand
                                              and optional power brush                                                               4   1 1/4” diameter
                                            4 Adjustable lever regulates suction to                                                  4   Rotary control regulates suction
                                              suit cleaning needs                                                                    4   UL listed assembly
                                            4 Vinyl over wire, reinforced with
                                              polyester cord for durability
                                            4 UL listed assembly

                                                BN30CC Standard                                                                          BN32 Standard Hose
                                                Current-Carrying Hose                                                                4 32 ft. soft vinyl over steel wire
                                            4   30 ft. wire-reinforced vinyl hose for                                                    interwoven with nylon cord
                                                use with electric power brushes                                                      4 1 1/4” diameter
                                            4   No switches                                                                          4 Rotary control regulates suction
                                            4   1 1/4” diameter
                                            4   Rotary control regulates suction
                                            4   UL listed assembly

          Installation Components                                                                                          Accessories
           Inlet Installation Kits available - see page 5

     V120               V121              V122                 V123                V124
2" 45° Short Ell   2" 90° Sweep Ell 2" 90° Short Ell         2" 45° "Y"          2" 90° Tee       V111B Brass Wall Inlet   V111W White Wall Inlet       V111 Ivovy Wall Inlet

                                                                                                                                         VacuSweep® Inlet Valve
                                                                                                                                     4 Makes it easy for debris and dirt
                                                                                                                                       to be quickly swept and removed
                                                                                                                                       from non-carpeted surfaces
     V125               V126             V127                  V129                V131                                              4 For use in kitchens, mudrooms,
   2" 90° "Y"         Short Tee        2" Coupling         Joint Cement       PVC 2" O.D., Pipe
                                                                                                                                       workshops, and any sweepable area
                                                             (120 ml)            10' Length                                              Black V600B
                                                                                                                                         White V600W
                                                                                                                                         Ivory V600
                                                                                                                                         VacuSweep® Trim Plate
                                                                                                                                         Black V601B
                                                                                                                                         White V601W
    V132                V133              V134                V135                 V137                                                  Ivory V601
    30° Ell          100 ft. Cable    2" Tubing Cap        Plaster Guard           Muffler
                   (2" Cond. 22 GA)                      w/Screws (Plastic)
                                                                                                                                         CA130 Central Vacuum Hose Cover
                                                                                                                                     4 Prevents scratches, dents, chips and
                                                                                                                                       scuff marks caused by the central
                                                                                                                                       vacuum hose rubbing against interior
                                                                                                                                       contents of the home
                                                                                                                                     4 Protects banisters, walls, furniture,
      V138              V140          V141 Inlet Valve         V142                V144                                                floors, wall coverings and moldings
 Temporary Cover 2" Tubing Strap       Bracket New or        Wall Cap          Wall Plate with
   with Screws                        Old Construction       (Outside)          Plaster Guard                                                                                   7
Broan-NuTone offers a
wide range of quality
products that add comfort,
convenience and style to
your home.

From Ultra Silent bath fans,
powerful central vacuum
                               Quality and Style Throughout
systems and resonant tones
of Westminster chimes to
                                 our Full Line of Products
the breathtaking design of
Rangemaster® range hoods,
you will see the difference.   Central Vacuums                                    provide quiet performance with optimum
It’s in the details.

All our products are
manufactured to the            cleaning. Range Hoods                                                   complement your decor
highest quality and industry
standards, ensuring delivery
of nothing less than
the very best. Ventilation     while ventilating your kitchen. Home Ventilation                                     clears up
products such as bath fans
and range hoods conform
INSTITUTE standards. This      foggy windows and steamy mirrors. Door Chimes                                       announce
certification ensures the
air-flow performance (CFM)
and sound levels (Sones)
published are exact, giving    all visitors with style. Electric Furnaces                                     distribute heat
you information you can
rely on to make your
decision and find an
effective ventilation          throughout your home. Ironing Centers                                        simplify pressing
solution for your home.

Broan-NuTone, improving
quality of life, making        with fold-away convenience. Thermostats                                      maintain heat at
every room feel a little
more like home.

                               desired settings. Heaters                                     add warmth in drafty areas.

                               Attic Fans                                         control temperatures in non-vented areas.
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Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 1H9
Customer Service:              Trash Compactors                                      minimize waste.
1 888 88BROAN (882-7626)
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                               Specifications subject to change without notice.                                         85133 12/02

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