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					             Alice Springs Convention Centre
                       Ice Rink Information
Q. How much is the entry fee?
A. $15.00 per person, this includes skate hire.

Q. How long are the sessions?
A. 2 hour sessions. Please see attached sheet for times. And keep an eye out in
Friday’s edition of the Centralian Advocate. (Starting 18th December) for a
weekly timetable

Q. Do children have to be accompanied by an adult?
A. Children 12 years and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

Q. Can I come and watch without skating?
A. Yes, there is no cost for watching.

Q. Can I bring my own skates?
A. Yes, the entry fee is $12.00

Q. Will there be food and drinks available to purchase?
A. Yes, there will be selections of hot and cold food, and soft drinks.

Q. Is there somewhere I can leave my shoes/ bags while I skate?
A. Yes, there is a storage area. Please give your items to staff when collecting
skates. There is no extra cost for this.

Q. Do I need any special clothing or equipment?
A. No, but everyone skating must have a pair of socks. Please remember it will
be cold inside the room, so dress sensibly.

Q. What size skates do you have?
A. We have skates that range from a children’s size 7 to a men’s size 13.

Q. Can I hold a private function?
A. Yes, please call 08 89500 200 or to discuss

Q. What will the room temperature be?
A. The room will be air conditioned at 18 -19 degrees.

Q. Can I come from Juicy Rump, after having alcoholic beverages?
A. If you appear intoxicated, you will be refused entry to the rink.

Q. How many people can be on the rink at once?
A. Up to 140
           Ice Rink Information continued . . .
Q. What is the power usage?
A. 200 amps

Q. Is this usage higher than what you would usually use during a conference
A. No it is not; as we will be turning all kitchen appliances off including cooling
units that are on during the year.

Q. Is the Convention Center bringing in an extra power source to run the Ice
A. No, we are not using any more power than we currently have allocation for.
No extra power sources will be used.

Q. How does the system work?
A. A rubber holding shell has aluminum pipes running the length of the area of
which connects to a refrigeration unit. A chemical called Brine runs through
these pipes of which is cooled and brings the temperature in the pipes to a –
degrees. The water that is placed into the rubber holding shell then freezes and
an ice skating surface forms.

Q. Do you have to turn your air-conditioning on higher to accommodate the
air temperature in the room for the ice?
A. No, the air-conditioning rate will not change

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