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PowerPoS If you are using a PowerPoS EPoS network then by ramhood17


									PowerPoS                                                                       www ..pow
                                                                               www pow erpos com

Integrated Internet Home Shopping System
If you are using a PowerPoS EPoS                                                                     OFFICE
network, then with just one click of a                               SECURE INTERNET
                                                                      HOME SHOPPING
mouse you can now set up your own             Internet User
                                                                        WEB SITE
Internet Home Shopping System.

Since all of the details needed are
already stored on your branch EPoS                                                          PocketPoS
network, e.g. descriptions, prices,                  Internet User
                                                                                            Wireless device
                                                                                            to pick orders
photos and so on, this data is
automatically and seamlessly
                                                                            Internet User
transferred to your Home Shopping Site.

You can use an always-on or dial-up Internet connection allowing information to be
updated as frequently as every five minutes. Some of the functions include:-

            t   Single-click set-up of your Home Shopping System
            t   Fully automatic stock, transaction, order updates
            t   Stock/Orders transmission intervals from 5 minutes to daily
            t   Secure site with encrypted data transmission
            t   Separate shop and Internet stock pricing
            t   On-line Admin. Panel to tailor the look and feel of your site
            t   Wireless hand-held touch-screen device for order picking

The PowerPoS Internet Home Shopping System runs on the industry-standard
PHP/SQL platform, used on over 60% of the world’s Internet servers. This reliable
and secure system means that down-time will be almost zero.

                                                     Shopping on-line is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

                                                     Stock categories are listed in Step 1.
                                                     The user selects one then all
                                                     matching products are listed in step 2.
                                                     The user then selects an item and
                                                     quantity and the shopping list is built
                                                     in step 3. All of this happens on the
                                                     same screen, making the shopping
                                                     experience much easier for users.
                                                     Of course items can be viewed in
                                                     more detail by clicking on them, and
                                                     there is also a keyword/category
                                                     search facility.
PowerPoS Systems       Tel: 0870 458 3012   Fax: 0871 504 7501         Email:
The customer’s details are not stored on-line, including their credit card details.
Instead, these are stored (after the first transaction) on your shop’s back office
server, in a secure environment.

When a customer completes their transaction, the order is transmitted to your back
office system within five minutes and Appears on the
PocketPoS Wireless hand-held device within seconds.

Your staff can then simply pick the items and tick them off,
allowing the back office to produce a final bill/despatch note.
It’s then a matter of debiting the customer’s card and
delivering the goods.

All of the systems involved have been developed from the
ground up to create a truly integrated and seamless system.

                                                             Our system has been built around a
                                                             standard in-house developed web
                                                             engine, capable of serving all market
                                                             sectors, from grocery to electrical,
                                                             clothing and so on.

                                                             You can tailor the look and feel of your
                                                             site with unique graphic backgrounds,
                                                             buttons, colours and even the position
                                                             and size of windows. You can create
                                                             a unique background image for each
                                                             page and fit our Internet Home
                                                             Shopping engine around it.

 System Specification
 Operating System     PHP5 Internet programming            Stock Item Data        Stock details are automatically
                      language with SQL database.                                 transmitted as a result of changes
                                                                                  from the Back Office to the Internet.
 Connection types     Analogue 56Kbps dial-up, ISDN                               Separate pricing for each product,
                      dial-up, ADSL and leased line.                              with additional description up to
                      ADSL (broadband) recommended                                64,000 characters (including HTML
                                                                                  formatting). Up to three photos of
 Polling Interval     User settable from 5 minutes to                             each product.
                      every day (overnight), although
                      when using dial-up connections a     Credit/Debit card      Automatic or manual card
                      minimum of 15 minutes is             processing             processing in the Back Office. You
                      recommended                                                 can use your own PDQ machine or
                                                                                  integrate payment to our Ocius card
 Call Charges         Standard BT rates, or whichever                             processing system.
                      Internet Service Provider is used.
                                                           Customer Accounts      Customer accounts can be view on-
 Security Features    ID and password-protected access                            line to check the status of live orders
                      to a PowerPoS-managed web-                                  and view order history.
                      server. Data encryption.

                     Telephone: 0870 458 3012 Fax: 0871 504 7501 Email:
                     Find us on the Internet at specifications are subject to change without notice

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