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									                                                          Gerry McCarthy
                                      MINISTER FOR CORECTIONAL SERVICES

                                          16 April 2009

                    Alice Springs Prison Officer’s Graduate

Minister for Correctional Services Gerry McCarthy today visited the Alice Springs Correctional
Centre and met with the latest Prison Officers in Training who will tonight graduate from the first
phase of their course.

“Prison officers provide a valuable role in our community and it important that we acknowledge
their efforts and support them, Mr McCarthy said.

All Prison Officers in Training undertake a 12 month contract with the Department of Justice and
during this time they undertake the Prison Officer Training program.

“These future officers have graduated from the classroom phase of their training completing
theory and practical work as a part of their training course, Mr McCarthy said.

“Recruits have also completed two weeks of work experience within the Northern Territory
Correctional system.

“Tonight’s graduating Prison Officers in Training will now complete the final stage of their course
which is an on-the-job component of training completed on the prison roster.

“I congratulate these future Prison Officers on completing this phase of their training which was
very intense and at times challenging.

“Successful completion of the program results in recruits being fully qualified as Prison Officers
along with the completion of the Certificate III in Correctional Practice – Custodial.”

This Alice Springs recruit course (54-09) commenced on 2 February 2009, with 25 recruits.

Contact: Natasha Fyles 04488 66312

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