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									 Graduate Certificate
 in Educational Leadership

School of Education                                                       Postgraduate Program

               Graduate Certicate in Educational Leadership

               The Graduate Certicate in Educational Leadership is designed to provide aspiring
               and current educational leaders with a short and exible program which enables
               them to access recent developments in theory, research, policy and practice in
               educational leadership.

               Entry Requirements

               A recognised Bachelor degree and relevant experience in education or training.

               Program Structure

               The program consists of four courses, including one core course and three
               elective courses from Educational Leadership. Students who have successfully
               completed the requirements for the Graduate Certicate in Educational
               Leadership may choose to apply for entry to the Master of Educational Leadership
               program, and if successful, will be given 50% credit.

               Key Teaching Staff

               Dr Kerry Barnett, Prof Chris Davison, Prof Colin Evers, Dr Putai Jin,
               Prof Stephen Marshall, Dr Margaret Varady.
For general information about this program please contact the School of Education ofce.
If you have specic academic questions please email the Program Coordinator.
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Graduate Certicate in Educational Leadership

  Core Course

  >     EDST5438 Leadership Theory, Research and Practice
        Develops students’’ understanding of leadership theories, current research and practice. Considers the major approaches to
        leadership such as trait, behaviour, contingency and transformational leadership theory. Also considers current research and
        practice in the context of education.

  Educational Leadership Electives

   >    EDST5109        Developing a Performance-Based Culture
   >    EDST5314        Stress Management: Research and Practice in
                        the Workplace
   >    EDST5403        Organisational Analysis and Diagnosis
   >    EDST5433        Organisation Theory in Education
   >    EDST5436        Evaluation of Educational Programs
   >    EDST5439        Legal Aspects of Educational Administration

                                                                                                                                                                UNSW reserves the right to change any information herein without any prior notice. August 2009. Printed on recycled stock.
   >    EDST5445        Workplace Leadership Development Project
   >    EDST5451        Educational Policy: Theory and Practice
   >    EDST5455        Human Resource Management in Education
   >    EDST5459        School-Based Management and Accountability
   >    EDST5460        Specialist Study in Education
   >    EDST5461        Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership
   >    EDST5608        Effective Schools
   >    EDST5888        Research Project
   >    EDSTXXXX        Teacher Leadership*
                        (subject to UNSW Council approval)
        Note: Not all courses listed are offered every year.

                                          Graduate Certicate in Educational Leadership
                                          Program Coordinator:     Dr Kerry Barnett, School of Education
                                          Program Code:            7960
                                          Commencement:            Summer (January)
                                                                   Semester 1 (from 1 March to 28 June); Semester 2 (from 19 July to 16 Nov)
                                          Program Duration:        Six months (full time) or 1 year (part time)
                                          UNSW Handbook: 

                                          Also offered by the School of Education:
                                                                                                                                                                CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

                                          Master of Educational Leadership                Coordinator: Dr Kerry Barnett
                                          Master of Education                             Coordinator: Dr Putai Jin
                                          Master of Education Applied Linguistics         Coordinator: Dr Eva Bernat

                                          If you are interested in the Research Higher Degrees offered in the School of Education, please refer to the Higher
                                          Degrees Research brochure or contact the Program Coordinator Dr Paul Ayres at

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