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									                 Coast Campdrafting Club Inc
         FraserFraser Coast& District Campdrafting
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                  and Sporting Club Inc
Committee Contacts              
                                                                                            February, 2010
Graeme Stevens
106 Woodstock St                                       Memberships
                                                       are now due!
Maryborough 4650
Ph.41 224070
0427 224077

Vice President            Welcome to the February      Comps. It will also be a       Membership Forms are
Patrick Black             newsletter. Was great to     Five Round Series and is       rolling in; thank you to
567 Yerra Rd              see a few new faces at       open only to Members.          those who have sent them
Yerra 4650                the recent Annual General                                   in early. It makes our job
Ph 0437 296 232                                        A maximum of two horses
                          Meeting. We thank you                                       much easier.
                                                       per rider will be permitted.
                          for coming along. The
Treasurer                                              This comp will be held on      Please note nominations
                          Committtee remain the
Helen Stevens                                          the Saturday Afternoon         for our next Competition
                          same for 2010.                                                             th
106 Woodstock St                                       following the Cutting          close on the 5 March,
Maryborough 4650                                       practice and will be limited   2010, so don’t forget to
Ph.41 224070                                           to the first 40 entries        get in early.
                          The Club has resolved to
Secretary                 commence a Two                                              We are currently looking
Tegan Rose                Handed Cut Out Series        Please refer to the            at online booking and
41296233                  that will run on the         Program attached and           payment options and will
0419 430326               Saturday prior to our        Competition Rules for full     let you know if and when
                          Team Penning Series          details.                       this becomes available.
Newsletter & Website
Vicki Camilleri
72 Churchill Mines Rd
Dundathu 4650
Ph 41215996
                                                     Important Notice
Cattle Convener
Graeme Stevens             We desperately need volunteers to help us set up
Ph: 07 41224070               for the Two Handed Cut Out Competition on
0427 224077                               Saturday 13th March.
                           It won’t take long if a few people get in and help.
Postal Address
                          We need to put up Shadecloth and Portable Panels.
PO Box 3124                    Please come and help us set up – 9:45am.
Pallas Street
Maryborough 4650

Club Bank Details
Fraser Coast & District
Campdrafting & Sporting
Club Inc.
Westpac Bank
Branch: Maryborough
BSB: 034128
Account No: 170370
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                                Roster System coming soon..

                                Following our Team Penning
                                                                    March Event, a Roster System
                                Events, we are all keen to get
                                                                    will be set in place for all future
                                packed up and going.
                                                                    Events and competitors will not
                                The Committee is too!               be able to compete unless they
                                                                    agree to help. Each round, a
                                However, someone has to stay
                                                                    Roster will be made and
                                behind to pull down the panels
                                                                    Competitors will be assigned a
                                and the shadecloth and clean up
                                                                    job to do. Those who don’t wish
                                the grounds.
                                                                    to help will no longer be able to
                                The President has asked that        compete.
                                people step up and offer their
                                                                    Please offer your assistance.
                                assistance to help pack up after
                                these days.
                                If help is not forthcoming at the
  Don’t forget to familiarise
 yourselves with the Dress
Code in the Rules Booklet.
                                Stabling Levy……
   We ask all members to        Not wanting to sound like a broken record, but a minority of competitors are
                                continuing to leave stables dirty when they leave the Showgrounds.
                                This means Committee Members have to spend late Sunday afternoons
                                mucking out stables.. This is totally unfair and uncalled for.
                                We are asking one last time for everyone to do the right thing and clean their
                                Wheelbarrows and Rakes are provided for your convenience and there is a
                                Manure Heap for the waste.
                                We ask you to dob in your neighbouring horse owner should they leave their
                                stall dirty. All info will remain confidential.

                                Should ANY dirty stalls be left following the March Event, ALL COMPETITORS
                                will be charged a non refundable $10 stabling levy at every future event. These
                                funds will then go to paying to have the stables cleaned.

                                2010 Dates for Fraser Coast Buckle Series and Events
                                13 March          – Cutting Practice and Cut Out Comp
                                14 March          – Round 1 Team Penning
                                22 May           - Fraser Coast Show Team Penning
                                5 June           - Cutting Practice and Cut Out Comp
                                6 June           – Round 2 Team Penning
                                24 July          - Cutting Practice and Cut Out Comp
                                25 July          – Round 3 Team Penning
                                2 Oct            – Cutting Practice and Cut Out Comp
Mark Your Calendars...
                                3 Oct            – Round 4 Team Penning
                                6 Nov             - Cutting Practice and Cut Out Comp
                                6 Nov            – Christmas Breakup Party
                                7 Nov             – Round 5 Team Penning
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Catering now available on Saturdays                       Wide Bay Molasses
                                                          Peter & Sharon Bulmer
   Catering will now be available on                      Ph: 4123 3470
   Saturday afternoons for those Cutting        
   and competing in the TwoHanded Cutout
Cutting Practice
Competitors please note.. those of
you entering horses into the Two
Handed Cutting Comp, will be
limited to one practice run in the
Cutting practice with that horse.
                                                          Horseland Bundaberg
                                                         Proud sponsors of the Fraser Coast
                                                               Team Penning Series
Cutting Practice is limited to the
first 30 horses entered.
                                                   Loan Oak Cutting Saddle for Sale
Amended Rules and Dress Code                                Fully Mounted 16” As New
                                                                 Phone 07 41215996
  Please take a moment to
  read the amended Rules
  Booklet and familiarise
  yourself with it.                         Meeting Agenda Items
  The Club also has a Dress                  Don’t forget…if you have something you would like to
  Code. Please ensure you                    bring up at a Meeting or have something to say, please
                                             note that these items must be provided in writing to
  dress accordingly at our
                                             the Secretary a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the
  Competition and Club Days.                 meeting. This gives the committee time to consider the
                                             issue and it can then be discussed at the meeting and
                                             an informed decision made.

       We’re on the Web!
             See us at:
                                                                              If you have email,
                                                                              please let us know. We
                                                                              hope to streamline
                                                                              much of our paperwork
                                                                              this year and have the
                                                                              majority of you online
   Looking for a Team Penning /                                               for paperwork and
 Campdraft Horse suitable for the                                             contact
kids. Check out the For Sale page

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