Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) State Coordinator by lindayy


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									             Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) State Coordinator
                                            July 2009

Position Type:
Part-time – 0.5FTE

Grade five

Division and Team:
Tasmania, Fundraising

Accountable To:
Tasmania State Manager, Fundraising (dotted line accountability to the National JRFH

Position Purpose:
In consultation with the State Manager, Fundraising, the Heart Foundation JRFH State
Coordinator is responsible for achieving the revenue, reputation and educational objectives
of the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart program. This will be achieved through the
selling of the program to schools identified in the segmentation model, the servicing of
schools in the program.

Key Result Area         Activities                                  Measures

Fundraising             Achieve income and registration targets     Income and number of
                        for Tasmania                                registrations, finalised number
                                                                    of individual participants, and
                                                                    average per participant target
                                                                    for Tasmania achieved overall.

                        Manage expenditure within budget            Expenditure budget not
                                                                    exceeded - ROI achieved

                        Work with the Tasmania State Manager,       Local strategy developed and
                        Fundraising to develop and implement        implemented in line with
                        local strategy (including fundraising and   national strategy. Feedback
                        sales & marketing strategy) inline with     from National Fundraising team
                        National strategy                           and Tasmania State Manager,

                        Work with the Tasmania State Manager,       JRFH Program sold to schools
                        Fundraising to apply national JRFH          as per segmentation model.
                        segmentation model and, in consultation     Relationships maintained, and
                        with the National Fundraising Team,         targets achieved
                        develop strategies and take
                     responsibility for face to face
                     acquisitions and renewals of priority
                     schools, key individuals and

                     Ensure all national                        All opportunities passed to
                     sponsorship/partnership opportunities      National JRFH Manager when
                     are passed to National Fundraising         received
                     Team for investigation of national

Team Participation   Work as a positive and contributing        Communication maintained with
                     member of the Tasmania and National        team, and value adding input
                     JRFH and Tasmania Fundraising Team         provided

                     Contribute to team culture through         Team meetings attended and
                     attendance and participation in team       participated in

                     Maintain regular communication with        Comms Team / Reps consulted
                     National Communications Team and           with all local PR/advertising
                     Divisional Communications                  ventures
                     Representative regarding PR
                     Management, advertising etc
Planning &           In conjunction with the Tasmania State     National Fundraising strategies
Reporting            Manager, Fundraising, collaborate with     executed locally. All State
                     the National Fundraising team to devise    Fundraising Regulations
                     and implement national fundraising         complied to
                     strategies in Tasmania, whilst ensuring
                     compliance with Tasmania Fundraising
                                                                Feedback from schools and
                     Evaluate the success of the JRFH           reports run to evaluate success
                     program at a financial and service level   of program
                     regularly throughout the year

                     Develop and maintain a Tasmania JRFH       Calendar developed and
                     calendar which specifies the progress of   maintained
                     the program and the timing of events
                     throughout the year

                     Attend meetings, workshops and             All opportunities identified
                     seminars deemed useful in terms of         attended
                     program development and promotion
Program              Maintain records of schools and            Records up to date and
Administration       activities in database                     accurate within two weeks of
                                                                receiving up dated information

                     Where necessary, tailor JRFH program       JRFH program tailored, within
                     to incorporate additional requests from    parameters of program, to meet
                     schools                                    requirements of each school

                     Ensure JRFH presentations and material     All JRFH material reflects JRFH
                     is up to date and in line with HF Brand    program updates, HF brand
                     Guidelines                                 guidelines and HF policies

                     Maintain communication with all            100% of registered schools
                     registered schools                         contacted
              Promptly attend to JRFH enquiries           All JRFH enquiries responded
                                                          to within 24 hours

              Promptly attend to any complaints, and      All complaints are responded to
              escalate to the Tasmania State              within 24 hours, and resolved
              Manager, Fundraising where appropriate      within 48 hours, or escalated to
                                                          Tasmania State Manager,
                                                          Fundraising as required

                                                          HF and JRFH program
                                                          portrayed in a positive light at
              Ensure that both the Heart Foundation       all times when being
              and the JRFH Program are represented        represented
                                                          No injuries to self, staff or
              Promote personal, staff and student
              safety, health and wellbeing by following   No accidents, infringement
              OH&S requirements                           notices

              Follow Heart Foundation safe driving

Program       Promote the JRFH program in schools         Achieve targets for defined
Development   through launches, group workshops for       regions, as agreed with
              teachers and students as set out in         Tasmania State Manager,
              annual plan by Tasmania State               Fundraising
              Manager, Fundraising

              Promote the JRFH program at high            Thankyou presentation to all
              value schools (and at schools with high     high value schools (as identified
              value fundraisers) through ‘thankyou        by Tasmania State Manager,
              presentations’                              Fundraising)

              Work with Tasmania State Manager,           Registration targets achieved
              Fundraising and JRFH team to
              encourage schools to register in JRFH
              program through input and support of
              campaigns and through follow up calls to
              prospective schools

              Encourage schools to register in JRFH       Achieve targets as set out with
              through professional and in-house           State Manager, Fundraising
              telemarketing campaigns as relevant
                                                          Targets achieved, as set our
              Assist in the development and               with State Manager,
              maintenance of demonstration teams to       Fundraising
              increase funds raised, increase
              participation rates and registrations,
              promote physical activity, and increase
              the overall profile of the Heart

General       Other duties as required
Decision Making Scope:
Responsible for the day to day operations of Jump Rope for Heart program at a state level within the
JRFH budget

Number of staff reporting directly and indirectly: None
Volunteer team: Work closely with volunteers to service the JRFH program

Budgetary management responsibility: Manage Tasmanian JRFH budget in collaboration with the
State Manager, Fundraising.

Essential Requirements:
   Education, Experience and Technical Knowledge
      Proven ability to work both autonomously and as a member of a team
      Experience in either a Sales, Marketing or Fundraising discipline
      Proven experience leading, training or coaching a physical activity with school age children
      High level communication skills – both verbal and written
      Proven ability to transfer a high level or enthusiasm and energy in all they do
      Excellent time management skills, with proven ability to meet deadlines
      Proven experience working to targets
      Excellent customer service and relationship building skills
      Ability to multitask
      Demonstrated fundraising skills
      Passion for physical activity and ability to skip (or willingness to learn)
      Previous experience working with volunteers
      Current Drivers Licence
      Meet requirements of State ‘Working with Children’ legislation (employment is on the
      condition of a clearance of this check)
      Willingness to work outside normal hours to attend special events or servicing
      Available for limited travel both intra & inter state through out the year

   Essential Competencies
       Drive for Results
   Definition - Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; is constantly and consistently one of the top
   performers; very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and others for results.
       Time Management
   Definition - Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time; concentrates his/her efforts on the
   more important priorities; gets more done in less time than others; can attend to a broader range of
        Action Oriented
   Definition - Enjoys working hard; is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as
   challenging; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning; seizes more opportunities than others.
        Customer Focus
    Definition - Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers;
   gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with
   customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust
   and respect
   Definition - Can marshal resources (people, funding, material, and support) to get things done; can
   orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently;
   arranges information and files in a useful manner

   IT competencies:
       Intermediate to Advanced skills on MS Office Suite (especially Excel)
       Experience using a database (Raiser’s Edge or equivalent desirable)
Desirable Requirements:
      An understanding of the education system and relevant syllabus
      Knowledge of / experience in a not for profit environment
      First Aid Certificate
      Understanding of budget management
      Knowledge of, and experience using, a range of fundraising methodologies (e.g.
      Segmentation tools, Online fundraising tools etc)
      Financially savvy
      Commercially astute
      Relevant tertiary qualifications

Manager                                          Incumbent
State Manager, Fundraising
Name Melita Griffin                              name

Signed:                                          Signed:

Dated:                                           Dated:
Appendix 1

“Championing Hearts” 2008 – 2012 Strategic Plan
Championing Hearts is the pledge we make for Australians to have the very best
cardiovascular health in the world.
Cardiovascular disease is defined as
      heart stroke and blood vessel disease
      kills one Australian almost every 10 minutes
      affects more than 3.5 millions Australians
      prevents 1.4 million people from living a full life because of disability
      was suffered by one in six Australians in 2004 and affected 2 out of 3 families.

By 2051, forecasters predict that the effects of CVD will explode, to affect the quality of life of
one in four people, a major deterioration from current levels of one in six.

To address this epidemic, the Heart Foundation is working to a 2008-2012 strategic plan
known as ‘Championing Hearts’. This plan outlines the issues we face and our response as
an organisation over the plan period. By focusing on six clear areas of importance, we aim to
achieve our goal to make Australians aware of the enormity of the heart health problem,
improve their cardiovascular health and reduce cardiovascular disease in Australia.
Our mission is to reduce suffering and death from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease in
Our strategic focus is to:
       help all Australians to achieve a healthy weight
       help all Australians to identify and understand warning signs of heart attack
       engage women at risk
       help all Australians to have improved access to prevention and treatment
       increase our commitment to support research as well as use quality research in
       all our work, and
       increase funds raised.

In addition, the plan outlines some significant challenges in our operating environment and
declares that we will act efficiently, effectively, cohesively and with a clear focus based on
our business foundations of:
       understanding our audiences and communicating with them in a clear, consistent,
       simple and compelling way
       leveraging our scale, reputation and expertise to react in a timely and positive manner
       so that we have an immediate influence on the community, health professionals, and
       law and policymakers
       recruiting the best people to help us achieve our goals and supporting them by being
       a rewarding, fair and inspiring employer
       helping our employees and supporters to understand the essential role they play in
       helping us to fight cardiovascular disease
       sharing our experiences and best practice standards with other not-for-profit
       organisations around the world and learning from their experiences
       working with all levels of government, other health organisations, primary health
       carers, the media and the community. This extends to programs on cardiovascular
       health risks such as smoking and physical inactivity through to recovery and
       rehabilitation, and
       promoting policies and activities that will prevent cardiovascular disease.
By applying corporate governance practices and managing operations with the utmost
efficiency we will ensure that our supporters’ funds are used effectively, and the trust and
faith Australians place in us is always respected.

We Champion Hearts by encouraging Australians to live a healthier life, raising vital funds for
essential research and health programs and offering support and hope for those affected by
cardiovascular disease. Championing Hearts is the job of every one of us. We do it through
our core values of vital, dedicated, immediate influence and hope.

Position Context:

The strategic imperative for the Heart Foundation to deliver meaningful and measurable
outcomes over the next five years requires a foundation-wide response and therefore has
significant bearing on every position within the organisation. Each staff member has an
important role to play in ensuring the Foundation delivers the strategic plan and achieves the
outcomes and targets set for the Plan period.

The incumbent will be accountable for measurable objectives derived from the relevant
Heart Foundation Operational plans, as detailed in the position’s annual performance plan.

The incumbent will also be an integral member of the Fundraising Team

This position will initially be responsible for achieving XXXXX

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