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for Everyone!”


for Everyone!”

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									Self Drive Itineraries On a Budget

         “Beauty abounds...
           ...offering Something
                 for Everyone!”



     Beach Walks

                                                         Blackwood River

32 www.geographebay.com

Some of the best things in life are FREE and this two day                                                         Cowaramup

                                                                                                                 Margaret River
itinerary shows you how you can get the most out of the region

without breaking the bank.                                                                                         Augusta

Day 1 Geographe Bay                               Day 2 Geographe Bay
Before you arrive in Busselton, make sure         If you are staying over a weekend, be sure to
you have got yourself a WA Pass (see page 52).    pay a visit to one of the Town Markets and
Full of discount offers and hot deals for         indulge in some competitively priced fresh
accommodation, tours, restaurants, wineries       local produce, much of which is organic.
and breweries, it’s the essential travel          Purchase extra supplies for today’s lunch.
companion for those on a budget.                  Soak up the atmosphere as you make your
There is plenty of reasonably priced              way through the stalls – you’ll be sure to
accommodation in the region, ranging from         find a unique souvenir at a great price.
camping to backpackers to motels. Ask the
staff at Busselton Visitor Centre (see page 53)   Budget travel doesn’t have to
to recommend a place that suits your
budget and needs.                                 mean missing out
If you have bought along your bike then the
                                                  From here, cycle or drive to the Ludlow
Geographe Path is a great place to start. No
                                                  Tuart Forest where you can enjoy your tasty
problems if you haven’t - hire one on arrival
                                                  treats in a peaceful setting surrounded by
or walk instead!
                                                  towering trees. Afterwards, embark on one
The 14km route hugs the beachfront from           of the many walk trails in the region, such
Port Geographe past the historic Busselton        as Ambergate Reserve, to really appreciate
Jetty and is a leisurely one hour bike ride, or   the beauty of local flora and fauna.
four hour walk.
                                                  For more information or to book
Stop along the way for a swim or simply to        your On a Budget package
take in the stunning views over Geographe         call (618) 9752 1288 or visit
Bay.                                              www.geographebay.com

                          Geographe Path                      Busselton Jetty                                            Vasse River, Busselton

                                                                                                       www.geographebay.com 33

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