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									University of Maryland–College Park
Fiske Guide 2010

Author: Edward B. Fiske

Edition: 26

For more than 20 years, The Fiske Guide to Colleges to more than 330 colleges and universities has
been an indispensable source of information for college-bound students and their parents. Get an insider's
look at the academic climates and the social and extracurricular scenes at University of Maryland–
College Park, including:Exclusive academic, social, and quality-of-life ratingsLists of [name]'s strongest
majors and programsCandid tips from each school's current students, such as: "The two best
departments have to be science and business."Vital information on how to apply'Overlap' listings to help
more than 20 years, the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2010 has been an indispensable source of information
for college-bound students and their parents. Why do students, parents and high school counselors trust
and recommend Edward B. Fiske and the Fiske Guide to Colleges more than any other guide? Quite
simply, they're fiercely independent:An author in touch: The incredible write-ups for more than 330
schools come not from a corporation, but from the former education editor of the New York Times, one of
the leading experts in college admissions.No hype from the colleges: The Fiske Guide accepts no
consulting, advertising or other fees from colleges and has no outside consortium of colleges working on
its behalf.Nothing to sell: There are no counseling, essay-writing, tutoring, consulting, or other services
Fiske Guide is trying to sell; just great information about great schools.'The best college guide you can
buy.' —USA TodayThe #1 bestselling college guide, from the top name in college admissions!
Author Bio
Edward B. Fiske
Edward B. Fiske served for 17 years as education editor of the New York Times, where he realized that
college-bound students and their families needed better information on which to base their educational
choices. He is also the author of the Fiske Guide to Getting into the Right College. He lives in Durham,
North Carolina.
North Carolina.

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