Color Me Sexy Body Crayons Reviewed by SexHerald com By by ramhood17


									Color Me Sexy Body Crayons Reviewed by
By: SexHerald Staff,
Date: June 7, 2006

Want to let your artistic side loose on your partner's naked body?
Wish you could use that box of Crayola crayons to decorate your
mate? Adam and Eve has the perfect product for you in Color
Me Sexy Body Crayons.

These wax-based crayons are an excellent bedroom accessory.
They go on the skin easily, almost as easily as crayons on
paper. The colors are vibrant and visible. Most importantly, they
won't rub off on your hand or with cloth, or come off in your
mouth when you lick your partner. They do come off easily with
the application of some soap and water – which means your
300-thread count sheets are safe when you use them.

The crayons also seem to be long-lasting; you can decorate your
partner's entire body before they run out. Though the product
packaging shows somewhat simplistic designs (such as a tic-tac-
toe board) being drawn on the body, if you like to doodle you can
illustrate your partner with something much more complex and
colorful. You can even test out that full-back tattoo before you
decide to get it done for real.

Color Me Sexy Body Crayons are an inexpensive, high-quality product. They go on the skin with
ease, won't come off unless you use soap and water, and show up on the skin quite nicely. It's
the perfect way to turn your bedroom into a playroom.

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