2001 Valley Home Business Expo Exhibitor Contract

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					                            2007 Valley Home & Business Expo Rules and Guidelines

No space shall be reserved or assigned until receipt of full payment by the exhibitor in the amount of their booth fee.
Closing Dates: Registrations must be received in writing no later than February 9th 2007 to be included in directories.
Set-up Time: All exhibitors can set up on Friday March 2nd, 2007 from 4 - 7 p.m., and on Saturday March 3rd, 2007 from 7 - 9
a.m. All exhibitors must be completely set up by 9:30 a.m. on Saturday March 3rd, 2007.
Registration: Please check in and register upon arrival, you will be shown to your space.
Exhibit Removal: All exhibits must remain fully set up until the end of the Expo at 4 p.m., anyone who attempts to close or
leave their exhibit before closing will not be welcomed back to participate in future expos. You may retrieve your vehicle after 4
p.m. and load in the entrance circle. Please be considerate of other exhibitors and their vehicles by making sure that your space is
completely packed and ready to go before moving your vehicle to the entrance circle.
Exclusivity: Certain home-based businesses require or prefer only 1 representative of a product/service at a particular show.
The Valley Home and Business Expo will honor such requests for certain businesses on a first come/first served basis.
Community-Based organizations: The Valley Home and Business Expo Committee has reserved a limited number of spaces
along the outside wall of the exhibit hall for non-business, community-based organizations and fundraisers such as a playground
fundraising committee, a breast cancer walkathon group, free medical clinic information table, etc. These groups are responsible
for bringing their own tables, chairs, and signage. The Expo Committee will approve all these spaces on a first-come/first served
basis at their own discretion.
Raffle Prizes: You are welcome to run your own raffle(s) at your booth and have the winner(s) announced. We recommend
you display the time you plan to select your winner(s). This helps visitors plan ahead and stay longer. If you have more than one
raffle prize, as time allows, we can announce as many of your winners as we can.
Use of Space: Exhibitors may not sublet, assign or apportion any part of their assigned space without our approval. You may
not display outside the limits of your assigned space. Exhibitors are provided the following: An 8’ x 10’ booth; one (1) six foot
skirted (maroon) table with white tablecloth; two (2) folding chairs; one (1) 8’ back wall drape; two (2) 3’ side drapes and one (1)
7”x44” identification sign. You are responsible for bringing anything else that you may need such as table coverings and
extension cords. You may not affix any part of your display or signage to walls, doors or any other surface in a way that might
damage that surface. Damage caused by failure to observe this notice is payable by the exhibitor. Please leave your space in the
same condition in which you found it and dispose of all trash properly.
Space restrictions: Exhibitors must remain within the confines of their assigned booth space. Any exhibitor that creates an
objectionable situation due to noise, method of display or for any other reason may be asked to remove the part of their display
that is causing this situation. Exhibits must not interfere with circulation in the aisles and must not obscure neighboring displays.
Any exhibit that is not consistent with the description given on the exhibitor’s application may also be subject to limitation or
removal. Booth locations are not guaranteed and are subject to change.
Food/Drink: If exhibitors wish to serve food or drink at their booths, they must receive prior approval from the Blackstone
Valley Home and Business Expo Committee and the Northbridge Health Department. Upon approval, the BVCC will secure all
necessary permits.
Fire and other Regulations: The exhibitor and their display will comply with all fire laws, electrical codes and other
applicable regulations regarding their display and conduct. NO SMOKING is allowed in the school building or near any doors
and windows!
MA Sales Tax: The exhibitor is solely responsible for collection and payment of all sales tax as required by law. Blackstone
Valley Chamber of Commerce assumes no responsibility for the collection of any sales tax.
Cancellation and refunds: In the event that the Home and Business Expo is cancelled by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of
Commerce (BVCC), BVCC shall refund the space fee (and table rental fee if applicable) minus administrative costs. If the
exhibitor is unable to participate in the Expo for any reason after being accepted by BVCC, the space fee, minus $75 for
administrative costs, shall be refunded only if BVCC can find a suitable replacement for the exhibitor’s space. Any
cancellations/withdrawals must be made in writing no less than 30 days prior to the event.
Liability: BVCC shall not be liable for damage to any exhibitor’s property due to theft, fire, accident or any other cause,
whether the result of negligence or otherwise. The exhibitor shall indemnify BVCC and hold it harmless from any complaints,
suits or liabilities resulting from the exhibitor’s use of their space. BVCC is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting
from the use or misuse of any exhibitor’s merchandise.