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					                Request to amend the
                Newcastle LEP
1. What is proposed to be amended?
     Newcastle LEP 2003                                                  Newcastle City Centre LEP 2008
Description of proposed amendment

2. Pre lodgement meeting?
Has a pre lodgement meeting been held with Councils Strategic and Sustainable Planning Unit?
Name of Officer:                                                                             Date:

3. Information to be included with the application
     4 double sided A4 copies of the planning report (further copies maybe requested)
     1 unbound copy of the planning report
     1 electronic copy of the planning report
     Rezoning fees
     Completed application form

4. Location and title description of the property associated with the proposed amendment
Unit no.                House no.                   Street
Suburb                                                                                      Postcode
Lot(s)                                              Section                                 Deposited plan(s)
Strata plan                                         Other
Attach additional sheet if multiple properties are included.

5. Applicant details We will post our reply to this address.
Mr              Mrs              Miss               Ms         Other
Family name (or company)
Given names (or ACN)
Postal address                                                                              Post code
Phone (         )                                              Alternative phone (      )
Fax      (      )                                              E-mail
Only if a company:
Contact person                                                 Reference no.

6. Is a political donations and gifts disclosure statement required? (Sect 147 (4) of the EP&A Act)
     Yes (If yes statement must be attached)                             Not relevant
For more information on reportable Political Donations and Gifts Disclosures and whether you are required to make a
disclosure, please consult Councils Political Donations and Gifts Disclosures Statement available on Council’s website or ask at the Customer Enquiry Counter.

7. Applicant’s declaration
I declare that all the information given in this request is true and correct. I also understand that, if incomplete, the request may
be delayed or rejected.

Signature                                                                                   Date
       Request to amend the Newcastle LEP

  8. Who owns the land?
  Give the name of every owner. Attach a list if space insufficient.
  Name                                                                                             Phone
  Address                                                                                          Postcode
  Name                                                                                             Phone
  Address                                                                                          Postcode

  9. Owner’s consent
  As owner of the land to which this application relates, I/we consent to this application. I give consent for authorised Council
  officers to enter the land to carry out inspections. (Please advise if any precautions need to be undertaken.)
  Signature                                                                 Date                                Capacity*
  *If signing on the owner’s behalf as the owner’s legal representative, you must state the nature of your legal authority and attach documentary
  evidence (eg, power of attorney, executor, trustee, company director).

  Privacy and personal information protection notice
  Purpose of collection           To enable council as the planning authority to assess your request.
  Intended recipients             Council Staff and any other relevant government agency that may be required to assess the
  Supply                          The information is required by legislation.
  Consequence of                  Your request may not be accepted nor processed for lack of information.
  Storage                         The Newcastle City Council, 282 King Street Newcastle 2300 will store details of the
                                  application and any subsequent decision in a register that can be viewed by the public.
  Retention period                Hard copies of the application will be destroyed after 7 years and electronic records will be
                                  kept indefinitely.
                                  Please contact Council if the information you have provided changes or is incorrect.

  How to lodge your application
  Address the application to:                      Fees                                             Coming in to see us?
  The General Manager                              Fees for rezoning requests are                   Our Customer Enquiry Centre is located
  Newcastle City Council                           nominated in Council’s management                on the ground floor of the Newcastle City
                                                   plan. For the current fees please contact        Council Administration Centre, 282 King
                                                   Council’s Customer Enquiry Centre.               Street, Newcastle, opposite Civic Park.
  PO Box 489
  Newcastle 2300                                   Payment methods                                  Rail: Civic Station - Ph: 131500 for details
                                                   You can pay by cash, cheque, or
  Courier or personal delivery                                                                      Bus: Alight at Civic - Ph (02) 4961 8933
                                                   the following debit cards: Visa or
  Ground Floor                                                                                      for details
                                                   Mastercard, a merchants fee is
  282 King Street, Newcastle
                                                   applicable to credit card payments.              Parking: Gibson Street Parking Station
  Contact details                                  Make cheques payable to ‘Newcastle               300 metres, or on-street parking nearby.
  Phone: (02) 4974 2030                            City Council’.
                                                                                                    Disabled parking in Burwood Street.
  Fax:     (02) 4974 2001
                                                   We will acknowledge that we have
                                                   received your request, by letter, and a
  We are open for business from 8.30am             receipt specifying the amount paid.
  to 5.00pm, Mondays to Fridays. Note:
  payments accepted between 8.30am
  and 4.30pm.

                                                                     Office Use
Fee type                               Amount                       Receipt No                         Date                      Accepted by
Stage 1
Stage 2

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