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									     New Training Available To Jumpstart Your Funeral Home Business

Hamburg, Michigan – Funeral Success Marketing (FSM) announces that the first Funeral
Success Jumpstart workshop has been scheduled for September 12, 2006 in Ann Arbor
Michigan. This informative and interactive one-day workshop is intended for funeral
home owners and senior managers who are dissatisfied with their current revenue and are
committed to taking their business in a new direction.

The Funeral Success Jumpstart workshop teaches the key concepts that helped turn
around the Borek Jennings Funeral Homes and increase their profits by 305%. The
following topics are covered.

   1. Growing Your Market Share

           •   Applying the exponential growth model to the funeral home industry
           •   Developing a systematic approach to marketing
           •   Education based marketing
           •   Indirect marketing strategies

   2. Arranging For Profits

           •   Advanced Family Dynamics
           •   Beyond The Perfect Response
           •   Arranging with the Farewell Experience
           •   Presenting a new form of GPL

   3. Delivering Experience-Based Funeral Services

           •   An overview of the 34 connections
           •   Organizing your staff
           •   Measuring success

Each attendee will also receive a license to the copyrighted Farewell Experience model, a
powerful arrangement conference tool used to educate families on the value of having a
meaningful and memorable funeral service. “We developed the Farewell Experience
model about 6 months ago as a way to help families understand how a funeral service
helps them address the emotional, relational, and spiritual needs of their family. In just a
few minutes they learn the value of our services and price becomes a complete non-issue.
In all my years of arranging funeral services I’ve never had such a powerful tool” said
Todd Borek founder of the Borek Jennings Funeral Homes and co-founder of Funeral
Success Marketing
Attendance in the class will normally be limited to 25 students but will be limited to 15
students for this initial workshop. This is being done in order to allow for a one-on-one
consultation with each funeral home owner.

The cost of the training is $950 per student. To learn more or to register visit or call (800) 987-7580. Additional training dates are also
posted on the web site.

For more information:

Contact: Funeral Success Marketing, LLC
Contact person: John Callaghan
Telephone Number: (810) 626-4080
Fax Number: (810) 626-4080
Email address:
Web address:

About Funeral Success Marketing, LLC

Funeral Success Marketing ( a marketing and training company
that has been created by Funeral Directors for Funeral Directors. A joint venture of Borek
Jennings Funeral Homes and Customer Driven Marketing this new firm is a focused on
turning around the entire funeral home industry. Funeral Success Marketing offers CD
and DVD marketing/training programs, live training programs, and licenses to their
complete turnkey system called the Funeral Success Program.

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