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     Smarter Living Products launches Innovative Products Network, a home shopping division

       By Innovative Products Network
       Dated: Aug 26, 2008

       A leader in television direct response marketing launches Innovative Products Network, a home shopping
       division, providing complete direct response television marketing campaigns

       July 22, 2008 -Coral Springs, FL: Smarter Living Products, an upcoming leader in television direct
       response marketing, announced today that they have named Shawn Bombaro the President of its Innovative
       Products Network (IPN) Home Shopping Division. Innovative Products Network (IPN) provides complete
       direct response television marketing campaigns through its half-hour programs, infomercials, long-form
       and short-form direct response commercials. The company also announced that it will air 2008 “Holiday
       Showcase” Television Specials this holiday season on WE tv-Women’s Entertainment Network
       (, potentially reaching 68 million households. Starting in mid-November, the holiday
       special will begin airing at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings- just in time for the holiday season!

        Shawn Bombaro, President of IPN, has been involved in direct response television for over a decade.
       Bombaro is an expert in Hispanic marketing and was formerly Vice President of a Miami-based, multi
       million dollar import-export company. He has been involved in the development and production of
       hundreds of direct response commercials over the past decade. He will now take charge and direct
       Innovative Products Network’s marketing and production team, which has over 50 years combined
       television experience.
        Bombaro, commenting on his appointment as President said, “I am very excited that I have been chosen to
       lead IPN through the 21st century in direct-response television. The advances in technology and the
       lightning speed at which today’s advertising message is delivered, combined with the emergence of new
       targeted cable networks, calls for advertising and programming that can deliver product features and
       benefits in a more impactful way. Through these measures, consumer sales through television and internet
       can be capitalized.”

        The company has also announced the appointment of Scott Media as their media buying agency of record.
       Will Scott, President of Scott Media, has over 30 years of television and direct response media experience.
       Commenting on Bombaro and Innovative Products Network, “I have known Shawn Bombaro personally
       and professionally for 10 years. His integrity and professionalism are beyond question. Bombaro is clearly
       the best man for the job and IPN has hit a home run with his appointment.”

        Smarter Living Products is a nine year old company specializing in direct response television marketing.
       Innovative Products Network is the company’s latest launch, and one of the most anticipated. There is still
       time to get products featured on television for the 2008 holiday shopping season. Any company or person
       interested in having their product featured on this season’s “Holiday Showcase” television special, or on
       future specials in 2009 should e-mail Christina Hommel at, or call (954) 752-1408.


       Smarter Living Products has launched Home Shopping Division-Innovative Products Network, providing
       complete direct response televsion marketing campaigns

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