Essential Elements for Organizing Your Home Business We want to by ramhood17


									                Essential Elements for Organizing
                     Your Home Business
            We want to share some ideas about setting up your new
                      business and your “home office”.
A Space of Your Own
A space in your home set aside just for your Spa Girl Parties business benefits you by helping
you literally see your business as real and serious. In the beginning, you certainly don’t need to
set up a complete home office area. By creating structure from the beginning your business will
flow and will feel ignited by its results.

What you’ll need is a relatively small space where you can store your supplies and spread out
your work. It will need to be close to a phone. This should be a place where you can keep your
files, catalogs, forms, jewelry, etc.

Consider these options for your Spa Girl Parties business space:
Designate a desk with a file drawer or a table with file size boxes just for your Spa Girl Parties
business; convert a closet with stacking file drawers or boxes; se one or two bookshelves in an
existing bookcase.

File System
Create a file system that works for you. We suggest a portable file box that can be taken to
    • File Box- should be for you to manage all of your party materials. (ie. Catalogs, guest &
         hostess forms, party specials and incentives, invitations, hostess packets, opportunity
         packets, etc.) A folder with each Hostess name and phone number and any other
         important information. Also include anything pertaining to that party.

Action Folders
Create a set of files from 1-31. (Accordion folders work well for this) Put notes in the appropriate
file day that you need to handle on a daily basis. Each day check to see what you need to do
whether it’s a pre-reminder to a Hostess, deposits to be made, or the day you pay a bill. This will
help you immensely!

Record Keeping
You will want to have file folders for the following: (We have a lot of forms that would help you
with the organization of some of your files. (The forms are located at
    • Hostess Information
    • Guest & Master Order Forms
    • File for each party: with party#, Hostess name and phone number
    • Business receipts

                       Essential Elements for Organizing Your Home Business: 9/08
                        For My Business
    •   Expenses
    •   Bank Statements
    •   Mailing List
    •   Team Members (separate file for each)
    •   Tax Records & Business License
    •   Training & Coaching
    •   Marketing Ideas
    •   Increasing Sales
    •   Pre-addressed catalogs
    •   Hostess & Opportunity packets
    •   Contact File: create a list of people to contact. Brainstorm and put together a list

Incoming Phone calls
You may not have the luxury to have a separate business line. If you are using your home phone
number make sure you have a message that sounds professional while identifying your business
and family name. Consider using your cell phone as your business phone.

Daily Planner
Keeping a small daily planner with you all the time is a good idea. You never know when you
may be able to book a party, or an appointment with a potential Consultant, or other important

Separate Checking Account
Open a separate checking account for your Spa Girl Parties business. This account will make it
easier to track Spa Girl Parties income and expenses easily and accurately and is essential for
keeping business and personal finances separate…especially at tax time.

Business credit/debit card
You may simply want to convert a credit card to be used for business only.             The monthly
statements will help you by listing you business expenses.

Credit Card Policy
Spa Girl Parties will process your customer’s credit cards on your behalf. If you are a Spa Girl
Business Club member there is no fee for this. If you are not a club member we will debit your
account for the credit card fees. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX: 3%).

Cash Bag
Because you will be accepting cash and checks it is a good idea to have a designated cash bag.
It’s not a good idea to use paper envelopes. They can be easily misplaced. A cloth bag with a
zipper works best.

This is important to have for calculating orders.

Business Cards
Carry them everywhere! You will always look professional if you have a business card to offer
someone who is interested in Spa Girl Parties. You can purchase personalized business cards
and other business materials from our licensed vendor: Town & Country Printing. Go to – in the “Marketing My Business” section to find out how easy it is
to order.

                       Essential Elements for Organizing Your Home Business: 9/08
                        For My Business

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