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									                     City of Edgewood
                     2221 Meridian Avenue East, Edgewood, WA 98371
                     Ph: (253) 952-3299 Fx: (253) 952-3537

                  Information Sheet
Who is required to apply for a Home Business permit?
Anyone conducting business within a residential area of Edgewood is required to submit a home
business application and undergo a zoning and public safety review. This ensures that the proposed
business activity is in compliance with current regulations to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods
and the community.

There are two basic categories of home businesses, Limited Home Business and Home Business. A
Limited Home Business, in essence, is a business that has zero impact on the surrounding residential
environment. A Home Occupation Business is one that creates some impacts that may or may not be
the deciding factor(s) of approval of the business.

What is the Process?
The attached Home Business application form must be completed and submitted to the City. Once
submitted, the application will be reviewed by the City’s Planning, Building, Public Works, Police and
Fire Departments, to ensure that the nature of the proposed business complies with zoning and safety
regulations. Businesses that operate from a residence or residential property are required to meet home
business standards identified in Edgewood Municipal Code (EMC) Title 18 to maintain the residential
character within Edgewood.

The estimated review time for this process is ten working days, barring any extenuating circumstances,
and assuming that all the necessary information is provided. Once the application is approved and
associated fees collected, a City Business License will be issued. A City Business License is required
for ALL businesses operating within the City limits of Edgewood.

An annual home business review is not necessary in most cases, but the City reserves the right of
inspection as detailed in the business license regulations and other related City codes. Your City
Business License must be renewed annually.

How much does it cost?
Based on the type of business, Limited Home Business or Home Business, a $650 review fee may
apply. All businesses must obtain a City Business License at a fee of $35 annually. This fee is in
addition to $650 fee detailed above that may or may not apply to your type of home business.

Who do I contact with questions?
If you have any questions regarding home business requirements or regulations, please contact
Associate Planner Kevin Stender ( For information regarding the City
Business License, please contact Accounting Tech Jolene Coulter (
These City staff members can also be reached at (253) 952-3299.

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                          City of Edgewood                                          Date Received:

                          2221 Meridian Avenue East
                          Edgewood, WA 98371-1010
                          Phone: (253) 952-3299 Fax: (253) 952-3537

Home Occupation ($650 Processing Fee may apply)                                     City Issued Application Tracking No.:

Limited Home Business (No Processing Fee, in most cases)
*Business License Fee of $35 applies to all and will be collected at the
 time of application.
1) Date:                    2) State UBI Number:                       3) Contractor/L&I License Number (if any):

4) Business Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
   Business Address (city/state/zip):___________________________________________________________________
   Mailing Address (city/state/zip): (If different from above) _________________________________________________
    Owner(s): ____________________________________ Contact Person/Title: ______________________________
   Business Phone:                                           Business Fax:
5) Has the business name changed? Yes ____ No ____           6) Has business ownership changed? Yes ____ No _____
  If yes, what was previous name and license number?            If yes, who was previous owner?

7) Please describe the type, nature, and function of your business:

8) What is the current building use? ____________________________________________________________________

9) What is the proposed building use?
10) Square Footage (Site / Floor Plan may be required):
a. Current total home or accessory building square footage where business will be located: ________________________
b. Proposed square footage for business use:
11) Any visits by clients or employees?        12) Any pick-up or delivery by commercial vehicles?
Yes ______ No _______                          Yes _____ No ______ If yes, how many per week? ____________
How many per week?                             Gross vehicle weight?

13) Any non-resident employees                 14) What are the days and hours of your business operation?
Yes _______ No _______                         a. Hours of operation: ___________________
If yes, how many?                              b. Days of operation:

15) Will there be any outside storage of goods, display of materials, or outside activity? Yes _______ No ______

If yes, please explain:
16) Will the business require any use of heavy equipment, power tools, power sources, or hazardous materials not
common to a residence? Yes _______ No ______ If yes, please explain:___________________________________

17) Will the business involve manufacturing? Yes _______No _______ If yes, please explain: _____________________

                                                                          F:\Forms\Business Licensing\Home Business Application.doc
18) Are there any conditions created by your home business (i.e., noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odor, heat, or glare)?
Yes_____ No________ If yes, please explain:___________________________________________________________

19) Will the business require any building alteration(s)?             20) Does your business have, or require a sign?
Yes ____ No ____ *If yes, building permit required.                   Yes _____No_____ *If yes, sign permit required.

I have read and understand that any changes in the business name, type, ownership, location, building/signage or other
conditions, may require additional review and inspection(s) prior to approval from the City for a business license renewal.
Continued operation of the business under any conditions other than those present/disclosed at the time of the original
business license application may not be allowed. I further understand that should the City's licensing requirements
change, I will be informed of the changes and may be required to adhere to the new regulatory requirements. I agree to
adhere to all codes and regulations of the City in the operation of this business.

          _________________________________________________                           _____________________________________
          Applicant Signature                                                              Application Date

          _________________________________________________                       _____________________________________
          Print Name / Title                                                           Day Telephone
                                                 Spaces Below For City Staff Use Only
USE PURSUANT TO EMC 18.70 ____________________ Land Use Type & Level ___________________________________________
Parcel #: __________________________          Zoning: _____________________________    Comp Plan Use: ____________________________
In accordance with EMC 18.90.110 – Nonconformities, this use:        Conforms           Does not conform           Legal Nonconforming

CD:       Approved          Denied    Name/Title: _________________________________ Signature:___________________________________
Comments:                                                                                                            Date:
Police:    Approved         Denied    Name/Title: _________________________________ Signature:___________________________________
Comments:                                                                                                            Date:
Bldg:      Approved         Denied    Name/Title: _________________________________ Signature:___________________________________
Comments:                                                                                                            Date:
Fire:      Approved         Denied    Name/Title: _________________________________ Signature:___________________________________
Comments:                                                                                                            Date:



City Manager:        Approved        Denied     Signature:                                                        Date:

City Business License #:                                     Date Issued:                                  Indexed           Permit Pack

                                                                                 F:\Forms\Business Licensing\Home Business Application.doc

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